Published Aug. 31 & Sept. 7 (EPO); Sept. 1 (WO); Aug. 31 & Sept. 7(GB)

American Cyanamid Opioid m-subtype EPO 612 845Wayne, N.J. receptorCoding sequence for m-subtype opioid receptor and substantially pureresultant protein.

American Cyanamid OmpF regulation EPO 612 849Wayne, N.J.Coding sequence for bacterial operon containing two signaltransducing regulatory protein genes; for controlling OmpF.

Amgen Rational G-CSF EPO 612 846Thousand Oaks, Calif. analogsG-CSF analogs and computerized methods for evaluating their threedimensional structure, coding sequences of analogs.

Auckland, Univ. of Stem cell kinases WO 94/19463Auckland, New ZealandDNA and amino acid sequences for developmentally regulated receptortyrosine kinases only expressed in stem cells.

Bristol-Myers Squibb CTLA4 B cell EPO 613 944New York interactionsCoding sequence for CTLA4 receptor, CTLA4 fusion proteins; formodulating B cell interactions and immune responses.

Calgene Geminivirus WO 94/19477Davis, Calif. transgenic plantsGeminivirus-based expression system with tissue-specific regulatoryregions; for transforming plants.

California, Univ. of Glycoconjugate WO 94/19457Oakland, Calif. antibodyEpstein-Barr virus transformed a-lymphoblastoid cells making ahuman monoclonal antibody against tumor glycoconjugates.

Celltrix Bone marrow WO 94/18991Santa Clara, Calif. expansionGrowth of hematopoietic stem cells in long-term bone marrow culturesby neutralizing TGF-a; for bone marrow transplants.

Cephalon Reporting NGF WO 94/19461W. Chester, Penn. modulationReporter gene assay using nerve growth factor (NGF) promoter; foridentifying compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease.

CNRS (Ctr. Natl. Res. Sci.) Recombinant VIP WO 94/19469Limoges, France multimersVasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) and variants, including VIPmultimers; recombinant production methods.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. CD4 signal WO 94/18832Boston attenuationIntroducing a peptide into T cells that decreases kinase association withCD4; for modulating signal transduction.

Dow Chemical CEA chimeric WO 94/19466Midland, Mich. antibodiesMonoclonal antibodies to human carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)using light/heavy chain variable region chimeras.

Finnish Natl. Pub. Hlth. Inst. Bacillus expression WO 94/19471Helsinki, Finland systemExpression system in Gram-positive bacteria, such as Bacillus; foroverproduction of homologous/heterologous proteins.

Fukuda et al. Ethylene enzyme GB 2 275 472Osaka, JapanCoding sequence for ethylene forming enzyme; for making bacterialtransformants that produce ethylene.

Gene Shears Polyribosomal WO 94/19476Leonards, Australia virus resistancePolyribosomes with endoribonuclease activity inactivating a viralcapsid protein gene; for plant virus resistance.

Green Cross Non-antigenic HSA EPO 612 761Osaka, JapanPurified recombinant human serum albumin (HSA) that is free ofantigenic contaminants/pyrogen; for reduced side effects.

Hanil Synthetic Fiber TNF muteins GB 2 275 683Kyungsagnam-do, KoreaTumor necrosis factor (TNF) muteins with superior antitumor activityand lower lethal toxicity compared with native TNF.

Hoechst Japan Broad WO 94/19470Tokyo autoimmune therapySoluble T cell receptor -chain made by suppressor T cell; forautoimmune diseases caused by various autoantigens

Immtech CRP muteins WO 94/18999ChicagoBiologically active mutated C-reactive protein (CRP) and preCRP thatare less likely to form aggregates.

Kabi Pharmacia Fusion enhanced WO 94/19459Uppsala, Sweden productionFusion of a production mammalian cell line with itself; for increasingproduction of recombinant protein product.

Kao Corp. Pullulanase WO 94/19468Tokyo detergentCoding sequence for alkaline pullulanase and host strains; for massproduction of this detergent component.

Maruha Chondroitinase EPO 613 949Tokyo ABC geneCoding sequence for chondroitinase ABC, its protein product,antibodies to the protein; for treating disk displacement.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Merlin gene EPO 613 945BostonTumor suppressor protein merlin DNA sequence; for detecting merlin-associated tumors, especially neurofibromatosis.

Mass. Gen, Hosp. Iron-regulated WO 94/19482Boston expressionBacterial cell chromosome containing a heterologous antigen codingsequence controlled by an iron-regulated promoter.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. AML genes WO 94/19493BostonGene family responsible for neurodegenerative diseases, such asamyotrophic lateral sclerosis (AML).

Mass., Univ. Med. Ctr. Individual gene EPO 612 851Worcester, Mass. transcriptionIn situ hybridization allowing simultaneous observation of a gene andits transcripts; for quantification of expression.

Mass., Univ. Med. Ctr.. Tax transcriptional WO 94/19494Worcester, Mass. activationTax protein activates HTLV-I promoter by increasing the bindingactivity of ATF cellular transcription factors.

Matsushita Electric Cocaine EPO 613 899Osaka, Japan immunoassayEasily prepared cocaine-protein conjugate; for producing monoclonalantibodies to cocaine and detecting the drug.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Regulating c-myc WO 94/19465Bethesda, MarylandDNA-binding protein regulating c-myc expression in dedifferentiatedcells by binding c-myc gene far upstream elements.

Nissin Shokuhin Trypsin/elastase WO 94/19371Osaka, Japan inhibitorC-terminal modification of human trypsin inhibitor; for producing aprotein with elastase inhibitor activity.

Norwegian Dairies Assoc. Site-specific WO 94/19460Oslo, Norway transformationBacteria transformed with foreign DNA using the integration functionsof phage LC3; for site-specific integration.

Novo Nordisk Starch WO 94/19454Bagsvaerd, Denmark liquefactionCoding sequence for an amylolytic enzyme, preferably ofarcheabacterial origin; for digesting starch.

Onyx Cytopathic virus WO 94/18992Richmond, Calif. for cancersMutant virus making a replication phenotype in cancer cells causingpreferential killing; for viral-based tumor therapy.

Ortho Antisense targeting EPO 612 844Raritan, N.J.Targeting antisense sequences by modifying viral envelope gene ofvector; for binding/destroying HIV-infected cells.

Paris, Univ. of HARP growth WO 94/19462Creteil, France factorsDNA and amino acid sequences for HARP family growth factors,mutants, and fragments

Pub. Hlth. Lab. Optimal clone WO 94/19472Serv. Board expressionLondon.Bacterial/yeast expression system with foreign gene at optimal site fortranscription/translation control signals.

Rockefeller Univ. Cachetin assay EPO 613 006New YorkAnti-cachetin antibodies used in a kit to assay cachetin in vitro; forcancer detection.

Rockefeller Univ. High-titer WO 94/19478New York retrovirusesProduction of high-titer, helper-free retroviruses by transienttransfection of producer cell lines; for gene therapy.

Sandoz Sugarbeet EPO 612 847Basel, Switzerland antimicrobialsSugarbeet-derived antimicrobial proteins that are chitinases orglucanases, muteins, coding sequences for proteins.

Sandoz Hypersensitivity EPO 612 848Basel, Switzerland geneCoding sequence for hypersensitivity related gene, its gene product,vectors, and plants transformed with this gene.

Sapporo Breweries Yeast WO 94/19475Tokyo agglutination proteinsYeast agglutination genes coding proteins with agglutination activityand yeast strains coding for these proteins.

Shionogi Early Strep EPO 613 947Osaka, Japan detectionDNA and amino acid sequences of Strep A mitogenic factor; for PCR-based early detection assay for Strep A infection.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. Allogeneic WO 94/18995New York tumor vaccineRetroviral vector encoding an allogeneic immunomodula-tory molecule; for non-immunogenic tumor vaccine.

Somatogen Inhibiting WO 94/19473Boulder transactivationCellular transactivating factor inhibitors, fusion products,internalization ligands; for modulating gene expression.

Sumitomo Pharma Bacillus hGH WO 94/19474Osaka, Japan productionMicrobial host-vector system for producing human growth hormone(hGH) in a protease-free Bacillus strain.

Takeda Platelet stimulation EPO 613 946TokyoDNA and amino acid sequences for heparin binding secretorytransforming factor 2 (hst-2); for treating burns/wounds.

Tepnel Medical Antimicrobial GB 2 275 531Knutsford, U.K. assayResistant indicator organism growth assay; for detecting antimicrobialagents in animal fluids such as milk or blood.

Theratech Rheumatoid WO 94/19374Salt Lake City arthritis detectionRecombinant IgM-specific rheumatoid arthritis-associated antigen; fordetecting antibodies in arthritis patients.

Theratech EBV antibody WO 94/19495Salt Lake City detectionRecombinant Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) gp125 protein made inbaculovirus expression system; for detecting EBV antibodies.

Upjohn Potassium channel WO 94/19464Kalamazoo, Mich.DNA/amino acid sequences encoding ATP-dependent potassiumchannel; for screening channel activity modulating ligands.

Virginia Tech Univ. Polycation/DNA WO 94/18834Blacksburg, Virginia transfectionPolycation/DNA complex introduced into an embryonic or stem cell;for creating transgenic animals.

Wisconsin, Univ. of Brazzein protein WO 94/19467Madison, Wisc. sweetenerThermostable, lysine-rich brazzein protein sweetener and recombinanthost for producing this sweetener.

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