Published May 8 & 15 (EPO & GB); May 2 & 9 (WO)

Akzo Nobel Toxoplasma gondii EPO 710 724

Arnhem, the Netherlands antigens

Peptides that are immunoreactive with antibodies to Toxoplasmagondii; for kits to detect infection.

American Germ-free EPO 710 720

Biogenetic Sciences antibodies

Copiague, N.Y.

Production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies from germ-freeanimals.

American Red Cross Alzheimer's WO 96/13512

Rockville, Md. A3 peptide

Gene for A3 Alzheimer's peptide, encoded peptide; for producingtransgenics and assaying therapeutics.

Arch Development Yeast teleomerase WO 96/12811

Chicago components

Genes for yeast telomerase template RNA and teleomerase-associated polypeptides; for screening assays.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Bryodin 1 EPO 710 723

New York

Gene for the active ribosome-inactivating protein bryodin 1, encodedprotein; for use as a toxin against cancer cells.

British Gas Cytochrome P450 GB 2 294 692

London muteins

Muteins of cytochrome P450 with replaced residues; for oxygenationof halogenated hydrocarbons.

California, Univ. of p53 tumor EPO 710 722

Oakland, Calif. suppression

Utilization of p53 cDNA and p53 gene products for the suppressionof the neoplastic phenotype.

Cell Genesys Transgenic human EPO 710 719

Foster City, Calif. antibodies

Transgenic animals with their immunoglobulin genes replaced byhuman ones; for generating human antibodies.

Children's Hosp. Flu vaccines WO 96/13515


Genes for opacity-associated membrane proteins of the flu virus,encoded proteins, antibodies; for vaccines.

Chiron Viagene Recombinant EPO 711 829

Emeryville, Calif. alphavirus vectors

Recombinant alphavirus vectors; for insertion of foreign genes andsubsequent transfection.

Clodica Leech protease WO 96/13585

Luxembourg inhibitors

Protease inhibitors derived from leeches; for therapy by inhibitingproteases, including HIV protease.

Dako Protein nucleic acid WO 96/12397

Glostrup, Denmark antibodies

Recombinant antibodies and fragments that bind to complexes ofprotein nucleic acids and nucleic acids.

Diacrin Transplantable WO 96/12794

Charlestown, Mass. pig pancreas cells

Undifferentiated pig pancreatic cells treated to modify surfaceantigens; for human transplantation.

Edinburgh, Univ. of Hippocampus- WO 96/12810

Edinburgh, U.K. associated proteins

Genes for rat hippocampus-associated proteins; encoded proteins; foridentifying similar proteins in other species.

Genelabs Technologies Hepatitis E WO 96/12807

Redwood City, Calif. antigens

Hepatitis E antigens; for use as diagnostic reagents and in vaccineproduction.

Genentech AL-1 neurotrophic WO 96/13518

S. San Francisco factor

Gene for AL-1 neurotrophic factor, a ligand for an Eph-relatedtyrosine kinase receptor, encoded protein.

Genetic Therapy Adenoviral vector WO 96/12406

Gaithersburg, Md. immunosuppression

Gene therapy using repeated treatments of adenoviral vectors withgenes for therapeutic and immunosuppressive agents.

Health Res. Growth inhibitory WO 96/13581

Albany, N.Y. peptides

Genes for non-naturally occurring growth inhibitory peptides,encoded peptides.

Hitachi Device DNA EPO 711 840

Tokyo identification

Identifying presence, level, and sequence of target DNAs with highsensitivity in a device.

Hoechst Japan Heparin-binding EPO 710 669

Saitama, Japan growth factor ligand

Protein with binding avidity for heparin-binding growth factor; fortreating nerve function disorders.

Human Genome Sciences HPRT-2 gene WO 96/12501

Rockville, Md.

Gene for hypoxanthine (guanine) phosphoribosyl transferase-2(HPRT-2), encoded protein, production methods.

Human Genome Sciences ABH gene WO 96/12791

Rockville, Md.

Gene for human ABH, encoded protein, antibodies; for identifyingantagonists and treating cancer.

Ibanez, C Activin-like WO 96/12805

Stockholm, Sweden kinase

Gene for activin-like kinase, encoded protein, antibodies; fordiagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders.

Immulogic Short ragweed WO 96/13589

Waltham, Mass. pollen allergens

Genes for the major protein allergens of short ragweed pollen,encoded proteins; for diagnosis and therapy.

Immuno Selection-amplification EPO 711 835

Vienna, Austria system

Selection and expression of heterologous fusion proteins using aselection-amplification system (in German).

Imutran Human CD59 gene WO 96/12804


Gene for human CD59; for the preparation of transgenic animalswhose tissues can be used for transplantation.

Innogenetics Hepatitis C WO 96/13590

Zwijnaarde, Belgium genotypes

Genes from hepatitis C virus genotypes, encoded proteins; fordiagnosis and therapy.

Innogenetics Campylobacter WO 96/13608

Zwijnaarde, Belgium species assay

Genes for GTPases; for detection and differentiation ofCampylobacter species.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Spinal muscular EPO 711 833

Hlth. Med. Res.) atrophy gene


Motor neuron survival gene on chromosome 5, encoded protein,vectors; for studying spinal muscular atrophy.

Johns Hopkins Univ. MHC gene WO 96/12823

Baltimore transcription factor

Gene for a transcription factor that regulates expression of the majorhistocompatibility (MHC) genes, encoded protein.

Khepri Pharma Cathepsin O2 WO 96/13523

S. San Francisco protease

Gene for cathepsin O2 protease, encoded protein, antibodies to it.

Kirin Beer Mucin sugar WO 96/13526

Tokyo insertion

Peptide sequence recognition site for mucin sugar chains duringbiosynthesis; for mucin insertion into proteins.

Eli Lilly Metabotropic EPO 711 832

Indianapolis glutamate receptor

Gene for the metabotropic glutamate receptor, encoded protein,antibodies to it; for screening antagonists/agonists.

Max Planck Inst. Neuronal protein WO 96/13592

Berlin kinase

Gene for a neuronal protein kinase, encoded protein, antibodies; fordiagnosis of Alzheimer's and cancer.

Merck IL-1a deficient WO 96/12792

Rahway, N.J. animals

Transgenic animals with alterations in the interleukin-1a (IL-1a)gene; for producing IL-1a deficient animals.

Merck Steroid hormone WO 96/13519

Rahway, N.J. receptor

Gene for a human steroid hormone receptor, encoded protein, stabletransformed cell line; for assaying ligands.

Morphosys Targeted protein WO 96/13583

Munich, Germany domains

Targeted assembly of distinct protein domains using fusions andcomplementary association.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Single chain WO 96/13594

Bethesda, Md. tumor antibodies

Recombinant single chain antibodies that bind to a Lewis-relatedcarbohydrate antigen on tumors; for therapy.

Pasteur Inst. Campylobacter coli EPO 711 841

Paris sequences

DNA sequences that hybridize specifically with genomic sequencesfrom Campylobacter coli (in French).

Pasteur Inst. HIV-1 subtype WO 96/12809

Paris O antigen

Nucleotide sequence of an HIV-1 subtype O antigen, encodedprotein; for diagnosing infection.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Adenoviral WO 96/13597 & 13598

Philadelphia gene therapy

Recombinant adenovirus and hybrid adenovirus/adeno-associatedvirus vectors; for gene therapy.

Pharmacia Lactogen-inducible WO 96/12815

Stockholm, Sweden vector

Expression vector with an enhancer sensitive to a lactogenic signal;for enhancing transcription in transgenic animals.

Procept Soluble T cell WO 96/13593

Cambridge, Mass. receptors

Gene for soluble single chain T-cell receptors, encoded proteins; forligand identification and immunization.

Repligen Chemokine-like WO 96/13587

Cambridge, Mass. proteins

Chemokine-like proteins that are constructed by combining activedomains from different chemokines.

Rhone Poulenc Rorer Viable WO 96/13596

Antony, France adenoviral vectors

Viable, contaminant particle-free, adenoviral vectors; for genetherapy.

Satomi, N Histiocyte-secreted WO 96/13586

Ibaraki, Japan factor

Gene for histiocyte-secreted factor, encoded protein, antibodies to it;for cancer therapy.

Stanford Univ. Calcineurin WO 96/12806

Palo Alto, Calif.

Gene for calcineurin, encoded protein; for identifyingimmunosuppressants that interact with calcineurin.

Stringer, BMJ Differentiated GB 2 294 945 &

Cyncoed, U.K. immortalized cells GB 2 294 946

Immortalized cells that can be made to differentiate and then dieusing inserted genes and media additives.

Symbicom Lyme disease EPO 711 563

Umea, Sweden vaccine

Cell wall- and flagellar-free immunologically active fractions ofBorrelia burgdorferi; for Lyme disease vaccine.

Takeda Chemical Protein function EPO 710 721

Osaka, Japan identification

Identification of protein function by transfecting antisense nucleicacids to partial gene sequences.

Takeda Chemical Galanin EPO 711 830

Osaka, Japan receptor

Gene for the galanin receptor, encoded protein, antibodies to it; forscreening antagonists and agonists.

Takeda Chemical G protein EPO 711 831

Osaka, Japan coupled receptor

Gene for G protein coupled receptor, encoded protein, antibodies toit; for screening antagonists and agonists.

Targeted Genetics Chimeric surface WO 96/13584

Seattle T cells

Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes that express a chimeric cell surfacereceptor thus allowing activation by other antigens.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. T/B cell WO 96/13524

Philadelphia TCL-1 genes

TCL-1 genes that are expressed during early differentiation in T andB cells, encoded proteins; for diagnosis/therapy.

Unilever Marker DNA GB 2 295 011

London selection

DNA fragments selected by restriction enzyme digestion and ligationof adaptor molecules.

Vanderbilt Univ. Peptic ulcer WO 96/12825

Nashville, Tenn. assay

Genes for Helicobacter pylori antigens associated with peptic ulcers,encoded proteins, antibodies.

Wels, W Nucleic acid WO 96/13599

Emmendingen, Germany transfer system

Transfer of nucleic acids by a complex containing a multidomainprotein and the nucleic acid to be transferred.

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