Published Aug. 2 & 9 (EPO & GB); July 27 & Aug. 3(WO)

Abbott Labs HCV envelope WO 95/20664

Abbott Park, Ill. proteins

Expression vectors that produce hepatitis C virus (HCV)envelope proteins; for diagnosis and treatment.

Ajinomoto Oyster WO 95/20662

Tokyo transglutaminase

Coding sequence for Japanese oyster transglutaminase,encoded protein; for use as a salt-activated food gellingagent.

American Cyanamid Opioid receptor- WO95/19986

Wayne, N.J. related proteins

Coding sequences of opioid receptor-related proteins,encoded proteins, antibodies to the proteins.

Amoco Flu sequence WO 95/20055

Chicago detection

Nucleic acid probes that recognize flu RNA and DNAsequences; for detection and diagnosis.

Athena Neurosciences Leukocyte WO 95/19790

S. San Francisco adhesion antibody

Humanized antibodies against leukocyte adhesionmolecule (VLA-4); for treating multiple sclerosis.

Becton Dickinson Tuberculosis WO 95/19781

Franklin Lakes, N.J. antibodies

Monoclonal and monospecific polyclonal antibodies thatbind Mycobacterium tuberculosis; for diagnosticimmunoassay.

Biocem Plant aconitase WO 95/20046

Aubiere, France gene

Coding sequence of plant aconitase, encoded protein,gene fragments and chimeras.

Bionebraska Mercury binding WO 95/20607

Lincoln, Neb. polypeptides

Metal binding polypeptides that have an antibody variableregion that reacts with mercury; for bioremediation.

Boston Univ. Self-assembling WO 95/20320

Boston nucleic acids

Self-assembling nucleic acid constructs with attachedfunctional groups; for tagging or targeting.

Boston Univ. Protein antibody WO 95/20401

Boston libraries

Protein libraries of polyclonal antibodies and their codingsequences; for making disease- or patient-specific panels.

Bresatec Transplantation WO 95/20661

Adelaide, Australia antigen elimination

Elimination of tissue epitopes that cause transplantrejection by eliminating sugar residues andxenoantibodies.

British Biotech Thrombin-activated GB 2 286190

Oxford, U.K. plasminogen

Plasminogen analogue that is activatable by thrombin tohave plasmin activity.

California, Univ. of Tumor cell matrix WO95/20041

Oakland, Calif.

Immortalized parotid tumor myoepithelial cells producingbasement membrane and extracellular matrix materials.

California, Univ. of Universal WO 95/20317

Oakland, Calif. donor cells

Oligos that bind to transplantation antigen genes; formaking universal donor cells.

California, Univ. of Sequence WO 95/20682

Oakland, Calif. artifact elimination

Elimination of stops/pauses in chain termination DNAsequencing by using nitrogen-containing organiccompounds.

Carlsberg Customized protease WO 95/20039

Copenhagen, Denmark transacylation

Mutant proteases that are customized to performpreselected transacylation reactions that result in specificproducts.

Cheil Pseudomonas GB 2 285 925

Seoul, S. Korea vaccine

Attenuated Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains; forproducing vaccines using cell wall proteins.

Cold Spr. Harbor Labs cAMP/ras-related EPO666 314

Cold Spr. Harbor, N.Y. proteins

Cloned genes coding for proteins involved in cAMP- orras-related pathways; for insertion into microorganisms.

Columbia Univ. Vacuolar WO 95/20043

New York ATPase oligos

Oligonucleotides that bind to the vacuolar ATPase gene;for inhibiting enzyme activity and reducing acidsecretion.

Duke Univ. Protein WO 95/20651

Durham, N.C. prenyltransferase

Coding sequence of a protein prenyltransferase, encodedprotein; for modifying proteins.

Goldsmith Seeds Fungus WO 95/19698

Gilroy, Calif. resistant seeds

Catharanthus and other crop seeds that are resistant tofungal infection; for disease control.

Groningen St. Univ. Thermostable WO 95/20663

Groningen, Netherlands neutral proteases

Coding sequences of thermostable Bacillus neutralproteases, encoded protein, expression vectors containinggene.

Gx Biosystems Recombined WO 95/20657

Holte, Denmark bacterial adhesins

Selected or recombined bacterial adhesins, bacteriaexpressing these adhesins; for specific binding.

Hoechst HSV-1 antisense EPO 666 317

Frankfurt, Germany oligos

Antisense oligonucleotides against Herpes simplex virus(HSV)-1 and their preparation [in German].

Human Genome Sciences Hematopoietic WO95/19985

Rockville, Md. maturation factor

Coding sequence of hematopoietic maturation factor,encoded protein, antibodies to the protein.

Human Genome Sciences Growth hormone WO95/20398

Rockville, Md. variants

Coding sequences of human growth hormone variants,derivatives, and analogues; for disease treatment.

Human Genome Sciences DNA repair WO95/20678

Rockville, Md. proteins

Coding sequences of DNA mismatch repair proteinsmapped to chromosomes 2, 3, and 7; for diagnosis andtreatment.

Hybridon Sequencing WO 95/20680

Worcester, Mass. short oligos

Method for determining the nucleotide sequence of shortoligonucleotides by using gel separation mobilities.

Incyte Pharma Differential WO 95/20681

Palo Alto, Calif. expression assay

Method for quantifying relative abundance of genetranscripts; for measuring differential expression.

Iowa St. Univ. Teleomerase EPO 666 313

Ames, Iowa RNA

Cloning of the RNA component of teleomerase; foridentifying and competing with tumor cell teleomeraseRNA.

INRA (Inst. Natl. Rec. Agron.) Transgenic WO95/20653

Paris embryo reporting

Coding sequence of Vargula luciferase; for detection oftransgenic embryos.

Japanese Agri. Ministry Protoplast EPO 665290

Ibaraki, Japan gene transfer

Plant gene transfer method using protoplasts andpolycation assistance; for making transgenic plants.

Julich Res. Ctr. Gram-negative WO95/20048

Julich, Germany proteins

Vectors for secretion of gram-negative bacteria outermembrane proteins from gram-positive bacteria; forproduction.

Lynxvale Resistance WO 95/20044

Cambridge, U.K. macrophage protein

Macrophage protein having N-terminal src homology thatcontrols natural resistance to microorganisms.

Mass., Univ. Med. Ctr. Immunization WO95/20660

Worcester, Mass. with DNA

Injection of a DNA transcription unit encoding anantigen; for immunization.

Medeva Holdings Attenuated WO 95/20665

Amsterdam, Netherlands htrA bacteria

Attenuated bacterial strains containing vectors with thehtrA promoter; for vaccines.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) HSV non-infectious WO95/20049

London particles

Virion-free, non-infectious viral particles containingHerpes simplex virus (HSV)-1 or 2.

Medigene Regulatory WO 95/20652

Martinsreid, Germany factor activity

Regulatory factor activity determined by the interaction oftwo regulatory regions on a reporter enzyme gene.

Minnesota, Univ. of Alzheimer's WO 95/20666

Minneapolis transgenic model

Transgenic animals whose cells contain the amyloidprecursor protein gene sequence; for studyingAlzheimer's disease.

Mor Res. Applications Lymphoblastoid WO95/20605

Givat Shrauel, Israel antibody

Immunostimulatory antibody that binds to Blymphoblastoid cells; for lymphocyte growth and tumortreatment.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Human mu WO 95/20667

Bethesda, Md. opiate receptor

Coding sequence of human mu opiate receptor localizedto chromosome 6, encoded protein.

New York, St. Univ. of Affinity WO95/20677

Buffalo, N.Y. DNA capture

Affinity-based method of capturing genes of interest byusing immobilized hapten-linked oligo probes.

New York Univ. Phosphacan WO 95/20397

New York proteoglycan

Coding sequence of phosphacan proteoglycan, encodedprotein; for promoting nerve regeneration.

Nickerson Biochem Modified plants WO95/20668

Cambridge, U.K. from transgenics

Modified plants produced by crossing two lines, one ofwhich is transgenic.

N. Carolina St. Univ. Woody WO 95/19697

Raleigh, N.C. perennial selection

Genetic markers for heritable traits in woody perennials;for selecting and propagating plants.

N. Carolina, Univ. of Peptide WO 95/20601

Chapel Hill, N.C. library fusions

Fusion binding proteins called totally synthetic affinityreagents made from peptide libraries.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Nematode-resistant WO95/20669

Des Moines, Iowa soybean

Introduction of soybean cyst nematode resistance genesinto germplasm; for breeding and identifying resistantplants.

PPL Therapeutics In situ WO 95/20042

Roslin, U.K. ES cells

Embryonic stem (ES) cells isolated in situ from embryoscontaining both ES and differentiated cells.

Proteine Performance Baculovirus WO 95/20672

St.-Christol-les-Ales, France immunoglobulin expression

Baculovirus-based vector; for expression ofimmunoglobulins in insect cells.

Queensland, Univ. of Papilloma WO 95/20659

Parkville, Australia virus-like particles

Modified papilloma virus L2 protein that binds minimalamounts of DNA; for making virus-like particles.

Renner et al. Protein-free EPO 666 312

Muntelier, Switzerland growth

Cell lines that readily grow in serum- and protein-freemedium; for recombinant protein production.

Res. Corp. Technol. Metastatic WO 95/20656

Tucson, Ariz. cancer gene

Coding sequence of the mts-1 gene, encoded protein,antibodies to the protein; for detecting metastatic cancer.

Res. Develop. Fdn. Mosquito WO 95/19990

Carson City, Nev. antiviral protein

Protein from Aedes albopictus cells that is associatedwith lysosomal membranes and induces an antiviral state.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer AAV vector WO 95/20671

Antony, France preparation

Adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector preparation, cellsand vectors used for preparation; for gene therapy.

Royal Sluis France Defective WO 95/19696

Nimes, France endosperm

Male gametophyte genetic factor causing defectiveendosperm and lack of germination; for producing hybridseeds.

Royal Cancer Hosp. EGF WO 95/20045

London receptor antibodies

Antibodies against epidermal growth factor (EGF)receptor that have antitumor activity; for use in cancertherapy.

Royal Cancer Hosp. Polypeptide WO 95/20654

London folding complex

Coding sequence of polypeptide folding complex,encoded protein, antibodies to the protein.

Salk Inst. Biotech. Indus. Assoc. NMDA GB 2286 188

La Jolla, Calif. receptor subunits

Coding sequence of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)receptor subunits, encoded protein; for identifyingantagonists.

Salk Inst. Protein WO 95/19993

La Jolla, Calif. kinase mutants

Coding sequences of protein kinase mutants; forscreening DNA double-strand break repair activity.

Schering NK antigen WO 95/20604

Kenilworth, N.J. antibodies

Antibodies specific for natural killer (NK) cell surfaceantigen, coding sequences for genes.

Scotgen Recombinant GB 2 286 189

Aberdeen, U.K. binding proteins

Specific binding proteins containing fragments from morethan one antibody; for bispecific binding.

Scripps Res. Inst. TGF-a WO 95/19987

La Jolla, Calif. assay

Specific, non-radioactive method for detectingtransforming growth factor (TGF)-a using a luciferasereporter gene.

Scripps Res. Inst. Coagulation-related WO95/20655

La Jolla, Calif. receptors

Coding sequence of cellular receptors homologous tocoagulation factors V and VIII, encoded proteins.

Shiseido C-terminal EPO 666 318

Tokyo amidation enzyme

Enzyme participating in C-terminal amidation, codingsequence of enzyme, expression vector.

Solvay Glucose EPO 665 291

Brussels, Belgium oxidase vector

Expression vector designed to code for glucose oxidase;for extracellular production of the enzyme [in French].

Sudzucker Non-caloric WO 95/20047

Mannheim, Germany sugars

Coding sequences of saccharose isomerases, encodedproteins; for production of non-caloric sugars.

Targeted Genetics CD69 WO 95/20670

Seattle regulatory sequences

Transcriptional regulatory sequences from the CD69gene; for controlling cells expressing CD69.

Tonen Organic EPO 666 316

Tokyo solvent resistance

Pseudomonas strains subjected to mutagenesis forincreasing resistance to organic solvents.

Victoria Univ. Bacterial WO 95/20658

Manchester, U.K. infection proteins

Coding sequences of proteins expressed duringstreptococci or enterococci infection, encoded proteins;for therapy.

Yale Univ. Deltex proteins WO 95/19779

New Haven, Conn.

Coding sequences of Drosophila and human deltex genes;for diagnosis and therapy.

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