* Anticancer Inc., of San Diego, entered an agreementwith Shionogo & Co., of Osaka, Japan, to develop theformer's cancer fighting drug, Oncase, in that Asiancountry. Oncase is designed to deplete an amino acidmalignant cells need in high amounts to grow. Anticancersaid it expects to file an investigational new drugapplication in the next 18 months with the FDA to beginU.S. clinical trials.

* MicroGeneSys Inc., of Meriden, Conn., signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Connaught LaboratoriesInc., of Swiftwater, Pa., to develop an influenza vaccinebased on a genetically engineered version of the influenzavirus hemagglutinin antigen. Connaught is a subsidiary ofPasteur Merieux Serums & Vaccins S.A., a division ofFrance-based Rhone-Poulenc Group.

* Neurogen Corp., of Branford, Conn., received $4.6million from Pfizer Inc., of New York, to extend through1996 their three-year-old alliance for development ofdrugs to treat neurological disorders linked to gammaaminobutyric acid receptors.

* The Biotech Meeting at Laguna Niguel, Calif., anannual gathering of 140 CEOs from throughout the U.S.,recently named the following Biotechnology IndustryOrganization (BIO) members as award recipients: CarlFeldbaum, president of Washington-based BIO, specialrecognition for leadership of the trade group; DavidHolveck, president and CEO of Malvern, Pa.-basedCentocor Inc., for best new therapeutic product (ReoPro);Roger Salquist, chairman and CEO of Davis, Calif.-basedCalgene Inc., for best new non-health care product (BXNcotton seed); Frank Baldino, president and CEO of WestChester, Pa.-based Cephalon Inc., for most important newfinancing ($89 million follow-on public offering); andEdward Penhoet, president and CEO of Emeryville,Calif.-based Chiron Inc., for most creative and strategicalliance ($2.1 billion deal with Switzerland-based Ciba-Geigy Ltd.)

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