Applied Imaging, of Santa Clara, Calif., closed a privatefinancing round of $4.6 million. Lead investors wereAllen and Co., of New York, and New EnterpriseAssociates, of San Francisco.

Biopool International Inc., of Ventura, Calif., receivedFDA approval to market five new chemistry reagentsystems.

Cambridge Biotech Corp., of Worcester, Mass., gotFDA approval of its product license application forHTLV-I immunoassay.

Cygnus Inc., of Redwood City, Calif., registered to sell2 million shares in a public offering in which 20 percentof the shares will be offered outside North America. Thecompany's efforts are geared primarily towarddevelopment of a glucose monitoring device, transdermaldrug delivery and mucosal delivery.

Immucor Inc., of Norcross, Ga., began clinical trials ofits automated blood bank system, the ABS 2000.

Incstar Corp., of Stillwater, Minn., launched its second-generation Parathyroid Hormone-related Protein assay.

International Murex Technologies Corp., of Atlanta, gotpremarket clearance for five latex agglutination tests. Thetests will help detect antibodies to infectiousmononucleosis, group A streptococcus, rheumatoidarthritis (two tests), and to help detect C-reactive protein,which relates to tissue injury.

Metra Biosystems Inc., of Mountain View, Calif., saiddata from a French study suggests its Pyrilinks-D assaycan be used to assess increased risk of hip fracture. Theassay, under review by the FDA, measured levels of freedeoxypyridinoline. The levels were higher in elderlywomen who later experienced a hip fracture by astatistically significant amount. Metra also releasedresults of an internal study that showed little day-to-dayvariation in biochemical bone markers as measured byPyrilinks assays. Finally, the company said use of theassay in combination with ultrasound measurement ofbone mineral density can provide increased precision inscreening for osteopenia.

Molecular Biosystems Inc., of San Diego, receivedapproval to begin Phase III tests of its intravenousultrasound contrast agent, FS069.

Neose Technologies Inc., of Philadelphia, and BraccoResearch USA, a unit of Italy-based Bracco S.p.A., arecollaborating on research into a class of imaging agentsthat consist of complex carbohydrates attached todiagnostically active compounds.

Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Bothell, Washington,which is developing contrast agents for use in ultrasoundimaging, filed for an initial public offering of up to 2.5million shares at $10 to $12 per share. New York-basedfirms Hambrecht & Quist Inc. and UBS Securities Inc.are underwriting the offering.

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