* Cellex Biosciences Inc., of Minneapolis, wasissued U.S. patent No. 5,416,022 for its research-scalehollow fiber bioreactor technology.

* Cortecs International Ltd., of London, was granteda U.S. patent covering its saliva diagnostic testing for theHelicobacter pylori bacterium, which is based on H.pylori antigens.

* HemaSure Inc., of Marlborough, Mass., receivednotifications of patent allowance covering the use of aligand to remove free hemoglobin from the blood, and anautomatic priming and draining vent system for bloodfilters. Also, the company filed a patent application forgroup of pathogen-inactivation chemicals for use in bloodtransfusions.

* Lidak Pharmaceuticals, of La Jolla, Calif.,received a notice of patent allowance in the U.S. for itssevere combined immunodeficiency mouse model; andnotices of allowance in the U.S. and Europe for its freefatty acid assay.

* MicroCarb Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md., was issuedU.S. patent No. 5,411,948, covering the use ofphospholipid and glycolipid receptors for preventing andtreating bacterial infections.

* Tanox Biosystems Inc., of Houston, was issuedU.S. patent No. 5,428,133 covering recombinantrodent/human anti-IgE antibodies that bind to IgE-producing B cells but not to IgE bound to basophils. Thecompany also was issued U.S. patent No.. 5,422,258covering the way it makes the anti-IgE antibodies.

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