ImmuCell Corp. has received a $210,000 milestone payment fromUnivax Biologics Inc., its partner in a program to develop a treatmentfor cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients. This brings to a total of$850,000 the amount ImmuCell has received from Univax since thestart of their collaboration in May 1992, according to MichaelBrigham, ImmuCell's chief financial officer. Univax, of Rockville,Md., is also supporting the cost of clinical trials.ImmuCell's proprietary therapy, CryptoGAM, incorporates antibodiesderived from colostrum in the milk of cows that have been immunized.The product is now in an expanded Phase I/II trial as a treatment fordiarrhea caused by cryptosporidium parvum. This condition can lead todeath in patients with weakened immune systems, such as AIDSpatients.An earlier Phase I/II trial completed in the first half of 1993 showedsafety and some activity; but did not prevent diarrhea. Brigham said themain goal of the current trial is to establish the correct delivery anddosing regimen for CryptoGAM. He said enrollment criteria have beentightened to eliminate subjects with advanced AIDS who are weakenedby other AIDS-related conditions. To enhance delivery of the drug, thetreatment is also being administered through a nasal-gastric tubeinstead of an oral formulation.Brigham said ImmuCell, which is based in Portland, Maine, hopes tocomplete the trial before the end of the year. _ Philippa Maister0602094IMMUCELL

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