* Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Baltimore, said certain directorsand officers of the company bought 102,100 common shares of stockon the open market, paying between $2.63 and $3.50 apiece for theshares, which represent about 3 percent of those outstanding.

* Therexsys Ltd., of Keele, England, opened a 10,000-square-footresearch facility at its corporate headquarters at The Science Park,University of Keele. Research facilities incorporate laboratories forgenetic manipulation, protein chemistry and cell biology as well ascontainment areas for human cells and viruses.

* Empresas La Moderna, of Mexico, an affiliate of the PulsarInternacional group of companies, signed a purchase agreement toacquire the Asgrow Seed Co. subsidiary of the Upjohn Co., ofKalamazoo, Mich. The purchase price is estimated at $300 million.The deal is expected to close Dec. 30.

* Biomune Systems Inc., of Salt Lake City, said preliminary resultsof an in vivo animal study showed Immuno-C's efficacy in reducingthe growth rate of prostate cancer tumors by 11 percent.

* Cypros Pharmaceutical Corp., of Carlsbad, Calif.(NASDAQ:CYPR), initiated a special exercise program for thoseholding Redeemable Class A warrants on Nov. 8. They can exercisethem until Dec. 9 and receive one-half of a Class B warrant and1.175 shares of common stock upon payment of about $9.25 perClass A warrant exercised.

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