Published May 25 & June 1 (EPO); May 26 (WO); May 25 (GB)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Recombinant WO 94/11517Tokyo threonineThreonine-producing bacterium containing inserted aspartokinase IIIgene, releasing feedback inhibition by lysine.Amgen, Inc. eck receptor WO 94/11020Thousand Oaks, Calif. ligands Peptides binding to eck receptor (EBPs), genes for EBPs; receptorbinding detection, treatment with EBPs/receptors.Arch Development Corp. Adenovirus WO 94/11506Chicago mediated gene transferAdenovirus-mediated gene transfer to cardiac and smooth muscle cellsby direct injection or intravascular infusion.Asta Medica Mammary cancer WO 94/11514Dresden, Germany diagnosisGene sequence for outer membrane part of human endogenousretroviral K envelope protein, antibodies against protein.BASF AG Recombinant WO 94/11515Ludwigshafen, Germany riboflavinRecombinant riboflavin biosynthesis genes, vectors, and yeast hostcells for recombinant production of riboflavin.Bayer AG HIV resistance EPO 598 935Leverkusen, Germany therapyVectors containing HIV antisense genes for mRNAs essential to viralreplication, HIV-resistant cells [in German].Biostar, Inc. Heat-inducible WO 94/11521Saskatoon, Sask. promoterExpression vector with heat-inducible bovine hsp70A promoter andcis-acting elements; for high constitutive production.Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Receptor EPO 599 274New York tyrosine kinaseCloning/expression of receptor tyrosine kinase related to epidermalgrowth factor receptor; for cancer diagnosis.Centocor, Inc. Immunogenicity WO 94/11028Malvern, Penn. reductionAuto-antigenic gene sequences; fusions of these and immunogenicsequences express reduced immunogenicity chimeras.Cold Spring Harbor Lab Obtaining WO 94/11383Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. unique sequencesUnique DNA sequences obtained by annealing two related DNApopulations and PCR-amplifying the non-annealing sequences.Contra Costa Cancer Res. Cancer WO 94/11508, 509Fund vaccinationWalnut Creek, Calif.Chimeric protein with organ and/or tumor-specific targeting moieties,gene sequences; for cancer detection or vaccine.Diacrin, Inc. Autoimmunity WO 94/11011Charlestown, Mass. therapyCells with genes encoding antigens of tissue or organ to betransplanted; administration to induce tolerance.Du Pont & Co. Plant lipid WO 94/11516Wilmington, Del. compositionDNA sequence of plant fatty acid desaturase enzymes, vectors,transgenic plants; altering plant lipid composition.Genencor Intl., Inc. Blood type WO 94/11518South San Francisco conversionRecombinant N-acetylgalactosaminidase produced in transformants;for converting B and AB blood types to O blood type.Genentech Inc. C-C chemokine WO 94/11504South San Francisco receptorDNA sequences for C-C chemokine receptor and expression systemsfor recombinant production.Genetics Institute Hemophilia WO 94/11503Cambridge, Mass. treatmentDNA sequences for chimeric factor VIII-type coagulant proteins andresulting proteins; for treating hemophilia.Gingeras et al. Hybridoma WO 94/11507Encinitas, Calif. alternativeSpleen fragment culture for antigen-stimulated B cell somatic mutation,amplified RNAs encoding induced antibodies.IDEC Pharma. Corp. Impaired Kozak WO 94/11523San Diego sequencesExpression vectors with fully impaired Kozak sequences, used withtranscriptional cassette dominant selectable markers.Immulogic Corp. Cedar pollen WO 94/11512Waltham, Mass. proteinsJapanese cedar pollen allergenic proteins and DNA sequences codingfor them; for treating cedar pollen allergy.Immunex Corp. elk ligand WO 94/11384Seattle cytokineDNA/protein sequences for the elk ligand, a cytokine binding to atyrosine kinase receptor-related cell surface receptor.Incyte Pharma., Inc. Immunosuppressant WO 94/11497Palo Alto, Calif. therapyPharmaceutical composition containing a lectin with beta-galactosidasebinding moieties; for immunosuppression.Inst. Bioanal. Gemein. Streptavidin GB 2 272 698Gottingen, Germany affinity purificationStreptavidin binding peptide fused to desired protein, fusion proteinpurified by streptavidin column.Ixsys, Inc. Constrained WO 94/11496San Diego secondary structuresSynthesis of isolated, soluble peptides having constrained secondarystructure in solution and their DNA sequences.Japan Tobacco, Inc. Potato virus EPO 598 493Tokyo immunityVector expressing potato virus Y (PVY) necrosis line coat protein,transformed potato plant; for immunity against PVY.Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Chimeric EPO 598 998 Co., Inc. Tokyo humanized antibodiesVectors containing chimeric humanized monoclonal antibodiesreacting with ganglioside GM2; for therapeutics.Louis Pasteur, Univ. of Opioid receptor WO 94/11500Strasbourg, France peptidesPolypeptides having opioid receptor activity, gene sequences,recombinant cells expressing peptides.Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Tumor WO 94/11023London endothelium antibodiesMonoclonal antibodies to endosialin, a tumor vascular endo-theliumcell surface antigen; uses for antibody and antigen.Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. Activin-like WO 94/11502London kinasesAmino acid sequences for activin-like kinases having activin/TGF-beta-type receptor functionality.Max-Delbruck Ctr. Med. Cancer therapy WO 94/11522Berlin vectorVector with therapy related gene under the control of cytostatic agent-inducible mdr1 promoter and enhancer elements.Max-Planck Institute Angiogenesis WO 94/11499Gottingen, Germany controlEndothelial cell surface Flk-1 tyrosine kinase receptor that bindsvascular endothelial growth factor; for angiogenesis.Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd. NMDA receptor WO 94/11501Hoddesdon, U.K.Human N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor cDNA sequences, cellline stably transfected with NMDA receptor sequence.Minnesota, Univ. of Pasteurellosis WO 94/11024Minneapolis vaccinePasteurellosis vaccine using a stable avirulent P. multocida mutanthaving at least one modified virulence gene.Mitsubishi Corp. Rapeseed fertility EPO 599 042Tokyo restorationIntroducing fertility restorer gene of radish into rapeseed plant by cellfusion/intergeneric cross, rapeseed F1 hybrid.Molec. Biol. Res. Inst. Mutant WO 94/11402Pomezia, Italy interleukin 6Mutant interleukin 6 with arginine replacing serine at amino acidposition 176, vector containing mutant gene sequence.MRC (Med. Res. Coun.) Cancer treatment WO 94/11513LondonVector containing sequence encoding a heat shock protein orchaperone; for treatment of neoplasms.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Targeted WO 94/11524Bethesda, Md. gene therapyVector particle with chimeric envelope containing target cell receptorbinding region; for targeting in gene therapy.NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Functional p53 WO 94/11533Bethesda, Md. presenceIonizing radiation-induced mRNA expression depends on functionalp53 protein, use for determining p53 presence.Novo Nordisk A/S Factor VIII:C WO 94/11525Bagsvaerd, Denmark activityMethod for increased expression of proteins having recombinant FactorVIII:C activity in the presence of heparin.Oklahoma, Univ. of P-selectin WO 94/11498Norman, Okla. binding glycoproteinNeutrophil cell surface glycoprotein that binds P-selectin, fragments orcomponents, antibodies to the glycoprotein.Rubber Res. Inst. Biomanufacturing EPO 598 589Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in plantsTransgenic rubber plant expressing pharmaceutically valuable proteinsin its latex; for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.Sandoz, Ltd. Hepatitis B WO 94/11495Basel, Switzerland antibodiesHepatitis B surface antigen antibodies obtained by using blood cellsfrom a hepatitis B vaccine-immunized patient.Schering Corp. Hematopoietic WO 94/11510Kenilworth, N.J. progenitorsHematopoietic progenitor cell development or differentiation regulatedby DNA, protein, and antibody compositions.Scripps Res. Inst. Coagulation WO 94/11029La Jolla, Calif. inhibitionGenes for human tissue factor heavy chain protein and its precursor,peptide analogs; inhibition of coagulation.Thomas Jefferson Univ. Antisense WO 94/11494Philadelphia collagen sequenceAntisense DNA sequence complementary to a mutant collagen geneand not to the wild-type gene; for disease treatment.Thomas Jefferson Univ. Osteoarthritis WO 94/11532Philadelphia predispositionProbes and primers for genes of cartilage structural proteins; fordetecting predisposition to osteoarthritis.Washington Univ. Plant drought WO 94/10831St. Louis resistanceGene sequence inducing dwarfed stature and early flowering in plants;introduction for stress and drought resistance.Washington Univ. Pars planitis WO 94/11505St. Louis proteinDNA sequence for pars planitis-specific protein (P-36), antibodies to P-36, vectors; for diagnosis of pars planitis.Yale University Human E-cadherin WO 94/11401New Haven, Conn.Human E-cadherin DNA/amino acid sequences, fragments, antibodiesagainst disclosed proteins; for diagnosis/therapy.Yeda Research Ltd. Anti-metastasis EPO 599 077Rehovot, Israel vaccineTumor cells with inserted c-fos and/or c-jun genes or antigensexpressed by these genes; for inhibition of metastasis.Zeneca Ltd. Antifungal proteins WO 94/11511LondonChitin-binding biocidal plant seed proteins with antifungal andantimicrobial activity; for disease resistance.Zeneca Ltd. Recombinant WO 94/11519London polyhydroalkanoateGenes for polyhydroalkanoate (PHA) biosynthesis controlled bychemical inducer inserted in oilseed; for PHA production.Zenaca Ltd. Recombinant WO 94/11520London starchGenes for starch or glycogen biosynthesis under control of gene switch;transgenic plants, progeny, and seeds.Zonagen, Inc. Immuno EPO 599 822Houston contraception WO 94/11019Zona pellucida gene sequences, immunization with encoded antigens;for immunocontraception or sterilization._Compiled by Chester A. Bisbee

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