* Repligen Corp. and Genzyme Corp., both of Cambridge, Mass.,signed an agreement in which Genzyme will pay an undisclosedamount of cash for Repligen's recombinant Protein A technology anddiagnostic reagents business as well as the manufacturing facilities ofRepligen's Allegro Biologics unit. Protein A is used to purifymonoclonal antibodies. Allegro is a process development andcontract manufacturing business that provides preclinical and PhaseI/II materials. Repligen previously had an agreement to sell Allegroto Apotex U.S.A. Inc., a New York affiliate of Toronto-based ApotexInc.

* OncoRx Inc., of New Haven, Conn., changed its name to VIONPharmaceuticals Inc. The new name reflects the anticancer andantiviral technology at the company, and helps distinguish it fromothers with similar-sounding names.

* Symphony Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Malvern, Pa., selected a leadcompound, SYM 2206, for development in stroke and epilepsy. Thecompound, the company's first using its structure-aided drug designtechnology, blocks the action of AMPA, one of the four knownreceptors for glutamate.

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