* PerSeptive Biosystems Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., has completed itsacquisition of the BioSearch, or Life Sciences Division of MilliporeCorp., of Bedford, Mass., for $41 million. Under terms of theagreement, PerSeptive paid Millipore about $1.14 million and issued4,000 shares of non-voting preferred stock. The shares are redeemableon each of the first four anniversaries of the acquisition's closing in$10 installments. PerSeptive has the option of paying cash or stock forthe preferred shares. BioSearch is a supplier of instrumentation andreagents in the areas of DNA and peptide synthesis. (For more on thisdeal, see BioWorld Today, July 18, 1994, p. 4.)* North American Biologicals Inc., of Miami, has registered with theSecurities and Exchange Commission to sell 3.2 million shares ofcommon stock. The company said it is offering 2.7 million shares andthe other 1.5 million will be sold by two stockholders. North Americansaid proceeds will be used to retire corporate debts and obligations andrepurchase warrants.* Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., of New Haven, Conn., has signed anagreement with Incell, of Freemont, Calif., to develop and market thelatters Electrical Pulse Delivery technology for transferring genes intocells in the field of xenotransplantation. Incell's electrical pulsedelivery will be used by Alexion in association with its Unigrafttechnology, which is designed to create "universal donor" organs fromanimals for transplantation into humans.

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