Biomune Systems Inc. said Monday it got FDA approval to go aheadwith a Phase I clinical trial of its drug Immuno-C as a potentialtreatment for the gastrointestinal disease cryptosporidiosis.The trial is expected to begin in 30 to 60 days and will be the first forthe Salt Lake City company, Joy Erickson, Biomune's director ofpublic relations, told BioWorld. Immuno-C is a powdered bovine wheyglobulin concentrate that, when reconstituted, has demonstratedsignificant concentrations of Cryptosporidium antibodies, she said.Biomune has seen good results of Immuno-C in animals for a numberof intestinal diseases, and would plan to target other areas if the Phase Itoxicity tests are positive.The trial will be conducted by immunologist Craig Moffit at the SaltLake Clinic Research Foundation.Biomune (NASDAQ:BIME) stock closed at $6.56 per share Monday,up 6 cents. _ Jim Shrine

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