Published Oct. 25 & Nov. 2 (EPO); Oct. 19 & 26 (WO);Nov. 1 (GB)

Akzo Nobel Freeze-dried WO 95/27721

Arnhem, Netherlands RNA

Freeze-dried particles of RNA and methods for preparingthem; for long-term reagent storage.

Alabama, Univ. of Optimizing WO 95/28489

Birmingham, Ala. 5-fluorouracil doses

Antibodies to dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; forassay to optimize 5-fluorouracil doses for cancer patients.

Alliance Pharma Leukosialin WO 95/28490

San Diego promoter vector

Vector with human leukosialin promoter; for obtaininghigher expression in T cells than with viral promoters.

Amgen Eph tyrosine WO 95/28484

Thousand Oaks, Calif. kinases

Gene sequences for Eph sub-family of receptor proteintyrosine kinases, expression vectors, host cells.

Aviron Non-splicing WO 95/28488

Burlingame, Calif. variant gp350

Non-splicing variant gene sequence for gp350, encodedprotein, expression vectors, host cells.

Baylor Coll. Med. Sulfonylurea WO 95/28411

Houston receptor gene

Gene for mammalian sulfonylurea receptor; for diagnosisof persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy.

Biocine Plasmid-encoded WO 95/28487

Siena, Italy protein pgp3

Recombinant form of plasmid-encoded protein pgp3 andpurification method for this protein.

Biotransplant Pig organ donors WO 95/28412

Charlestown, Mass.

Transgenic pigs in which tissue expression of (1,3)galactosyltransferase is inhibited; for preventingrejection.

British Technol. Grp. Black Widow GB 2 288 807

London latroinsectotoxin

Gene sequence for delta-latroinsectotoxin from BlackWidow Spiders, encoded protein; for use as aninsecticide.

Calgene Lysophosphatidic WO 95/27791

Davis, Calif. acid acyltransferases

Gene sequence of lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases,encoded protein; for modifying plant triglycerides.

California, Univ. of CDK4 WO 95/28169

Oakland, Calif. inhibitor

Gene sequence for an inhibitor of CDK4, encodedprotein; for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

CNRS (Ctr. Natl. Rec. Sci.) Cynnamoyl WO95/27790

Paris CoA reductase

Gene sequence for cynnamoyl CoA reductase; forregulating plant lignin biosynthesis.

Chemoserotherapeut. Humanized EPO 678 523

Res. Inst. anti-HIV antibody

Kumamoto, Japan

Gene sequences for variable regions of an HIV-neutralizing antibody fused to human IgG sequences,encoded antibody.

Cold Spring Harbor Labs Cell cycle WO95/28483

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. regulation

Cell cycle regulatory protein family; for regulating cellgrowth and division.

Dainabot Hepatitis B WO 95/27788

Tokyo variant

Hepatitis B virus variant and gene encoding the Xprotein; for detection and treatment.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Adenovirus WO95/28499

Boston E1A cooperation

Gene sequence of a protein that cooperates withadenovirus E1A proteins in order to cause transformation.

De Novo Cytokine WO 95/27510

Menlo Park, Calif. modulator assay

Stimulation of cellular cytokine production; forevaluating compounds for their cytokine modulatingactivity.

Hoffmann-La Roche Homogeneous -IFN EPO 679718

Basel, Switzerland

Process for producing homogeneous, contamination-free -interferon (IFN); for antiviral/antitumor therapy.

Human Genome Sciences Superoxide WO95/27781

Rockville, Md. dismutase-4

Polynucleotides coding for superoxide dismutase-4,encoded polypeptides, antibodies; for disease treatment.

Iatron Labs Soluble fibrin EPO 678 524

Tokyo antibody

Monoclonal antibody specific for human soluble fibrin,hybridoma; for determining plasma fibrin levels.

Immulogic Japanese cedar WO 95/27786

Waltham, Mass. pollen allergen

Peptides from Japanese cedar pollen allergen; fortherapeutic use in allergic reactions.

Immunex Interleukin-15 WO 95/27722


Gene sequence for interleukin-15 or epithelium-derivedT-cell factor, encoded factor; for regulating T-cells.

Joshi-Sukhwal, S. Antisense HIV WO95/27783

Toronto inhibition

Inhibition of HIV production in cells by using antisenseversions of HIV genes.

Krebs Res. Inst. Apoptosis WO 95/27735

Heidelberg, Germany inhibition

Inhibition of apoptosis by antibodies and fragments thatrecognize anti-Apo-1 antibodies.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. Apoptosis WO95/28497

La Jolla, Calif. protein interaction

Methods for detecting interactions between proteinsinvolved in apoptosis pathway.

Ligand Pharma Cytokine WO 95/28482 &28492

San Diego responsive oligos

Oligonucleotide sequences with regulatory elements thatare responsive to cytokines; for agonist identification.

Eli Lilly Aureobasidium EPO 678 578

Indianapolis drug resistance

Multiple drug resistance gene from Aureobasidiumpullulans, vectors, transformed cells; for assays usingthese cells.

Luminis Frog skin peptides WO 95/27728

Adelaide, Australia

Biologically active peptides from frog skins; for use asdisease treatments.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Disease- WO 95/28423 &28478

Boston resistant plants

Gene for Arabidopsis thaliana Rps2 polypeptide, encodedprotein; for making disease-resistant transgenic plants.

Matsubara et al. mRNA cDNA EPO 679716

Osaka, Japan library

A 3'-directed cDNA library for determining abundance ofcellular mRNA; for cell discrimination or detection.

Merck Adenosine GB 2 288 733

Rahway, N.J. receptor antagonists

Xanthine antagonists of A3 adenosine receptor subtype;for affecting eosinophils and allergic reactions.

Merck Bradykinin B1 WO 95/28474

Rahway, N.J. receptor

Gene sequence for bradykinin B1 receptor; for identifyingreceptor function modulators.

Merck Frosst ICErel-III WO 95/27792 & 27793

Kirkland, Que. precursor gene

Gene for precursor of interleukin-1a converting enzyme-related cysteine protease III (ICErel-III), encoded protein.

Midwest Res. Inst. Pentose WO 95/28476

Kansas City, Mo. fermentation ethanol

Recombinant microorganisms genetically altered withgenes for pentose fermentation enzymes; for ethanolproduction.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) ERBB2 binding WO95/28485

Bethesda, Md. protein

ERBB2 promoter binding protein; for assaying thetransition to a cancerous state.

Natl. Jewish Ctr. Immunol. MEKK proteins WO95/28421


Gene sequences for MEKK proteins, encoded proteins;for regulating cell responsiveness to external signals.

New York Soc. Crippled Arthritis WO95/28481

New York T-cell receptors

Highly conserved sequences from the a-chain of the T-cell receptor from a patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

N. Carolina St. Univ. Lytic phage WO 95/28491

Raleigh, N.C. disruption

Identification and disruption of bacterial sequences thatcontribute to the evolution of new lytic bacteriophages.

Pasteur Inst. Bordetella WO 95/28486

Paris hemagglutinin

Gene sequence for Bordetella pertussis hemagglutinin;for recombinant production.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Serine WO 95/28422

Philadelphia protease inhibitor

Methods for producing a recombinant serine proteaseinhibitor; for regulating inflammatory processes.

Pharmacia Asparagine-glycine WO 95/28415

Stockholm, Sweden cleavage

Method of cleaving an asparagine-glycine bond by usinglow molecular weight organic compounds.

Pierre Fabre Medicament G protein WO95/27787

Boulogne, France immunogen

Polypeptide from the G protein of human or bovinerespiratory syncytial viruses; for immunogen preparation.

Pola Chemical Tyrosinase EPO 679 660

Shizuoka, Japan antibody

Monoclonal antibody to human tyrosinase, hybridoma;for assaying tyrosinase.

PPL Therapeutics Purifying - WO 95/27782

Edinburgh, U.K. lactalbumin fusions

Peptides fused to lactalbumin and secreted into themammary gland; for ease of purification.

Rockefeller Univ. AAV vector WO 95/28493

New York delivery

Method for delivering adeno-associated viral (AAV)vectors to the central nervous system; for treating neuraldisease.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. p53 cancer WO 95/27494

New York treatment

Defective herpes simplex and adeno-associated virusvectors containing the p53 gene; for cancer treatment.

SmithKline Beecham Template DNA WO95/28496

King of Prussia, Penn. preparation

Simplified method of preparing template DNA from cellcultures for automated sequencing.

Stichting Labs Syncytium- WO 95/28500

Amsterdam, Netherlands inducing HIV

Oligonucleotides for discriminating between syncytiumand non-syncytium inducing forms of HIV; for diagnosis.

Syntex GMP synthetase WO 95/27789

Palo Alto, Calif.

Gene sequence for human GMP synthetase, encodedprotein, expression vectors, and host cells.

Takeda CHO LH-RH EPO 678 577

Osaka, Japan production

CHO cells that produce luteinizing hormone-releasinghormone (LH-RH) and its fragments; for use in ligandscreening.

Targeted Genetics Gene delivery WO 95/28494

Seattle fusion protein

Gene delivery fusion protein with targeted nucleic acidbinding domain and facilitator of gene delivery.

Virogenetics Dog herpesvirus WO 95/26751

Troy, N.Y. vaccine

Genes for dog herpesvirus proteins; for immunoresponseand vaccine preparation.

Virogenetics Recombinant WO 95/27507

Troy, N.Y. immunodeficiency viruses

Attenuated recombinant viruses containing DNAencoding immunodeficiency virus antigens; for probesand treatment.

Virogenetics Recombinant WO 95/27780

Troy, N.Y. measles virus

Attenuated recombinant viruses containing DNAencoding canine distemper and measles viruses; fortherapy.

Yale Univ. Brain hyaluronan- WO 95/27785

New Haven, Conn. binding protein

Gene sequence of brain hyaluronan-binding protein,encoded protein; for diagnostic use.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Interferon /a EPO 676413

Rehovot, Israel binding proteins

Gene sequence of interferon /a binding proteins, encodedproteins, antibodies; for modulating interferon activity.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Soluble -IFN EPO 679717

Rehovot, Israel receptors

Soluble -interferon (IFN) receptors; for use in diagnosisand therapy.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Mast cell WO95/27734

Rehovot, Israel antigen

Gene sequence for mammalian mast cell function-associated antigen, encoded protein; for treating allergy.

Yokoyama, S. Cisplatin WO 95/27784

Tokyo resistance genes

Gene sequences for cisplatin and heavy metal resistanceproteins; for determining resistance to cisplatin.

Zeneca Insecticidal WO 95/26410

London baculovirus

Recombinant baculovirus with a gene coding for aninsecticidal protein; for pest control.

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