Published August 3 & 10 (EPO); August 4 (WO)American Cyanamid Yeast retinoid EPO 608 532Wayne, N.J. screenYeast strain expressing retinoid X receptor that activates a reportergene; for screening receptor agonists/antagonists.American Cyanamid Insect morbidity EPO 608 696Wayne, N.J.Heterologous signal sequences used with insect controlling proteingenes in viruses; for earlier onset morbidity.Amgen Transgenic leukemia WO 94/16556Thousand Oaks, Calif.Transgenic mice exhibiting decreased platelet counts and/ormegakaryocyte leukemia; for use as human cancer model.Amgen Rational G- CSFs WO 94/17185Thousand Oaks, Calif.Granulocyte CSF (G- CSF) analogs and methods of rationallydesigning such analogs; G- CSF treatment methods.Apollon Transcription WO 94/17086Malvern, Penn. suppressionDecreased transcription of target gene by triplex formation with purine-rich oligonucleotides; for decreased expression.Bergmann et al. Lesch-Nyhan WO 94/17183Hamburg, Germany antisenseAntisense molecules of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome-implicated gene,analogues and derivatives, protein expressed by gene.Bristol- Myers Squibb Bispecific capture EPO 610 046New YorkExpression vector encoding fusion protein binding to one or two cellsurface antigens; for capturing antigens or cells.Cellcare Stem cell isolation WO 94/16715Lebanon, N.H.Generalized methods for producing stem or progenitor cells; for celland organ transplantation or gene therapy targets.Chiron CMV vaccine EPO 609 580Emeryville, Calif.Amino acid/DNA sequences of neutralizing epitope of cyto-megalovirus (CMV) glycoprotein; for diagnosis and vaccines.Clonit Heart disease alleles EPO 609 059Milan, ItalyNucleotide probes hybridizing to leader and kringle sequences inApo(a) gene; for determining heart disease risk.Collagen Corp. Milk collagen WO 94/16570Palo Alto, Calif.Transgenic animals showing mammary gland- specific production ofcollagen; for producing uncontaminated collagen.Cornell Univ. TMSV resistance WO 94/16550Ithaca, N.Y.DNA sequences for tomato spotted wilt virus (TMSV) nucleo capsidand transgenic plants with TMSV; for resistance.Dana- Farber Cancer Inst. Chimeric selectins WO 94/17193BostonChimeric L- and P- selectins by domain exchange, targeting withcarrier protein; for antagonizing selectin function.Florida, Univ. of Cold/drought WO 94/17186Gainesville, Fla. resistanceGenes/polypeptides for plant cold acclimatization/drought resistance;for field application or making transgenic plants.Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Transgenic WO 94/16557Philadelphia melanomaTransgenic animals showing accelerated formation of melanomas; foruse as a human melanoma model system.Hektoen Inst. Med. Res. Antisense cancer WO 94/16738Chicago therapyAntisense DNA to TGF-a and EGF receptor; for use with EGF receptorantibody to treat growth factor- sensitive cancer.Icos ICAM- R sequences WO 94/17100Bothell, Wash.DNA sequences encoding intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM- R),ICAM- R binding molecules; for modulating binding.Immunex CD40 function WO 94/17196SeattleMutant CD40 ligand gene, transgenic animals lacking functional geneby targeting; for treating elevated serum IgM.Johns Hopkins Univ. Targeted T cell WO 94/17192Baltimore responseEndosomally targeted chimeric genes encoding antigens, MHC Class IImolecule- associated antigens; for immune response.Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Antitumor T cells WO 94/16713New YorkCytolytic T cells against HLA- C- Clone 10 MHC antigen/MAGE- 1peptide complexes on tumor cells; for cancer detection.Mass. Gen. Hosp. Max- Interacting WO 94/17101Boston peptidesDNA and amino acid sequences for Max- Interacting (MxI)polypeptides, antibodies against MxI peptides.Mass., Univ. Med. Ctr. Leukemia- related WO 94/17180Worcester, Mass. kinaseIntranuclearly localized kinase regulated by signal transduction andparticipating in transcriptional regulation.Max- Planck Inst. Herbicide resistance WO 94/17188G¿ttingen, GermanyDNA sequence encoding acetyl- CoA carboxylase; for herbicideresistance and control of vegetable oil/fat content.Medicarb Ulcer treatment WO 94/16714Bromma, SwedenHeparin polysaccharides binding Helicobacter pylori surface antigens;for eradicating infection, treating ulcers.Medimmune Humanized RSV WO 94/17105Gaithersburg, Maryland antibodyHuman antibody with at least one CDR from murine variable heavyand light chains; for reaction against RSV proteins.Minnesota, Univ. of Non- radioactive WO 94/17198Minneapolis cAMP assayNon- radioactive enzymatic fluorometric assay for adenylate cyclaseand cAMP; for use with physiological samples.Montreal, Univ. of Retinoid assay WO 94/17407Montreal, Que.Cell line derived from lung tumor transfected with gene for a- receptorof retinoic acid; for identifying retinoids.N. Carolina St. Univ. Nematode resistance WO 94/17194Raleigh, N.C.Vector with plant cell promoter and nematode- inducibletransmembrane pore protein gene, transgenic plants.Neurospheres CNS gene therapy WO 94/16718Calgary, AlbertaGenetically modified, epidermal growth factor- responsive neural stemcells; for treating neurological disorders.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Plasmodium vaccine WO 94/17187Bethesda, MarylandGenes and peptides for Plasmodium falciparum transmission- blockingtarget antigen; for host immune response induction.Novo Nordisk Spasmolytic peptide WO 94/17102Bagsvaerd, DenmarkSpasmolytic polypeptide with defined amino acid sequence, homologs,glycosylated forms.Palo Alto Med. Fdn. Steroid- responsive WO 94/17182Palo Alto, Calif. vectorL- plastin-based expression vector active in hematopoietic cells;steroid- inducible in hormone responsive cells.Pasteur Inst. Campylobacter WO 94/17205Paris DNANucleic acid sequence hybridizing with Campylobacter jejuni genomicDNA; for detecting bacterial strain presence.Pioneer Hi- Bred Intl. Plant biolarvicide WO 94/16565Des Moines, IowaExpression of aprotinin in combination with a lectin in plants; for useas an insecticide or larvicide.Pioneer Hi- Bred Intl. Improved gun WO 94/17195Des Moines, Iowa transfectionNitric acid pretreatment of microprojectiles prior to use in particleguns; for improving uptake of biological material.Purdue Univ. Defined locus WO 94/17176W. Lafayette, Ind. insertionDNA constructs for site- directed insertion into defined gene locuswhile enabling removal of randomly inserted sequences.Rhone Poulenc Amidase activity WO 94/17190Courbevoie, FrancePolypeptides with amidase activity and greater affinity for ammoniumadipimate than adipimide, coding sequences/ analogs.Salk Inst. Cell growth kinase WO 94/17189La Jolla, Calif.Casein kinase I wild- type/mutant genes; for screening DNA repairactivity, treating cell- proliferation disorders.Sandoz CMV WO 94/16730E. Hanover, N.J. immunotherapyMonoclonal anti- cytomegalovirus (CMV) antibodies; for treatingCMV infections such as CMV retinitis.Schering Lymphocyte WO 94/17184Kenilworth, N.J. modulatorsCD38- based reagents, including soluble forms, with appropriateactivity as B- cell modulators.Stanford Univ. T cell therapeutic EPO 609 901Stanford, Calif.T cell antigen receptor a- subunit polypeptide and antibodies against it;for diagnostic screen and therapeutic agent.Taisho Pharmaceuticals Cyclic nucleotidase WO 94/17181TokyoRat brain cyclic nucleotidase that acts upon cAMP and cGMP to formuncyclyzed 5' nucleotide monophosphates.Takeda Chemical Glial Activator EPO 608 546Osaka, JapanTruncated glia activating factor and neutralizing antibody; forstabilizing platelet- increasing agent.Takeda Chemical a- amyloid antibodies WO 94/17197Osaka, JapanAntibodies specific for a- amyloid and its fragments; for diagnosingand treating Alzheimer's disease.Virogenetics Cancer therapy WO 94/16716Troy, N.Y. Recombinant viruses containing DNA coding for a cytokine and/ortumor associated antigen; for cancer immunotherapy.Wales, Univ. Coll. Periplasmic WO 94/17191Aberystwyth, U.K. translocationVector with apo- protein sequences; for cytoplasmic synthesis andperiplasmic translocation, then forming holo- protein.Weiner et al. Bare DNA WO 94/16737Merion, Penn. transfectionTransfection of nucleic acid into cells without retroviral particles; forintroducing therapeutically useful sequences._Compiled by Chester Bisbee082594

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