y OraVax Inc., a privately held company in Cambridge, Mass.,announced the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial at Johns HopkinsUniversity of HNK20, its monoclonal antibody against respiratorysyncytial virus. HNK20 is an IgA antibody used intranasally, whereinfection begins in the mucus membranes of the base of the nose.y The board of directors at Emisphere Technologies Inc. authorized astock repurchase program in which the company may purchase up to380,000 shares of its common stock in the open market from time totime. That is about 5 percent of the Hawthorne, N.Y., company'soutstanding shares. The move was made because of the belief that thestock is undervalued in the down market.y Endogen Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., said its stock has started tradingon the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbol "EDG." Thecompany's stock will continue trading under the symbol "ENDG" onthe NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board.y Liposome Technology Inc. launched its first product, the antifungalAmphocil, in the United Kingdom. Amphocil, the Menlo Park, Calif.company's formulation of amphotericin B, is indicated for thetreatment of severe systemic fungal infections in those for whomconventional amphotericin B is contraindicated due to toxicity or renalfailure, or where previous antifungal therapy has failed. Amphocil willbe marketed in the U.K. by Liposome's European marketing partner,Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.Liposome Technology also announced that it is expanding its solidtumor clinical program for DOX-SL, its long-circulating Stealthliposome formulation of the anticancer compound, doxorubicinhydrochloride. The expansion includes continuation of a Phase II trialof DOX-Sl for non-small cell lung cancer, and initiation of a smallPhase II trial in patients with hepatocellular cancer, a primary cancer ofthe liver.y Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Richmond, Calif., has agreed to sponsor theresearch of Arnold Levine, chairman of the Department of MolecularBiology at Princeton University and co-discoverer of the p53 tumorsuppression gene. In exchange, the company has an exclusive option tolicense all findings coming from the funded research.y Triplex Pharmaceutical Corp. of The Woodlands, Texas, was awardeda Phase I Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the NIH todetermine the feasibility of using nucleic acids to inhibit the integrationof HIV into the host-cell genome.

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