ID Biomedical Corp., of Vancouver, British Columbia,signed a nine-month cooperative research agreement withTokuyama Corp., of Tokyo. Tokuyama will fund theevaluation of ID's technologies for human in vitrodiagnostics.

Metra Biosystems, of Mountain View, Calif., and BayerCorp.'s Diagnostics Division, of Tarrytown, N.Y.,reached agreement to collaborate on Metra's biochemicalbone markers worldwide, excluding Japan. Theagreement allows Bayer to market automated central labsystems, point-of-care assays, and over-the-counter testsfor bone resorption and formation.

Ostex International Inc., of Seattle, entered into a co-marketing agreement with Corning Clinical Laboratoriesand Corning Nichols Institute _ both part of New-Yorkbased Corning Inc.'s Life Sciences division _ to marketOsteomark, a recently approved urine test that measureshuman bone resorption. In another matter, Ostex filed alawsuit in Seattle seeking an injunction to prevent OstechInc., of New Haven, Conn., _ which is in a similarbusiness _ from using the Ostech name in advertisingand sales.

Sonus Pharmaceuticals, of Bothell, Wash., has startedenrollment in a 240-patient randomized, double-blind,placebo-controlled Phase III trial of EchoGen Emulsion,an ultrasound imaging agent. It will be evaluated inultrasound studies of blood flow or lesions in the liver,kidney and peripheral vascular systems.

Immunomedics Inc., of Morris Plains, N.J., filed anapplication with the European Medicines EvaluationAgency for approval to market LeukoScan, itsmonoclonal antibody-based agent for the detection ofbone infection in long bones and diabetic foot ulcers.Separately, the company regained North Americanmarketing rights from Pharmacia Inc., of Columbus,Ohio, for CEA-Scan, a product under review in the U.S.,Canada and Europe for colorectal cancer detection. It is intrials for lung and breast cancer detection.

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