Published May 11 & 18 (EPO); May 11 (WO); May 18 (GB)

Akzo Nobel NV Contraceptive WO 94/10304Arnhem, Netherlands antibodiesMarmoset zona pellucida ZP3 protein amino acid sequence; antibodiesfor diagnostic kits and developing human contraceptives.

American Cyanamid Co. Bacterial EPO 597 185Stamford, Conn. siderophore genesDNA sequence for a Gram-positive (Bacillus subtilis) bacterialsiderophore biosynthetic gene.

Amgen, Inc. ECK receptor EPO 597 503Thousand Oaks, Calif. ligandsPolypeptides binding to eck receptor (EBPs), DNA encoding EBPs;receptor binding detection, treatment using EBPs/ receptors.

Australian Natl. Univ. Angiogenesis WO 94/10331Acton, Australia inhibitionAntibodies to proliferating/angiogenic human endothelial cells;antibody-toxin conjugates for angiogenesis inhibition, therapy.

BioTransplant, Inc. Enhanced WO 94/09803Charlestown, Mass. xenograft toleranceEnhanced porcine xenograft tolerance by engrafting/proliferatingporcine bone marrow cells in presence of donor species marrow.

Boehringer Mannheim HIV replication WO 94/10302Mannheim, Germany inhibitionHIV replication inhibited by transfection with vector carryingamplification sequences and antisense versions of HIV genes.

Boyce Thompson Inst. Enhanced insect EPO 596 508Ithaca, N.Y. infectionCloned baculovirus genes encoding a protein that enhances virusinfection of insects; pesticides incorporating these genes.

British Bio-Technology Thrombin WO 94/10318Ltd. Oxford, U.K. activatable plasminogenPlasminogen analogs that are activatable by thrombin to have plasminactivity.

Cambridge Biotech Purifying EPO 596 459Worcester, Mass. recombinant proteinsRecombinant protein recovery from inclusion bodies while protectinglabile groups; detection of antibodies to proteins.

Chugai Seiyaku KK Cardiovascular WO 94/09621Tokyo disease modelTransgenic mouse deficient in endothelin 1 gene function produced byinserting other genes; animal model of cardiovascular disease.

Chugai Seiyaku KK Megakaryocyte WO 94/10312Tokyo potentiator geneGene for polypeptide having human megakaryocyte potentiatoractivity, vector containing gene and host cells containing vector.City of Hope Minibodies WO 94/09817Duarte, Calif.Antigen binding fusion protein (minibody) with essential antibodyparts (VL, VH, CH3 domains with hinge region) in single chain.

Cornell Univ. Pig pneumonia WO 94/09821Ithaca, N.Y. vaccineGene sequences encoding 120 kD leukotoxin secreted fromActinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, leukotoxin as porcine vaccine,diagnostic.

Eli Lilly & Co. Anthracycline EPO 596 725Indianapolis resistanceMonoclonal antibodies against P190, an anthracycline resistance-conferring protein; P190 purification, antagonist screening.

Eli Lilly & Co. Bovine trypsin/ EPO 597 681Indianapolis trypsinogenDNA sequences encoding recombinant bovine trypsin and trypsinogen;vectors, host cells, production process.

Elias Entwicklungslabor Diabetes detection WO 94/10297Freiburg, GermanyHigh purity human GAD proteins using baculovirus/Sf9 cell expressionsystem; immunoassay for early detection of type 1 diabetes.

Europio Labs p53 Cancer WO 94/10306Les Ulis, France monitoringp53 fragment reacting with p53 antibodies in cancer or precancerouspatients; detection, monitoring of cancerous conditions.

Florida, University of Interferon-tau WO 94/10313Gainesville, Fla. proteinsProduction of interferon-tau proteins with antiviral and antiproliferativeactivities, free of cellular cytotoxic side-effects.

Gene Shears Ltd. Degradation WO 94/10301St. Leonards, Australia resistant mRNARNA molecules stabilizing RNA in vivo through endogenous ribozymebinding proteins, TNF-alpha ribozymes; viral disease treatment.

Genetics Institute P-selectin WO 94/10309Cambridge, Mass. anti-inflammatoryP-selectin ligand glycoprotein DNA; amino acid sequences; treatmentof P-selectin-mediated inflammatory disease states.

GenPharm Intl. Transgenic GB 2 272 440Mountain View, Calif. antibodiesIntroduction of human immunoglobulin heavy/light chain genes intoanimals, hybridomas secreting human monoclonal antibodies.

Iatron Labs, Inc. Mesitylene-resistance EPO 597 110Tokyo detectionDNA sequence for proleucocidin or leucocidin, antibodies againstthese proteins; for detecting mesitylene-resistant S. aureus.Immunex Corp. CD69 activation WO 94/10188Seattle antigenCD69 cell surface antigen DNA sequence, protein expression vector;soluble, dimeric, and fusion CD69 proteins.

Immunex Corp. Soluble fusion WO 94/10308Seattle proteinsSoluble mammalian proteins from cells transfected by vector encodingleucine zipper domain fused to heterologous protein.

Imperial Cancer Res. Tech. Viral delivery WO 94/10323London vehiclesVirus with fused genes having binding site modified to specificallybind targeted cells; for gene therapy, cancer treatment.

Lucky Ltd. Hepatitis C GB 2 272 443Seoul, Korea vaccinesSequences for novel hepatitis C virus type, encoded polypeptides,antibodies thereto; for diagnostics, vaccines.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Protein trap WO 94/10300Boston systemMeasurement of reporter gene activity as indication of physicalinteraction between two proteins; Cdil DNA sequence, protein.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Streptococcus B WO 94/10317Boston vaccineStreptococcus B polysaccharide linked to alpha antigen protein thatretains ability to elicit protective antibodies.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Test protein WO 94/10338Boston bindingMeasurement of reporter gene activity as an indication of whether atest protein interacts with nuclear hormone receptor proteins.

Max-Planck Institute Plant protein WO 94/10319Munich, Germany enhancementIncreased plant protein content by combining regulatory sequenceswith quasi-crystalline storage protein structural DNA sequences.

Medarex, Inc. Humanized WO 94/10332Princeton, N.J. antibodiesHumanized antibodies to Fc receptor for immunoglobulin G on humanmononuclear phagocytes; less immunogenic human therapeutics.

Melbourne, Univ. of Hayfever remedy WO 94/10314Melbourne, AustraliaDNA sequence encodes Johnson grass pollen allergen protein; todiagnose, treat, prevent pollen allergy.

Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. Hepatocyte EPO 596 524Tokyo activationRecombinant human serum protease converts single-chain hepatocytegrowth factor to active two-chain form.

Mogen Intl. NV Plant nematode WO 94/10320Leiden, Netherlands defensePlant cells transfected with gene sequences that reduce susceptibility toparasitic nematodes.MRC (Med. Res. Coun.) Transcription WO 94/10307London factor DP-1Polynucleotide sequence encoding transcription factor DP-1.

New York Univ. Parvovirus WO 94/10294New York monoclonalsHuman monoclonal antibodies and fragments against humanparvovirus; for diagnosis, treatment of infected humans, animals.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Serotonin WO 94/10310, 311Bethesda, Md. receptor genesGenes for st-B17 and PCT-65 serotonin receptors with homology toalready identified 5HT serotonin receptor gene.

Oklahoma Med. Res. Fdn. Transglutaminase WO 94/10296Oklahoma City geneDNA sequence for tissue transglutaminase obtained from reversetranscription of retinoic acid-treated HEL cells.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. Seed storage WO 94/10315Des Moines, Iowa proteinAlteration of naturally-occurring seed storage protein gene to increasenutritional content of desired amino acid.

Queens Univ. at Kingston Multidrug WO 94/10303Kingston, Ontario resistance geneMultidrug resistance associated protein, DNA sequence, transformedcell lines containing sequence; for diagnosis and treatment.

Rea, Teresa et al. Fibronectin WO 94/10330Alexandria, Virginia binding proteinRecombinant hybrid-DNA-molecule encodes E. coli fibronectinbinding protein.

Rhone Mrieux Turkey WO 94/10321Lyon, France bursal vaccineTurkey herpesvirus vector with coding sequences for infectious bursaldisease virus structural proteins; viral vaccine.

Rhone-Poulenc Chimie Recombinant EPO 596 812Courbevoie, France nitrilaseDNA sequence encodes nitrilase and analogs; for enzymatic conversionof nitriles to carboxylates [in French].

Salk Institute Fibroblast EPO 597 827La Jolla, Calif. growth factorAmino acid/nucleic acid sequences of basic fibroblast growth factor(bFGF), vectors; prokaryotic/eukaryotic cells producing bFGF.

Salk Institute Pregnancy disorder WO 94/10333La Jolla, Calif. treatmentCorticotropin releasing factor-binding protein; antibodies thereto; fordiagnosing, treating pregnancy-related disorders.

Sandoz Erfindung Blocking WO 94/10305Vienna, Austria xenograft rejectionTransformed endothelial cells expressing a protein that substantiallyblocks activation needed for xenotransplant rejection.

Saskatchewan, Univ. of Pig pneumonia WO 94/10316Saskatoon, Sask. vaccineVaccine containing Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae outer membranelipoprotein A; to prevent porcine respiratory infections.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd. Basophil-binding EPO 596 479Osaka, Japan monoclonalsBasophil-binding monoclonal antibodies not inhibiting chemicalmediator (CM) release by allergens, simplify CM release tests.

Synaptic Pharmaceuticals Human WO 94/09828Paramus, N.J. serotonin receptorGenes for human serotonin (5HT) receptor, protein; antibodies for drugscreens, treating 5HT receptor abnormalities.

Tackett, Scott E. Altering gene EPO 597 146Jefferson City, Mo. expressionGene expression control in cells by degrading extracellular nucleicacids, producing more phenotypically uniform cell cultures.

Texas, University of Hypercholesterol WO 94/10322Austin, Texas -emia gene therapyFunctional LDL receptor gene delivery to liver cells with adenovirusvector; for treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia.

Xyrofin OY Recombinant WO 94/10325Helsinki, Finland xylitolRecombinant genes and host cells for the synthetic manufacture ofxylitol.

Zeneca Ltd. Squalene synthase GB 2 272 442LondonDNA sequence encodes recombinant human squalene synthase;vectors, host cells, polypeptides with all or part of amino acidsequence. _Compiled by Chester A. BisbeeSpecial to BioWorld TodayEditor's note: European Patent Disclosures, which until now haveappeared every other Monday, will henceforth run on alternateWednesdays, beginning today.

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