* Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc., La Jolla, Calif., was allowed aEuropean patent on its core technology. The allowed applicationcovers three-dimensional living stromal tissue cultured outside thebody on a biocompatible framework.* Ohio State University was issued U.S. patent No. 5,354,674 for thework of Creighton University School of Medicine researcherClague Hodgson. The patent is titled "Method of gene transferusing retrotransposons" and covers technology for gene therapy inhumans and for the production of gene-altered animals.* NeoRx Corp., Seattle, obtained an exclusive license to U.S. patentNo. 5,171,217 from Indiana University that broadly covers thedelivery through catheters of microencapsulated molecules intoblood vessel walls.* BioControl Technology Inc., Pittsburgh, said it was issued a patenton a specialized method for whole-body extracorporealhyperthermia used in the treatment of HIV.

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