* Glyko Biomedical Ltd., of Novato, Calif., has signed an agreementwith Beckman Instruments, of Fullerton, Calif., to co-develop the useof capillary electrophoresis for analysis of carbohydrates. Under theagreement, Glyko will supply its FACE chemicals and carbohydratetechnology to Beckman to enhance the power of its P/ACE CapillaryElectrophoresis Systems.* Royal Gist Brocades N.V., in Delft, The Netherlands, has acquired a20 percent interest in Bio-Intermedieair B.V., of Gronigen, TheNetherlands, which specializes in pilot to large scale cell culture andproduction of biopharmaceuticals. Royal Gist is an international groupof companies whose core business is biotechnology.u ChemTrak Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., has signed a license agreementwith Johnson & Johnson to market ChemTrak's high-densitylipoprotein (HDL) test for over-the-counter retail outlets in the U.S.,Canada and Mexico. ChemTrak was paid $250,000 and will receivemilestone payments upon commercialization of its AccuMeterlipoprotein test, which is used to detect "good cholesterol." Theagreement is between Advanced Care Products, a division of NewJersey-based Johnson & Johnson, and ChemTrak. ChemTrak, whichalready markets its total cholesterol test under an agreement withJohnson & Johnson, applied in July for FDA approval of the HDL test.u Hybritech Inc., a subsidiary of Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly & Co., hasreceived FDA approval of a blood test, Hybritech Tandem PSA, for usein detection of prostrate cancer.The test, which was developed by SanDiego-based Hybritech, is designed to be used along with a digitalrectal examination and measures the level of prostrate specific antigenin the blood.* Cistron Biotechnology Inc., of Pine Brook, N.J., and New EnglandMedical Center Hospitals won a patent infringement lawsuit in U.S.District Court against PeproTech Inc., of Rocky Hill, N.J. The courtruled that PeproTech's manufacture and sale of "mature IL-1Bfragment" infringed on a 1988 patent licensed to Cistron by NewEngland Medical Center covering "recombinant DNA which codes forinterleukin-1b."* Carrington Laboratories Inc., of Irving, Texas, presented data at theEuropean Tissue Repair Society's fourth annual conference in Oxford,England, in August revealing discoveries concerning diabetic footulcers and mechanisms involved in wound healing.The company said the wound healing discoveries included datashowing that acemannan binds to three receptor sites, activatingmacrophages, and that it also binds to four growth factors (AFGF,BFGF, KGF and TGF Beta 1). The four growth factors and theactivated macrophages are elements of the healing process.083094

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