Published July 6 & 13 (EPO); July 7 (WO); July 6 (GB)

Akzo Nobel Hepatitis C WO 94/14974Arnhem, Netherlands detectionMonoclonal and anti-idiotypic antibodies against hepatitis C virus;immunodiagnostic reagent for its detection.Applied Res. Systems Urine protein WO 94/14959Curaao, Neth. Antilles therapeuticUrine protein with anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, and anti-tumoractivity that inhibits TGF-a binding.Arch Development Synthetic HSV WO 94/14971Chicago promotersSynthetic herpes simplex virus (HSV) promoters with attachedheterologous protein coding sequences; for vaccines.British Bio-Tech Antigenic protein WO 94/14969Oxford, UK particlesProteinaceous particles containing particle-forming sequence related toyeast transposon protein and antigenic sequence.California, Univ. of Cell adhesion WO 94/14847, 848Oakland, Calif. antibodiesAntibodies to cell adhesion molecule peptide repeats; for inhibition ofintercellular adhesion reactions.Doheny Eye Inst. Protocadherins WO 94/14960Los AngelesProtocadherin coding sequences, recombinant production, andantibodies for modulating biological activity.Gist-Brocades Recombinant WO 94/14965, 966Delft, Netherlands xylanase BCloning and expression of fungal origin xylanase B and exo-polygalacturonases, vectors, and host cells.W. R. Grace E. coli-expressed EPO 605 073New York proteaseFunctional neutral protease genes from Vibrio or Bacillus, expressionin gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli.INRA (Natl. Agron. Res. Modified CS31A WO 94/14967 Inst.) Paris protein capsuleCS31A protein capsule subunit having an amino acid sequencemodified by at least one heterologous peptide; for vaccines.Iowa State U. Virus/tumor WO 94/14956Ames, Iowa killing Photoactivating chemical gene, such as luciferase, and photosensitizingchemical, for virus/tumor cell destruction.Japan Tobacco Transgenic plants EPO 604 662Tokyo quicklyAgrobacterium-mediated transformation of monocotyledon protoplastswith shortened time to regeneration of plant.Life Technologies ClaI Type-II EPO 605 854Gaithersburg, Maryland restriction enzymesRecombinant hosts expressing ClaI Type-II restriction endonucleases,enzyme coding sequences, expression vectors.MIT(Mass. Inst. Tech.) Carcinogenesis EPO 605 789Cambridge, Mass. screeningDetection of protein encoded by an oncogene or mutant allele byimmunoassay; for carcinogenesis screening.

MedImmune Streptococcus WO 94/14318Gaithersburg, Maryland immunizationMycobacteria transformed with gene for antibody-elicitingStreptococcus surface protein; for animal immunization.Merck Frosst Canada Cyclooxygenase-2 WO 94/14977Kirkland, Que. geneCyclooxygenase-2 gene sequence and assay; for inhibition of enzymeactivity.Novo Nordisk Plant cell wall WO 94/14952, 953Bagsvaerd, Denmark degradationPolygalacturonase/endoglucanase activity enzymes, sequences; forplant cell wall degradation in wine/juice production.Novo Nordisk In vivo DNA WO 94/14968Bagsvaerd, Denmark amplificationAmplification of DNA sequence integrated into the genome byisolating, then selecting, cells with integrated DNA.Pasteur Inst. Glycopeptide WO 94/14961Paris resistanceGene and protein sequences from Gram-positive bacteria; for proteinconferring inducible resistance to glycopeptides.Purdue Univ. Aromatic WO 94/14955W. Lafayette, Ind. intermediatesIncreased aromatic intermediate production by transforming cells withcoding sequences for rate-limiting enzymes.Schering-Plough IL-4 receptor EPO 604 693,Kenilworth, N.J. antibodies WO 94/14975Hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies to IL-4 receptor; for detection,production of IL-4-related disease therapeutics.Scripps Res. Inst. Multi-specific WO 94/14954La Jolla, Calif. aldolaseBroad substrate specificity aldolase isolated from Aureo-bacterium; condensation reactions with pyruvate disclosed.Selmer Sande Parathyroid EPO 604 706Oslo, Norway plasmidsPlasmids containing parathyroid hormone (PTH) sequences; forinsertion into E. coli and yeasts.SmithKline Beecham Varicella-Zoster WO 94/14962Rixensart, Belgium vaccineDNA and protein sequences for Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV)intermediate early protein; for vaccination against VZV.Solvay Stabilized EPO 605 040Brussels, Belgium pullulinaseThermo- and acid-stable pullulinase that hydrolyzes amylopectinglucosidic bonds; DNA sequences, expression vectors. [In French]Stichting Scheikundig Modified fructan WO 94/14970Onderzoek patternThe Hague, Neth.Transgenic plants with inserted fructosyltransferase gene, modifiesfructan pattern; to improve plant nutritional value.Stiefel Labs Oligo- GB 2 272 932Coral Gables, Fla. stabilizationDegradation resistant oligonucleotides formed by inclusion of 3'hairpin loop structure; for therapeutic stabilization.

Strack, Hans et al. Proteins for PCR WO 94/14978Salzburg, AustriaImproved yield from PCR reactions by adding single-stranded DNA-binding proteins from thermophilic organisms.Sydney, Univ. of Recombinant WO 94/14958Sydney, Australia tropoelastinsRecombinant tropoelastins produced from polynucleotides, crosslinkedelastins made from tropoelastin and variants.Synaptic Pharmaceuticals 5-HT serotonin WO 94/14957Paramus, N.J. receptor5-HT serotonin receptor DNA sequence, protein sequence, antibodies;for treating receptor-associated defects.Takara Shuzo Thermostable a- EPO 606 008Kyoto, Japan galactosidaseCoding sequence for thermostable a-galactosidase, process forproducing the recombinant enzyme.Unilever Loop sequence GB 2 273 931London truncationFunctionally altered truncated polypeptide with replacement sequencefrom loop region; methods for production.Unilever Cutinase WO 94/14963, 964London variantsCutinase variants with improved lipolytic activity or reduced anionicsurfactant binding, gene sequences, hosts.

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