* CoCensys Inc., of Irvine, Calif., reached agreement with SomersetPharmaceuticals _ a Corona, Calif., joint venture between MylanLaboratories Inc. and Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. _ to co-promoteEldepryl in the U.S. The drug is marketed as a treatment forParkinson's disease.

* NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Salt Lake City, completed two studiesof Norcalcin, which is being developed for treatment of primary andsecondary hyperparathyroidism (HTP). A Phase I study showed thedrug was safe and well tolerated. A Phase I/II trial showed singledoses of Norcalcin were safe and well tolerated in women with mild,primary HTP, and the data indicated Norcalcin caused a transientdecrease in plasma parathyroid concentrations. Further analysis of thedata is under way.

* VIMRx Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Stamford, Conn., received finalapproval in Thailand to test its antiviral agent, VIMRxyn (synthetichypericin), in HIV patients, and that oral dosing in a 24-patient studyhas begun. The company also said that it completed a $2 millionprivate placement of units on Dec. 29, 1995.

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