* CEL-SCI Corp., Alexandria, Va., submitted an investigational newdrug application with the FDA to conduct a Phase I/II trial to testMultikine, a combination of a number of human cytokines derivedfrom human peripheral blood, as a potential treatment for advancedhead and neck cancer patients. The study will involve up to 30 patients.* Dyad Pharmaceuticals Corp., Columbia, Md., received a $500,000Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop noveloligonucleotide backbones. Dyad will develop nuclease resistantoligonucleotide analogues for antisense inhibition of protein synthesis.* Khepri Pharmaceuticals Inc., South San Francisco, received twoSmall Business Innovation Research grants to develop therapeutics forwound healing and neurologic diseases based on proteases and proteaseinhibitors.* SmithKline Beecham's new oral anti-herpes drug, Famvir(famciclovir), is now available in the United States. It is indicated forthe treatment of shingles.* Chiron Corp. Emeryville, Calif., said it was granted a cross-borderpreliminary injunction from a court in the Netherlands against themanufacture, sale and distribution of hepatitis C virus immunoassaysallegedly infringing Chiron's European patent by Organon TeknikaN.V. and United Biomedical Inc., the U.S. company that manufacturesHCV immunoassays for Organon.

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