y Repligen Corp., of Cambridge, Mass., reported that AM285, its firstsmall molecule product candidate, inhibited the replication of humanherpes viruses in both in vitro and in vivo studies. Using a mousemodel for human herpes simplex virus type 2, researchers concludedthat AM285 reduced vaginal lesion scores and mortality, and loweredthe levels of recoverable virus. Also, AM285 appeared to enhance theantiviral activity of acyclovir, a drug commonly used to treat herpessimplex virus.y DUSA Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Denville, N.J., started a Phase I/IIAtrial using topical ALA PDT for the treatment of plaque stage psoriasis.The study will use DUSA's new blue light source and a new topicalALA ointment formulation. The goal is to establish optimal drug andlight dosages, and treatment schedules.y AgriDyne Technologies Inc., of Salt Lake City, established a jointventure with Aftaab Investment Co. Ltd., a member of the Tata Groupof India, to manufacture plant extracts and sell plant-basedbioinsecticides in India. The new company will use technologylicensed from AgriDyne to produce concentrated plant biochemicals.

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