* Cambridge Biotech Corp., of Worcester, Mass., sold its referencelaboratory business to Boston Biomedica Inc., of West Bridgewater,Mass. The sale is part of Cambridge Biotech's reorganization underfederal bankruptcy protection. The company will receive an up-frontpayment and royalties. The laboratory provides confirmation testingfor disorders, including HIV and Lyme disease, to hospitals, bloodcenters and other labs. Financial terms were not disclosed.

* Interferon Sciences Inc., of New Brunswick, N.J., paid $3.3 millionto reacquire U.S. and Canadian marketing rights for its main product,Alferon N Injection, which is natural alpha interferon, from ThePurdue Frederick Co., of Norwalk, Conn. The drug is approved in theU.S. for genital warts and is being evaluated for treatment of otherdiseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.

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