Published July 5 & 12 (EPO & GB); June 29 & July 6(WO)

Abbott Labs HEV antibodies WO 95/17501, 502

Abbott Park, Ill.

Monoclonal antibodies to hepatitis E virus (HEV)antigens, hybridomas; for assay kits.

Abbott Labs Prostate cancer WO 95/18381

Abbott Park, Ill. immunoassay

Fractionated polyclonal antibodies to prostate-specificantigen (PSA); for cancer immunoassay.

Abs Global Bovine ES cell WO 95/17500

DeForest, Wisc. donors immunoassay

Bovine embryonic stem (ES) cells; for use as donors ofnuclei in nuclear transfer procedures.

Agresearch New Zealand Mycobacterial WO95/17511

Upper Hutt, New Zealand virulence

Coding sequences for virulence and avirulence inmyocobacteria; for producing modified strains.

Allelix Biopharma Glutamate receptor WO95/17508

Missisauga, Ont. variants

Coding sequence for glutamate receptor and variants,encoded proteins; for screening assays.

Amoco HPV probes EPO 662 518


Nucleic acid probes for detecting human papillomavirus(HPV) genes or transcripts; for cervical cancer diagnosis.

Asahi Breweries DerI allergen WO 95/17424


DerI gene and encoded allergen, expression andproduction using nuclear polyhedrosis virus.

Becton Dickinson Blood stem cells EPO 662512

Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Hematopoietic stem cell preparation that differentiatesinto all blood cell types; for autologous transplantation.

Brussels, Free Univ. of Lipid vesicle WO95/17378

Brussels, Belgium delivery

Lipid compounds that make positively charged vesicles;for intracellular delivery of materials.

California, Univ. of Anti-idiotypic WO 95/17200

Oakland, Calif. antibodies

Enriched populations of anti-idiotypic antibodiesproduced by immunizing animals with an IgG transgene.

California, Univ. of Methionine WO 95/17908

Oakland, Calif. analogue chemotherapy

Chemotherapy for malignant cells that have an absoluterequirement for methionine by using analogues.

Cangene Streptomyces WO 95/17512

Missisauga, Ont. proteases

Streptomyces proteases that degrade exogenouslysecreted proteins, irreversible inhibitor, host cells.

Catholic Univ. Louvain Organ WO 95/17425

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium rejection proteins

Coding sequences for proteins that are characteristic oforgan rejection; for diagnosis.

Cell Genesys Universal WO 95/17911

Foster City, Calif. transgenic donors

Homologous recombination to inactivate genes inembryonic stem cells; universal donor cells for transgenicanimals.

Celtrix Pharma Chromosomal WO 95/17499

Santa Clara, Calif. transfer vector

Chromosomal transfer DNA vector; for site-specificrecombination.

CNRS (Ctr. Natl. Rec. Sci.) Expression WO95/18223

Paris control RNA

Coding sequence for an RNA forming a triple helix; forselectively and efficiently controlling gene expression.

Chugai Adseverin genes WO 95/18221


Coding sequences for adseverins, encoded proteins,antibodies, production methods.

Ciba-Geigy Hirustasin EPO 662 514

Basel, Switzerland

Antistasin-type serine proteinase inhibitor (Hirustasin)from the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis.

Daikin Industries RecA in situ WO 95/18236

Osaka, Japan hybridization

In situ hybridization method using RecA proteincomplexed with a single-stranded nucleic acid probe.

Dako PNA/DNA WO 95/17430

Glostrup, Denmark antibodies

Antibodies against peptide nucleic acid (PNA)-DNAcomplexes; for recognition and detection.

Evotec Biosystems Combinatorial WO95/17413

Hamburg, Germany functional evolution

Oligomeric or polymeric functional elements produced bycombinations of designer elements.

Forssmann, W.-G. Circulating WO 95/18228

Hannover, Germany cytokine CC-1

Coding sequence for human circulating cytokine CC-1,encoded protein, biologically active fragments.

Gatsby Charitable Fdn. Tomato WO95/18230

London pathogen resistance

Coding sequence for tomato Cf-9 pathogen resistanceprotein, encoded protein; for identifying similar genes.

Gene Pharming Phenylketonuric- WO95/18224

Leiden, Netherlands lactalbumin

Production of -lactalbumin without phenylalanine in themilk of transgenic animals; for phenylketonurics.

Genentech Thrombopoietin GB 2 285 446

S. San Francisco

Coding sequence for thrombopoietin, encoded protein,variants, purification; for treating thrombocytopenia.

Genzyme Transgenics Milk-produced WO95/17085

Framingham, Mass. antibodies

Monoclonal antibody production in mammalian milkusing transgenes expressed in mammary epithelial cells.

Harvard College Allograft WO 95/17506

Cambridge, Mass. rejection proteins

Coding sequences for allograft rejection proteins; fordiagnosis and treatment.

Hoechst Japan Scleroderma WO 95/18218

Tokyo topoisomerase

Human DNA topoisomerase I variant that reacts withautoantibody from scleroderma patients; for diagnosis.

Human Genome Sciences Macrophage WO95/17092

Rockville, Md. inflammatory proteins

Coding sequences for macrophage inflammatory proteins,encoded proteins, production methods.

Icos a2 integrin WO 95/17412

Bothell, Wash. subunit

Coding sequence for a2 integrin subunit, encoded andfusion proteins, production methods.

Immunol. Res. Inst. Thymopoietin WO 95/17205

Annandale, N.J.

DNA and amino acid coding sequences for humanthymopoietin, methods of expression; for diagnosis andtherapy.

Innogenetics Tau protein WO 95/17429

Ghent, Belgium antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies against abnormallyphosphorylated tau protein; for detection in cerebrospinalfluid.

Inst. Phys. Chem. Res. Sialyltransferase WO95/18217

Saitama, Japan gene

Coding sequence for N-acetylgalactosaminesialyltransferase, encoded protein, process for production.

Kirin Beer Xanthophyll WO 95/18220

Tokyo production

Coding sequences for genes involved in xanthophyllsynthesis; for production in bacteria.

Kirin Beer Plant fatty WO 95/18222

Tokyo acid desaturase

Coding sequence for fatty acid desaturase, encodedprotein; for creating transgenic plants.

Korea Inst. Sci. Tech. Insulinase EPO 662 515

Seoul, Korea secretion

Expression vector for insulinase with yeast signalpeptide; for secretion from yeast.

Krebs Res. Inst. High resolution WO95/18235

Heidelberg, Germany hybridization

Arrangement of nucleic acid sequences allowing highresolution during comparative genomic hybridization.

Max Planck Inst. Fusion WO 95/17509

Berlin protein bacteria

Bacterial strains with specific markers that stably expressfusion proteins on their surfaces.

MRC (Med. Res. Coun.) Polycystic WO95/18225

London kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease-associated gene located onchromosome 16; for diagnosis and treatment.

Merck Wnt-x growth WO 95/17416

Rahway, N.J. factor

Coding sequence for Wnt-x growth factor, encodedprotein, host cells expressing Wnt-x.

Merck Homologous WO 95/17516

Rahway, N.J. recombination locus

Specific mouse host cell genome locus that causes highlevel recombination of genes following their stableintegration.

Molec. Biol. Diagnostics Inst. c-erbB-2 WO95/17507

Gottingen, Germany antisense

Antisense nucleic acids for the c-erbB-2 gene thatencodes the p185 receptor; for cancer treatment.

New Jersey, Med. Astrocyte WO 95/17203

& Dent. Univ. of neurotrophic factor

Newark, N.J.

Coding sequence for astrocyte-derived neurotrophicfactor, cDNA; for measuring glial cell differentiation.

Nisshin Flour Milling Fused glicentin EPO 662482

Tokyo purification

Human glicentin preparation using a fused protein andbinding to the chromatographic stationary phase.

Novo Nordisk Bacterial GLP-1 WO 95/17510

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Production of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) frombacteria using an expression vector for a GLP-1precursor.

Novo Nordisk Fungi production WO 95/17513

Bagsvaerd, Denmark strains

Selection markers and foreign protein genes in expressionvectors designed for filamentous fungi.

Pharmacia Biotech In vitro WO 95/17415

Milwaukee phage packaging

Lyophilized E. coli extract that is stable at roomtemperature; for packaging lambda phage in vitro.

PNA Diagnostics Sequence-specific GB 2 285445

Copenhagen, Denmark protection

Protection of nucleic acids in a sequence-specific mannerusing bound analogues; for PCR analysis.

Shalitin, C. p21 antibodies EPO 662 612

Haifa, Israel

Sandwich ELISA with polyclonal antibodies to p21; forclinical cancer monitoring.

Shintaku, Y. Orange EPO 662 281

Tokyo cauliflower

Transgenic cauliflower with inserted carotene synthesisgenes; for making the curd orange.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. p53 protein WO 95/17213

New York fragment

Coding sequence for a p53-based polypeptide fragment,encoded protein; for expression in cells.

SS Pharma Band-3 WO 95/18375

Tokyo glycoprotein detection

Detection of blood constituents by reaction of humanerythrocyte band-3 glycoprotein with hemagglutinin.

Sumitomo Pharma CNTF variant WO 95/18150

Osaka, Japan

Coding sequence for human ciliary neurotrophic factor(CNTF) variant with a better side effect profile, encodedprotein.

Synaptic Pharma Y4 receptor WO 95/17906

Paramus, N.J.

Coding sequence for neuropeptide Y/peptideYY/pancreatic polypeptide (Y4) receptor, encodedprotein; for screening.

Texas, Univ. of Rb binding WO 95/17198

Austin, Tex. protein

Coding sequence for Rb binding protein, a tumorsuppressor gene; encoded protein; antibodies to Rbprotein.

Tsumura Elastin variant EPO 662 516


Elastin derivative with superior stability to oxidation; foruse as an elastase inhibitor.

U.K. Defense Secretary Yersinia pestis WO95/18231

London vaccines

Live, attenuated bacterial strains for preparation ofvaccines against Yersinia pestis.

University Tech. Intl. Insect-killing proteins WO95/17515

Calgary, Alberta

Baculovirus expression of heterologous proteins; forinfection and killing of insects.

Wake Forest Univ. Ileal bile WO 95/17905

Winston-Salem, N.C. cotransporter

Coding sequence for the ileal bile cotransporter, encodedprotein; for detecting human mutations.

Wales, Med. Univ. of Tuberous sclerosis WO95/18226

Cardiff, U.K.

Tuberous sclerosis-associated gene located onchromosome 16; for diagnosis and treatment.

Washington Univ. RNA virus WO 95/17525

St. Louis detection

Cell lines with vectors containing a reporter gene whoseexpression is activated by RNA virus replication.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Olfactory WO95/18140

Rehovot, Israel receptor genes

Olfactory gene clusters on chromosome 11 that encodegenes for olfactory receptors.

Zeneca Polyprotein plant WO 95/17514

London expression

Gene construct for transfection into plants that expressesa polyprotein that is processed into its componentproteins.

Zeneca Plant seed WO 95/18229

London antifungals

Coding sequences for plant seed antimicrobial proteins;for antibacterial/antifungal activity in transgenic plants.

Zymogenetics Glutamate WO 95/18154

Seattle receptor gene

Coding sequence for glutamate receptor, encoded protein,antibodies; for identifying agonists/antagonists.

Zymogenetics Phospholipid WO 95/18227

Seattle transfer proteins

Coding sequences for phospholipid transfer proteins,encoded proteins; for modifying blood lipoprotein profile.

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