Published June 8 & 15 (EPO); June 9 (WO); June 8 (GB)

Agracetus Inc. Transgenic WO 94/12014Madison, Wis. bioplasticFiber-specific promoter with bioplastic-producing coding sequences;for producing transgenic plants and seeds.Aktiebolaget Astra Bacterial virulence WO 94/12211Sodenaije, Sweden geneVirulence-associated bacterial ATP diphosphohyrolase DNA sequence;for specific detection of virulent bacteria.Amgen Inc. Bone marrow EPO 601 360Thousand Oaks, Calif. stimulation and WO 94/12535Progenitor B cell stimulating factor and DNA sequence; for use inhematopoietic disorders, bone marrow transplantation.Asta Medical AG Mammary cancer GB 2 273 099Frankfurt, Germany diagnosisGene sequence for outer membrane part of human endogenousretroviral K envelope protein, antibodies against protein.Baylor Coll. Med. Gene therapy WO 94/12629Houston vectorsEpisomal papilloma virus-based vector with episomal maintenancesequence; for gene therapy.Biosource Genetics Corp. Polyphenolic WO 94/12644Vacaville, Calif. polymersIn vitro production of polyphenolic polymer with recombinantextracellular tyrosinase under specific, desired conditions.Brigham & Women's Hosp. EBV detection WO 94/12519BostonEpstein Barr virus-induced (EBVI) genes, antisense con-structs,antibodies to EBVI proteins; for virus detection.Bristol- Myers Squibb Co. Immunologic EPO 600 591New York tumor killingTumor cells engineered to express B7 surface protein; for stimulatingimmunologic response against tumor cells.Cephalon Inc. Alzheimer's disease WO 94/12627West Chester, Penn. modelTransgenic animals displaying Alzheimer's neuropathology byincorporating amyloid protein genes; for testing therapies.Chemoserotherapeutic Efficient protein WO 94/12658Res. Inst. productionKumamoto, JapanEfficient production of a foreign protein, specifically an antibody, by amouse myeloma fusion with a lymphoid cell.Chemoserotherapeutic Feline herpes WO 94/12661Res. Inst. virus neutralizationKumamoto, JapanAnti-feline herpes virus- 1 recombinant antibody and coding sequence;for diagnosing and neutralizing infection.Chua, Nam-Hai Tissue-specific WO 94/12015Scarsdale, N.Y. expressionDNA sequences regulating tissue- or developmental-specificexpression in roots or seeds; for use in transgenic plants.Ciba-Geigy AG Glycosyltrans- WO 94/12646Basel, Switzerland ferase activityProteins having glycosyltransferase activity, gene sequences,expression hosts; for glycosylating proteins.CNRS (Ctr. Natl. Res. Sci.) a3 adrenergic EPO 600 136Paris receptorIntron/exon structure of a3 adrenergic receptor genes; for studyingeffects of chemical agents on this receptor.Connaught Labs Ltd. Flu immunization WO 94/12641Willowdale, Ont.DNA sequences encoding a portion of the D15 outer membrane proteinof the flu virus; for diagnosis and immunization.Enzo Therapeutics Inc. Immunotolerance EPO 601 585Farmingdale, N.Y. genesTransfected genes that inhibit or regulate the cell's immune functionresponse; for transplantation or immunotolerance.Enzon Inc. Linkers for stability WO 94/12520Piscataway, N.J.Peptide linker for connecting parts of a fusion protein, codingsequences; for greater stability/less aggregation.Found. Andrea Cesalpino Immunogenic EPO 601 979Rome, Italy response stimulationBonding exogenous antigens to hepatitis B envelope antigen; foreliciting an immunogenic response against bound antigen.Genentech Inc. Fermentation WO 94/12630, 636South San Francisco controlPolypeptide production by fermentation of bacteria whose growth iscontrolled by genes regulated by medium phosphate.Genetics Institute DNA contamination WO 94/12669Cambridge of therapeuticsPCR-based detection of host cell repetitive DNA contaminating atherapeutic protein product.Genzyme Corp. Cystic fibrosis WO 94/12649Cambridge, Mass. gene therapyAdenovirus-based vectors with CFTR structural gene; for airwayepithelia transfection, cystic fibrosis gene therapy.Houston Biotech Inc. Neuron survival WO 94/12634The Woodlands, Tex. enhancementNeurotrophic factors from porcine lung, active on parasympatheticganglion; for enhancing neuron survival.ICOS Corp. Seven WO 94/12635Bothell, Wash. transmembrane receptorsDNA sequences encoding seven transmembrane receptors, antibodiesagainst receptors; for receptor binding modulation.INSERM (Natl. Inst. Soluble WO 94/12648Hlth. Med. Res.) T- receptorsParisProduction of soluble T- receptor by transfecting host cells withsequence for transmembrane portion; for diagnosis.Intl. Biotech Labs Inc. Hepatitis B WO 94/12617Cambridge, Mass. virus vaccinesRecombinant vaccinia viruses capable of expressing immunogenichepatitis B virus (HBV) epitopes; for HBV vaccination.Isis Innovation Ltd. Cancer treatment WO 94/12631Oxford, U.K. antibodiesCD44 gene exon sequence; antibodies against exon, which isoverexpressed in tumors, for diagnosis, imaging, therapy.Katcher, Harold L. PCR WO 94/12657Midvale, Utah improvements PCR, reverse transcriptase (RT), RT-PCR methods using aqueous layerdirectly from phenol DNA extraction of cells.Leuven Univ. Granulocyte WO 94/12537Leuven, Belgium chemotactic proteinFamily of granulocyte chemotactic proteins; for development ofchemokine agonists and antagonists.Maryland, Univ. of Sporulation WO 94/12528College Park, Maryland suppressionSubtilin mutant protein with enhanced stability, specific activity,mutant genes; for suppressing spore outgrowth.Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. Glutamate EPO 600 278Tokyo receptor proteinGlutamate receptor and gene; for screening agonist or antagonist ofglutamate receptor.Mt. Sinai Sch. Med. Fabry disease WO 94/12628New York treatmentMaking human-galactosidase A with transfected eukaryotic host; forblood group antigen conversion, Fabry disease.New Jersey, Med. Univ. of Targeted WO 94/12626Newark, N.J. vector particleRetroviral vector particle with target cell specificity conferred byantigen binding site fused to envelope protein.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Lymphocyte serine WO 94/12647Bethesda, Maryland proteaseSerine protease from lymphocyte granules with Met-ase, but not Asp-ase, activity.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Arginine ADP- WO 94/12668Bethesda, Maryland ribosyltransferaseNAD; arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase from mammalian skeletalmuscle, gene sequences; methods of isolation.Novo Nordisk Entotech Moth WO 94/12642Davis, Calif. bioinsecticideB. thuringiensis strains producing a delta-endotoxin type, mutantstrains; for controlling moths and butterflies.Pennsylvania, Univ. of DNA annealing WO 94/12666Philadelphia promotionPromoting annealing of nucleic acids with complementary sequencesusing hnRNP proteins U, C1, or C2.Pittsburgh, Univ. of Nitric oxide WO 94/12645Pittsburgh synthaseHuman tissue inducible nitric oxide synthase cDNA clone; method ofpreparing gene and expressing protein.Protein Design Labs Inc. Anti- WO 94/12215Mountain View, Calif. inflammatory antibodiesHumanized immunoglobulins specifically reactive with L- selectin; fortreatment of inflammatory disorders.Sandoz Erfindungen Aminopeptidase WO 94/12659Vienna, Austria N- terminal cleavageExpressed protein N-terminal amino acid protection from bacterialaminopeptidase by use of peptide fused to protein.G. D. Searle & Co. Interleukin- WO 94/12638, 639Chicago 3 muteinsInterleukin-3 mutant proteins and genes, vectors, expression systems;for improved activity and side effect profiles.Singapore, Natl. Univ. of MGMT monoclonal WO 94/12660Singapore antibodiesAntibody to methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT),hybridomas; for discriminating alkylated active site MGMT.Stichting Katholieke Univ. Malaria blocking WO 94/12640Nijmegen, Netherlands vaccineGene coding for malaria protein recognizable by an antibody, thisantigenic protein; for blocking malaria transmission.Stiefel Labs. Inc. Nuclease resistant WO 94/12633Coral Gables, Fla. oligonucleotidesNuclease resistant oligonucleotides containing hairpin loop sequence;for stabilizing DNA sequences and antisense genes.Sumitomo Electric Ltd. Cell proliferation EPO 600 627Osaka, Japan genesHuman Id genes, which control cell proliferation state, and expressionvectors; for diagnostic probes.Texas, Univ. of Retinoblastoma WO 94/12521Austin, Tex. diagnosisRetinoblastoma-associated proteins, encoding genes, monoclonalantibodies, hybridomas; for diagnosis and prognosis.Transkaryotic Homologous WO 94/12650Therapies Inc. recombinationCambridge, Mass.Activating expression/amplifying genomic sequence in non- expressingcell by homologous recombination, for gene therapy.Unisearch Ltd. Malaria treatment WO 94/12643Kensington, AustraliaSequence coding carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II, a malarialenzyme not present in mature blood cells; for malaria.Univ. Coll. London Improved PCR- WO 94/12632London based synthesisPCR-based DNA synthesis with overlapping primers spanning entiresynthesized DNA length without separation steps.Wales, Univ. of Pituitary cell lines WO 94/12616Cardiff, U.K.Human pituitary cell lines producing glycoprotein hormones (FSH, LH,TSH), other hormones, autocrine growth factors.Wisconsin, Univ. of Sequence- EPO 601 834Madison, Wis. independent cleavageDNA duplex structure formed between target and pilot sequence,cleavage by agent in manner independent of sequence.Zeneca Ltd. Oxalic acid WO 94/12622London protectionOxalate decarboxylase gene and transformed cell host; for reducingoxalic acid content, thereby protecting plant.Zeneca Ltd. Antigen binding WO 94/12625London structuresStructural rearrangements of ligand binding variable domains ofimmunoglobulin family retaining antigen binding affinity.Zymogenetics Inc. Alzheimer's WO 94/12637Seattle treatmentDNA sequences coding for amyloid protein precursor homolog andKunitz-type inhibitor; for Alzheimer's treatment. _ Compiled by Chester A. Bisbee

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