Gensia Inc. said Wednesday it is testing a new compound for thetreatment of epilepsy.Called GP-1-3269, it is a second-generation adenosine regulating agent(ARA) and is the first ARA compound Gensia has identified targetingcentral nervous system diseases.Elizabeth Foster, Gensia's director of communications, said thecompany expects to begin toxicology tests next year. She said it is tooearly to specify potential clinical end points.The new compound is the third ARA developed under San Diego-based Gensia's 1991 research agreement with Aramed Inc., also of SanDiego. Aramed was formed by Gensia to develop ARA compounds forthe treatment of acute cardiovascular disorders, seizures andcerebrovascular disorders.According to Gensia, the aim of developing a drug such as GP-1-3269is to enhance release of the brain's natural anticonvulsant to inhibitseizures. Gensia officials said epilepsy patients who are unresponsiveto other treatments or who suffer side effects constitute the potentialmarket. Gensia estimates that there are more than 2 million epilepticsin the U.S. _ Charles Craig

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