News from the 31st annual meeting of the American Society ofClinical Oncology being held in Los Angeles:

* Investigators presented Phase I/IIa data on San Diego-based LigandPharmaceuticals Inc.'s retinoid product, LGD1069, showing that itwas well-tolerated, had no dose-limiting toxicities and produced anti-tumor activity.

* Argus Pharmaceuticals Inc., of The Woodlands, Texas, started aPhase I trial of AnnamycinLF (liposomal annamycin), which is beingdeveloped for treatment of cancers resistant to anthracyclineantibiotics.

* Aphton Corp., of Woodland, Calif., said animal experimentsshowed its Gonadimmune product was equal to both Tamoxifen andGnRH analogs in terms of its ability to suppress tumor growth in abreast cancer-derived cell line.

* Researchers reported that Collegeville, Pa.-based Rhone-PoulencRorer Inc.'s Taxotere demonstrated a 50 percent overall response ratewhen used with cisplatin in a Phase I/II study of advanced non-smallcell lung cancer patients.

* Immunomedics Inc., of Morris Plains, N.J., said its colorectalimaging agent, CEA-Scan, provided clinically useful diagnosticinformation in presurgical evaluations in a Phase III trial.

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