Published July 19 & 26 (EPO & GB); July 13 & 20 (WO)

Agricult., Fisheries & Equine arteritis WO95/19438

Food Ministry viral peptides


Equine arteritis virus peptides, antibodies; foridentification assays to prevent spontaneous abortion inhorses.

Akzo Nobel Bovine herpes virus EPO 663 403

Arnhem, Netherlands vector

Mutant bovine herpes virus vector for introducingheterologous proteins into a host; for response topathogen.

Alexion Pharma Non-prolifer- WO 95/19368, 428

New Haven, Conn. ating cell transduction

Retroviral vector particles with nuclear localizationsequence; for transduction of non-proliferating cells.

Baylor Coll. Med. Fluid space WO 95/19182

Houston gene therapy

Expression vectors for delivering genes to cells in bodyfluid spaces; for somatic gene therapy.

Behringwerke Yeast infections EPO 664 336

Marburg, Germany

Saccharomyces-specific antigens and antibodies to them;for identifying and quantifying infection [in German].

Biotech. & Genetic Fructosyltrans- EPO 663442

Engin. Inst. ferase


Coding sequence of extracellular Acetobacterfructosyltransferase; for producing low-caloriesweeteners.

Biotech. & Genetic Dextranase sugar EPO 663443

Engin. Inst. production


Coding sequence of fungal dextranase; for dextranhydrolysis in sugar cane juice for increased sugarproduction.

California, Univ. of Syphilis therapy WO95/18632

Oakland, Calif.

Amino acid sequences of antigenic rare outer membraneproteins from spirochaetes; for syphilisdetection/treatment.

California, Univ. of MCP receptors WO95/19436

Oakland, Calif.

Coding sequences for monocyte chemoattractant protein(MCP) receptors, encoded proteins; for antagonistidentification.

Calydon Prostate cancer WO 95/19434

Menlo Park, Calif. therapy

Prostate-specific transcriptional regulatory sequencecontrolling toxin gene expression; for cancer therapy.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Hematopoietic EPO 663444

Hlth. Res.) stem cells


Bipotent immature mammalian hematopoietic precursorcells, pure stem cell culture, maturation factors.

Children's Hosp. p53 gene WO 95/18818

Philadelphia polymorphism

Identification of a p53 gene polymorphism; fordetermining lineage, linkage and inheritance.

Ciba-Geigy Synergistic WO 95/18859, 9443

Basel, Switzerland antifungal proteins

Plant proteins that are synergistic with antifungalantibiotics; for treating Candida infections.

CSIRO (Comm. Sci. Enzyme-based WO95/19440

Ind. Res. Org.) bioremediation

Campbell, Australia

Coding sequence of E3 esterase from organophosphateresistant microorganism, encoded protein; forbioremediation.

Cornell Univ. Marek's disease WO 95/18860

Ithaca, N.Y. viral protein

Coding sequence of a protein from Marek's disease virus(MDV); for vaccination and control of MDV infection.

Cytogam Gender selection EPO 664 298

Chandler, Ariz.

Sperm cell sorting using antibodies to sex-associatedmembrane proteins; for controlling offspring gender.

Gene Shears Ribozymes against WO 95/18854

St. Leonards, Australia RNA viruses

Ribozymes directed against the packaging sequence ofRNA viruses; for treating infection by these viruses.

Genentech Thrombopoietin WO 95/18858

South San Francisco

Coding sequence of thrombopoietin, encoded proteins;for treatment of thrombocytopenia.

Genetic Therapy Retroviral vector WO95/19427

Gaithersburg, Md. purification

Purification of retroviral vector particles; for increasedrecovery of particles useful in gene therapy.

Ghent, State Univ. of Viral neuraminidase WO95/18861

Ghent, Belgium vaccine

Coding sequence of flu virus neuraminidase; forrecombinant protein production and vaccine manufacture.

Harvard College Vibrio motility WO95/18633

Cambridge, Mass. genes

Coding sequence of Vibrio cholerae motility genes, agarpenetration mutants, methods for making mutant strains.

Harvard College Herpes virus WO 95/18852

Cambridge, Mass. vaccine

Replication-defective herpes virus; for use as a vaccine inimmunoregulatory diseases.

Harvard College Hedgehog-related WO95/18856

Cambridge, Mass. genes

Coding sequences for hedgehog-related genes, encodedproteins; for modulating tissue development.

Illinois, Univ. of Kinesin and WO 95/18857

Urbana, Ill. cancer drugs

Genetic suppressor elements for chemotherapeutic drugresistance, including human heavy chain kinesin gene.

Immunex Fas ligand WO 95/18819


Coding sequence of Fas ligand (Fas-L), expressionvectors producing Fas-L, immunoreactive antibodies.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hematopoietic WO95/19432

Hlth. Med. Res.) stem cells


Bipotent immature mammalian hematopoietic precursorcells, pure stem cell culture, maturation factors.

Jockey Club Non-invasive WO 95/19447

New York DNA sampling

Non-invasive sampling method for obtaining nucleic acidsamples for analysis.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Histologic tissue WO95/19448

Baltimore mutations

Detection of nucleic acid mutations in histologic tissuesections; for cancer treatment targeting.

Julich Res. Ctr. Deregulated WO 95/19442

Julich, Germany recombinant isoleucine

Threonine dehydratase mutated in its allosteric domains;for deregulated recombinant production of isoleucine.

La Jolla Cancer Cell death WO 95/19367

Res. Fdn. gene regulation

La Jolla, Calif.

Regulatory sequences linked to cell death genes; forscreening agents that modulate expression of these genes.

Leeds, Univ. of Cellulase regulatory WO95/19441

Leeds, U.K. sequences

Mold cellulase gene regulatory sequences; for use inexpression vectors.

Manitoba, Univ. of Cross-reactive WO95/19437

Winnipeg, Manitoba pollen allergen

Highly cross-reactive allergen from Kentucky Bluegrass;for wide-spectrum pollen allergy treatment.

Mitotix Ubiquitin-conjugating WO95/18974

Cambridge, Mass. enzymes

Ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes and inhibition ofubiquitin-mediated degradation of cell-cycle regulatoryproteins.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Protein tyrosine WO95/19439

Bethesda, Md. kinase

Coding sequence of a protein tyrosine kinase, encodedprotein; for immunodiagnostics and therapy.

Novo Nordisk Factor VIII WO 95/18827, 828, 829

Bagsvaerd, Denmark derivatives

Factor VIII derivatives and subunit combinations; forgreater yield and extended coagulant activity.

Oswaldo Cruz- Protection from GB 2 285626

Fiocruz Fdn. helminths

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amino acid sequence of antigenic protein fromSchistosoma, encoded protein; for treatment of helminthinfections.

Pasteur Inst. MHC minus cells EPO 664 337


Cell lacking human MHC class II antigens; for detectingand producing antibodies to selected microorganisms.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Antisense WO95/19175

Philadelphia STK-1 oligos

Antisense oligos against STK-1 mRNA; for treatingcancer and purging bone marrow of cancerous cells.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Synthetic WO 95/18855

Des Moines, Iowa antimicrobial peptides

Synthetic polypeptides with amphipathic -helices; for cellexpression of antimicrobial activity.

Pittsburgh, Univ. of Hematopoietic WO95/18631

Pittsburgh facilitatory cells

Monoclonal antibodies to hematopoietic facilitatory cells;for isolation from bone marrow.

Promega Mutant luciferases WO 95/18853

Madison, Wis.

Coding sequences of mutant beetle luciferases, encodedproteins; for use in biosensing applications.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Lipopolyamine WO95/18863

Antony, France DNA delivery

Lipopolyamine carriers for nucleic acids; for genetransfer and therapy.

Ribozyme Pharma Hepatitis C WO 95/19429

Boulder, Colo. ribozyme

An enzymatic RNA molecule that specifically cleaveshepatitis C virus; for inhibiting replication.

Rogosin Inst. Secretory cell WO 95/19430

New York encapsulation

Encapsulation of secretory cells in hydrophilic gels; forcell preservation and therapeutic use.

Salk Inst. Developing brain WO 95/18822

La Jolla, Calif. factors

Coding sequence of developing brain factors (DBFs),encoded proteins, antibodies; for DBF detection.

Schering CTLA-8 antigen WO 95/18826

Kenilworth, N.J.

Coding sequence of primate CTLA-8 antigen, encodedprotein, antibodies; for diagnostic kits.

Scripps Res. Inst. Herpes simplex WO95/18634

La Jolla, Calif. antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to herpes simplex virus; fordiagnosis and immunotherapy.

Scripps Res. Inst. Zinc finger WO 95/19431

La Jolla, Calif. proteins

Zinc finger-nucleotide binding polypeptides, assays foridentifying such molecules; for modulating expression.

Singapore, Natl. DNA repair WO 95/19445

Univ. of enzyme assay


Assay for distinguishing wild-type and alkylated DNArepair enzymes using V8 protease.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. p27 and WO 95/18824

New York hyperproliferation

Coding sequence of p27; for inhibiting E-Cdk2 complexand treating hyperproliferative disorders.

T Cell Sciences T cell antigen WO 95/19435

Needham, Mass. receptor

Full length T cell antigen receptor V region protein; fordiagnosing immune-related disorders.

Targetech Hepatitis WO 95/19433

Meriden, Conn. B antisense

Antisense oligos against hepatitis B virus; for detectionand treatment of viral infection.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. Targeted gene WO95/19426

Philadelphia insertion

Nucleotide sequence that directs integration of genes; fortargeted DNA insertion.

Union Camp Plant selectable WO 95/18862

Wayne, N.J. markers

Transformation of plants with tfdA gene; for productionof transgenic plants with selectable markers.

Univ. Technol. & Cephalosporin EPO 663445

Sci. Res. Ministry production


7a-(4-carboxybutanamido)-cephalosporanic acid acylaseisolation; for low-cost production of cephalosporins.

Vanderbilt Univ. Early breast WO 95/19369

Nashville, Tenn. cancer detection

Identification of differentially expressed genes in pre-invasive breast cancer tissue; for early detection.

Vermont, Univ. of Mutator phenotype WO95/19444

Burlington, Vt. lymphocytes

Lymphocytes with different alleles near a selectablemarker gene; for identifying mutator phenotypes.

Virta et al. Metal level assay WO 95/19446

Vaha-Hameenkatu, Finland

Plasmid whose copy number is controlled by metal-regulatable promoter; for determining metal levels insamples.

Wakunaga Variant PCR EPO 664 339

Osaka, Japan detection

PCR amplification and solid-phase binding of nucleicacids; for detecting variants.

Compiled By Chester A. Bisbee

(c) 1997 American Health Consultants. All rights reserved.