* Alpha-Beta Technology Inc., of Worcester, Mass., saidresearchers reported preclinical data indicating thatBetafectin PGG-glucan enhances the effectiveness ofantibiotics against infections caused by drug resistantbacteria.

* Aronex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of The Woodlands,Texas, is telling shareholders it intends to redeemwarrants issued in connection with last month's mergerwith Oncologix Inc. Shareholders will have until Dec. 28,1995, to exercise the warrant. If all are exercised Aronexwould get about $10.8 million.

* Gensia Inc., of San Diego, submitted an amendment toits new drug application for the GENesa System, whichwas deemed not approvable in April 1995 for use indiagnosis of coronary artery disease.

* MGI Pharma Inc., of Minneapolis, entered into anagreement giving Japan-based Dainippon PharmaceuticalCo. Ltd. exclusive rights in Japan to its acylfulvenes,which are a family of cancer compounds completingpreclinical studies. MGI could receive up to $12 millionin precommercial milestones.

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