ProCyte Corp. presented data Tuesday showing that its non-peptidecopper complex and some of its newly identified isomers were activeagainst different strains of HIV."We have now shown that PC1250 and certain isomers inhibit thereplication of HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV (simian immunodeficiencyvirus)," said Leonard Patt, director of pharmaceutical research for theKirkland, Wash., company.ProCyte's principal scientist, Andrew Branca, speaking at the SixthInternational Antiviral Symposium in Nice, France, also presented newdata indicating PC1250 inhibits viral activity of two clinical isolates ofHIV, or viruses that have been isolated from people recently diagnosedas having HIV.Karen Hedine, Procyte's vice president, business development, toldBioWorld that the company is hoping to take the copper compoundinto human studies late this year or early next year for the treatment ofHIV. _ Jim Shrine

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