Published Dec. 6 & 13 (EPO); Nov. 30 & Dec. 7 (WO)

Ajinomoto Recombinant EPO 685 555

Tokyo L-isoleucine biosynthesis

E. coli transformed with genes for L-isoleucine biosynthetic enzymes;for biosynthesis.

Albert Einstein Coll. Med. Mutated WO 95/32277

New York mycobacteria

Mutated mycobacteria; for transformation with vectors containingheterologous genes.

Amgen Boulder Insulin-like growth WO 95/32003

Boulder, Colo. factor muteins

Insulin-like growth factor muteins and polyethylene glycol-conjugated variants; for improved therapeutics.

Bayer Proteolipid EPO 685 558

Leverkusen, Germany protein transgenics

Transgenic animals that lack proteolipid protein, a major membraneprotein of CNS myelin.

Baylor Coll. Med. DNA synthesis WO 95/31995

Houston inhibitors

Phage display methods for identifying senescent cell-derivedinhibitors of DNA synthesis.

Biopolymer Res. Cellulose from WO 95/32279

Kanagawa, Japan sucrose

Sucrose metabolism genes transfected into cellulose-producingbacteria; for cellulose production from sucrose.

Biotronics Specific detection WO 95/32306

Lowell, Mass. duplex

Detection of a target nucleic acid by amplification using a specificdetection duplex.

Boehringer Ingelheim Apoptosis WO 95/33061 & 33062

Ingelheim, Germany protection for transfectants

Transfection with polycation complexes and protection of transfectedcells from apoptotic response.

Brigham & Women's Hosp. Leukotriene WO 95/32280

Boston C4

Genes for leukotriene C4 and variants, encoded proteins, antibodies;for assays and antagonist identification.

Calgene Plant wax WO 95/33055

Davis, Calif. esters

Production of wax esters and defined oil compositions in transformedplants.

California, Univ, of Leptospirosis WO 95/32220

Oakland, Calif. treatment

Gene for outer membrane protein of Leptospira, encoded protein,antibodies; for infection treatment.

California, Univ. of Nematode-resistant WO 95/32288

Oakland, Calif. plants

Genes from feeding site cells of nematodes; for production ofresistant transgenic plants.

Cancer Res. Camp. Technol. Chromosome WO 95/32297

London fragment vectors

Y chromosome-derived telomeric fragments that control centromerefunction; for use as a vector.

Canji Tumor suppressor EPO 685 493

San Diego fusion

Fusion of cell membrane receptor and tumor suppressor transcriptionfactor; for treating cancer.

Canji Prostate/colon WO 95/32214

San Diego tumor suppressor

Genes for a prostate/colon tumor suppressor gene located onchromosome 8; for detection and cancer treatment.

Chiron HCV asialoglyco- WO 95/33053

Emeryville, Calif. proteins

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) envelope proteins that are not sialated; foraggregation into viral-like particles.

Ciba-Geigy B lymphocyte- WO 95/32284

Basel, Switzerland specific activator

Gene coding for B lymphocyte-specific activator of octamer site-mediated gene transcription.

Columbia Univ. Integrase WO 95/31904

New York interactor

Gene for integrase interactor, encoded protein; for identifyinginhibitors.

Cornell Univ. Identification WO 95/33075

Ithaca, N.Y. by microsatellite repeats

Determination of the origin of a biological sample by usingmicrosatellite repeat sequences.

Dako PNA probes for WO 95/32305

Glostrup, Denmark gonorrhea

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes for the detection of the sexuallytransmitted diseases of gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Fuji Yakuhin Metalloproteinase EPO 685 557

Toyama, Japan gene

Gene for a metalloproteinase, encoded protein, antibodies to it,expression system; for recognizing cancer cells.

Genelabs Technol. Hepatitis G WO 95/32290 &

Redwood City, Calif. 32291

Hepatitis G gene sequences and polypeptide antigens; for diagnosisand treatment.

Genelabs Technol. Reverse reading WO 95/32292

Redwood City, Calif. frames

Reverse reading frame polypeptide antigens; for diagnostic testing forviral infection.

Genentech TNF receptor- WO 95/33051

S. San Francisco associated factors

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor-associated factors that bind tointracellular domains of TNF and CD40.

Gen. Engin. & Biotech. Ctr. HBV surface EPO 686 696

Havana antigen antibody

Recombinant single chain antibody fragment against hepatitis B virus(HBV) surface antigen; for bacterial production.

Glaxo ATP P2X receptor WO 95/33048

Greenford, U.K.

Gene for P2X receptor of ATP, encoded receptor, antibodies to it; fortherapeutic screening.

Human Genome Sciences IL-6 splice WO 95/32282

Rockville, Md. variants

Genes for interleukin-6 (IL-6) splice variants, encoded proteins; fortreating platelet reducing conditions.

Hybridon Cytomegalovirus WO 95/32213

Worcester, Mass. oligos

Oligonucleotides that hybridize to cytomegalovirus; for inhibitinginfection.

Immunex Oncostatin M WO 95/33059

Seattle receptor protein

Protein that functions as the a chain of the oncostatin M receptor.

Indiana Univ. Ribozyme WO 95/32283

Bloomington, Ind. conjugate endonuclease

Conjugates of RNase P and structure-specific ribozymes; for makingsequence-specific endonucleases.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Transgenic WO 95/32285

Hlth. & Med. Res.) arthritis model


Transgenic animals in which the T cell repertoire is relatively limited;for use as an arthritis model.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Mycobacterial WO 95/32296

Hlth. & Med. Res.) shuttle vectors


Shuttle vectors for mycobacteria that allow replication and drugselection.

Intl. Murex Technol. HIV gp41 WO 95/32293

Norcross, Ga. antigen

An antigenic peptide from the HIV gp41 glycoprotein; for diagnosisof HIV.

Japan Tobacco Plant EPO 685 559

Tokyo phospholipase D

Gene for plant-derived phospholipase D and cloned DNA for itscontrol region.

Kirin Beer Yeast expression WO 95/32289

Tokyo system

Transformed yeast cell lines that can be used to express heterologousgenes.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Glial WO 95/32724

New York mitogenic factors

Genes for glial mitogenic factors, encoded proteins, antibodies; forglial cell diseases.

Lynxvale Soluble FLT WO 95/33050

Cambridge, U.K.

Soluble forms of FLT, a FMS-like tyrosine kinase, that binds to andinhibits vascular endothelial growth factor.

Magainin Pharma Defensin WO 95/32287

Plymouth Meeting, Penn.

Gene for an inducible antimicrobial peptide derived from mammalianepithelium that is named defensin.

Max Planck Inst. Tetracycline WO 95/32295

Munich, Germany repressed expression

Prokaryotic vector containing a control sequence that may berepressed by tetracycline.

Mayo Fdn. Rifampin-resistant WO 95/33074

Rochester, Minn. tuberculosis

DNA assay for determination of the presence of rifampin-resistantstrains of tuberculosis.

McGill Univ. MTHFR WO 95/33054

Montreal deficiency

DNA probe for human methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase(MTHFR); for diagnosing MTHFR deficiency.

Menarini Res. GM-CSF/EPO WO 95/33057

Pomesia, Italy hybrids

Hybrids of GM-CSF and EPO and fragments fused with a linker,DNA coding sequences; for hematopoietic stimulation.

Merck Chloride channel WO 95/32302

Rahway, N.J. genes

Genes for glutamate- and avermectin-sensitive chloride channels,encoded proteins; for identifying modulators.

Merck Glucan synthase WO 95/32982

Rahway, N.J. gene

Gene for glucan synthesis; for in vitro assay for modulators of 1,3a-Dglucan synthase activity.

Microgenesys HIV polyprotein WO 95/32000

Meriden, Conn. immunogens

HIV polyprotein immunogens; for detection of infection and vaccinedevelopment.

Microgenesys Carcinoembryonic WO 95/32286

Meriden, Conn. antigen

Carcinoembryonic antigen produced by insect cells; for use as animmunogenic substance for treating cancer.

Mitotix FKBP/rapamycin WO 95/33052

Cambridge, Mass. immunosuppressants

Immunosuppressant proteins that are the immediate downstreamtargets for FKBP/rapamycin complexes.

Mt. Sinai Med. Ctr. Protein interaction WO 95/32310

New York antivirals

Host cell proteins that interact with viral proteins; for identifyinginhibitors of this interaction.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Autotaxin WO 95/32221

Bethesda, Md.

Gene for autotaxin, encoded protein, antibodies to it, expressionsystem for it; for cancer diagnosis/therapy.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Ras-related WO 95/32223

Bethesda, Md. oncogenes

Genes for ras-related oncogenes; for the identification and treatmentof cancers.

Nebraska, Univ. of Prokaryotic WO 95/32216

Omaha, Neb. glycoprotein hormones

Biologically active recombinant glycoprotein hormones produced byprokaryotic cells.

New England Biolabs Direct cloning WO 95/32281

Beverly, Mass. of nuclease genes

Direct cloning of restriction endonuclease genes into E. coli,appropriate E. coli strains.

New Jersey, Univ. of Selective WO 95/32300

Med. & Dent. destruction with HIV

Newark, N.J.

Genetically altered HIV which selectively destroys CD4+ T-celllymphocytes.

Nippon Meat Packers Modified BMP WO 95/33058

Osaka, Japan receptor

Gene for a modified bone morphogenic protein (BMP) receptor; foruse as a diagnostic reagent.

N. Carolina, Univ. of Equine WO 95/32733

Chapel Hill, N.C. encephalitis vaccine

Induction of an immune response with live Venezuelan equineencephalitis virus expressing a heterologous immunogen.

N. Carolina St. Univ. Bacillus WO 95/33056

Raleigh, N.C. protease

Gene sequence of a Bacillus keratinase and its variants, all sequencesdiffering from that of Bacillus serine protease.

Oxford Univ. Translation WO 95/32731

Oxford, U.K. shifting mutations

Translation shifting mutations that result in an immune responseagainst the translated protein.

Paravax Parasite protease WO 95/32988

Fort Collins, Colo. therapeutics

Genes for astacin metalloendopeptidase and cysteine protease,encoded proteins, antibodies; for heartworm therapy.

Pasteur Merieux Transferrin WO 95/33049

Lyon, France receptor fragments

Tbp2 fragments of the Neisseria transferrin receptor with deletionsresulting in maximum strain sequence homology.

Perkin-Elmer PCR target EPO 686 699

Norwalk, Conn. concentration

Apparatus and method for determining target nucleic acidconcentration in PCR by using a reporter molecule.

Res. Corp. Technol. Safe gene WO 95/32298

Tucson, Ariz. therapy vectors

Retroviral vectors with direct repeats flanking sequences that are tobe deleted; for making gene therapy vectors.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Therapy by WO 95/33060

Antony, France p53 control

Cancer treatment by controlling p53 protein levels by using acompound that modulates calpaine activity.

Sagama Chem. Res. Ctr. Animal WO 95/32224

Kanagawa, Japan antibody vector

Expression vector with a gene for a protein against which an antibodyis to be generated; for injection into animals.

Salk Inst. Site-specific WO 95/32225

San Diego integration

Chimeric proteins that target and then integrate genes, encodingvectors; for site-specific integration.

Soft Gene Ballistic transfer EPO 686 697

Berlin enrichment

Enrichment of cells transfected by ballistic transfer using themagnetic properties of the microprojectile (in German).

Stanford Univ. Episomal EBV WO 95/32299

Stanford, Calif. vector

Autonomously replicating vector system for mammalian cells that isbased on Epstein Barr virus (EBV) sequences.

Suntory Mutant lactose EPO 685 560

Osaka, Japan repressor

Mutant lactose repressor protein that controls expression of desiredgenes by temperature induction.

Takeda Protein kinase C EPO 686 695

Osaka, Japan

Gene for rat protein kinase C, expression vector, host cells; forstudying signal transduction.

Tepnel Medical Solid phase WO 95/33073

Knutsford, U.K. amplification

Amplification of nucleic acids using oligonucleotides bound on solidphase supports; for high copy production.

Texas, Univ. of Psoriasis locus WO 95/32308

Austin, Tex.

Psoriasis susceptibility locus on chromosome 17; for detection anddiagnosis.

Tularik EBV WO 95/32307

S. San Francisco therapeutics

Epstein Barr virus (EBV) transcription factor binding assay; foridentifying therapeutics.

Unisearch Cellular WO 95/32740

Kensington, Australia diabetes therapy

Hepatocytes transformed with insulin gene; for transplantation andtreatment of diabetes.

Vet. Med. Instruments Cryogenic EPO 685 556

l'Aigle, France storage medium

Aqueous solution for maintaining sperm and oocyte viability duringcryogenic storage (in French).

Warwick, Univ. of Recombinant WO 95/32294

Coventry, U.K. carbapenem

Genes involved in the biosynthetic pathway of carbapenem, encodedproteins.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Poor WO 95/31994

Rehovot, Israel immunogenic fusions

Fusion proteins combining poorly immunogenic peptides with animmunogenic T cell epitope; for vaccines.

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