Published March 23 & 30 (EPO); March 17 (WO)

American Cyanamid Co. Apamin receptors EPO 588 036 Stamford, Conn.Affinity matrix for isolating a receptor protein of apamin, a potassium-channel opener; for cardiovascular screening.

American Red Cross Protein C in milk WO 94/5796 Rockville, Md.Transgenic animals that produce human protein C in their milk, using along whey acidic promoter and genomic coding sequence.

Amersham Intl. Separating cell EPO 587 951 Little Chalfont, . nuclei Bucks., U.KTo separate cell nuclei from cells, lyse small bit of nuclear membrane,enabling a DNA mesh to form on a separate surface.

Baylor Coll. of Medicine Norwalk virus WO 94/5700 Houston vaccinesNucleic acid extracted from Norwalk (gastrointestinal) virus, clonedfor diagnostic assays, vaccines.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Malarial parasite EPO 588 122 Franklin Lakes, N. J. antibodiesAntibodies that bind to histidine-rich protein II of Plasmodiumfalciparum; for enhanced sensitivity in immunoassays.

Beiersdorf AG Multicistronic WO 94/5785-6 Hamburg, Germany expressionMulticistronic expression units for equimolar expression ofcorresponding genes; to produce, e.g., platelet-derived growth factor.

Bioproperties/Australia, Hemophilus mutant WO 94/5783 Ringwood, Vic. Mutagenized Haemophilus paragallinarum organisms have lesspathogenicity, or none, compared to wild type; for vaccines.

Bristol Myers Squibb Alzheimer's protein WO 94/5811 Belmont, Mass. receptor Cloning b-amyloid precursor protein (b-APP) receptor; to screen b-APP analogs, drugs involved in Alzheimer's disease.

California, Univ. of Recombinant WO 94/5800 Berkeley, Calif. "noggin"cDNA encoding "noggin," neural-tissue and dorsal-growth inducingfactor; expression systems. [With Regeneron, WO 94/5791]

Children's Hospital Muscle-building WO 94/5776 Boston, Mass. factorMyocyte-specific transcription-enhancing factor; to increase musclemass in transgenic animals, muscle-atrophy patients.

Ciba-Geigy AG Anti-allergy EPO 589 840 Basel, Switzerland monoclonalsReshaped human monoclonal antibodies against isotypic IgEdeterminants; for allergy diagnosis, prophylaxis,treatment.

Ciba-Geigy AG Hybrid seed EPO 589 841 Basel, Switzerland strategyTwo genetically transformed plants are crossed to obtain male-sterileprogeny; for producing hybrid seed.Ciba-Geigy AG Soraphen synthesis WO 94/5793 Basel, SwitzerlandGene encoding a polypeptide involved in secondary metabolitebiosynthesis of soraphen by myxobacterium S. cellulosum.

City of Hope Lipoxygenase WO 94/5777 Duarte, Calif. pathwayDiscovery of a human 12-lipoxygenase RNA and protein, whichmediate vascular and renal actions; methods of inhibition.

CNRS (Natl.Sci. Res. Antibacterial WO 94/5787 Inst.), Paris, France peptidesGlycopeptides with antibacterial activity conferred by mono- orpolysaccharide glycosyl group, replacing at least one amino acid.

CSIRO Transgenic peach WO 94/5795 Campbell, AustraliaDNA sequences encoding the peach enzyme polygalacturonase, andrecombinant Rosaceae plants.

Dana Farber Cancer Anti-tumor WO 94/5804 Inst., Boston, Mass. maspinDNA encoding maspin, a serpin with tumor-suppressing activity; amaspin-specific antibody; for diagnosis, screening, therapy.

Eli Lilly & Co. Endothelial EPO 589 719 Indianapolis, Ind. inhibitorsPotent, modified forms of human platelet factor-4, isolated fromperipheral blood leukocytes; to treat angiogenic disease.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Hepadnavirus WO 94/5809 Philadelphia, Pa. assaysHepadnavirus polymerase gene product, and RNA template minus NAsynthesis; for rapid in vitro assays of anti-hep agents.

Gen. Engr. & Biotech Multi-strain HIV EPO 588 750 Center, Havana, Cuba epitopesChemically synthesized genes encoding epitopes to several HIVisolates; neutralizing antibodies; for AIDS diagnosis, treatment,prevention.

Global Tek, Inc. N. meningitidis WO 94/5703 Blaine, Wash. monoclonalMonoclonal antibody to surface protein of Neisseria meningitidis; todetect the bacterium or its antigens.

Hoechst Japan Ltd. Bone-disease EPO 588 118 Tokyo diagnosticA carboxypeptidase-like protein obtained from mammalian (including human) bone tissue is active in osteogenesis.

Hoffmann-La Roche, F. NF-kappa beta EPO 589 330 Basel, Switzerland genesOligomers capable of hybridizing to genes that encode NF-kappa betaantisense polynucleotides.

Immulogic Pharm. Corp. House-dust allergy WO 94/5790 Waltham, Mass.DNA encoding allergens of Dermatophagoides (house-dust mites),including D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus; to treat allergies.

Immunex Corp. CD27 ligand, WO 94/5691 Seattle, Wash. receptorCD27 ligand polypeptide, which binds CD27 receptor; DNA sequences, vectors and transformed host cells.Kamboj, Rajender, et al., Neurotransmitter EPO 588 642 Mississauga, Ont. mediatorsDNA encoding a kainate-binding excitatory amino acid receptor; hostcell lines useful in drug discovery of receptor modulators.

Kiselev, Vsevolod, Thermophilic WO 94/5797 et al., Moscow polymerasesThermophilic enzymes for DNA synthesis in vitro: one polymerizesdNTP; the other eliminates accumulated pyrophosphate.

MIT Cell-growth WO 94/5794 Cambridge, Mass. controlRabbit heme-regulated initiation factor is highly homologous tohuman; to control cell growth and differentiation, e.g., in cancer.

Mochida Pharm. Co. Hep C antisense WO 94/5813 TokyoAntisense oligonucleotides hybridizable to hepatitis C RNA can inhibitviral replication in vitro or in vivo, treat disease.

Mt. Sinai School of Med., PUR protein WO 94/5689 New York City inhibitionRecombinant PUR proteins bind single-stranded DNA at the c-myconcogene region. Its inhibitors may be used to treat cancer.

Mt. Sinai School of Med., Sodium-ion binding WO 94/5799 New York CityRecombinant sodium-ion-binding protein; for (e.g.) desalinationbioreactors, Na-resistant transgenic plants, Na+/K+ heart disorders.

Nebraska, University of Mini-molecule EPO 589 487 Lincoln, Neb. monoclonalsMonoclonal antibodies reactive with organic compounds no longerthan 15 atoms; detecting, removing, neutralizing such peptides.

New York University G-coupled WO 94/5695 New York CIty receptorsG-protein coupled receptor polypeptides comprising trans- membrane domains; for bioactive binding or modulatingligand. NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) Papillomavirus WO 94/5792 Bethesda, Md. vaccines Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteinscomprising antigenic epitopes; for vaccines, infection diagnosis.

O'Brien, Caroline, et al. Testing immune WO 94/5779 Bristol, U. K. responseTo test a patient's immune response to an antibody, engraft a SCIDmouse with subject's leuykocytes, then immunize it with antibody.

Plant Genetic Systems Pest-proofing corn EPO 589 110 Brussels, Belgium WO 94/5771To combat European corn borer, Ostrinia nubialis, transform cropplants with Bacillus thuringiensis and Clavibacter xyli genes.

Pub. Hlth Res. Inst. Fusion glyco- WO 94/5780 of NYC, New York CIty proteinsVectors expressing fusion glycoprotein containing retroviral N-proteinglobular domain linked to selected glycopeptide.

Rutgers University Ascorbic acid WO 94/5772 New Brunswick, N. J. precursorMutants of 2.5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase A, to produceascorbic acid precursor, prepared by directed site mutagenesis.

Scripps Research Inst. Filamentous phage WO 94/5781 La Jolla, Calif. expressionPhagemids co-expressing anchored heterodimeric receptors and dimersof surface heterologous protein.

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Xanthan gum EPO 589 205 Tokyo output Xanthomonas campestris strain genetically modified to increase gumsynthesis, and to release product from culture medium.

SmithKline Beecham Anti-malaria WO 94/5690 King of Prussia, Pa. monoclonalProteins from a murine Plasmodium falciparum monoclonal; humanized antibodies for anti-malarial therapy; passiveimmunity.

Sumitomo Pharm. Co. Nerve therapeutic WO 94/5788 Osaka, JapanRecombinant, medicinal neurotrophic peptide derived from man or rat,as "remedy for nervous degeneration."

T Cell Sciences, Inc. T cell receptor WO 94/5801 Cambridge, Mass. monoclonalsAntibodies to defined T cell antigen receptor regions, specifically ofthe Vb3 family; to diagnose, treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Tufts University In vivo trans- WO 94/5782 Medford, Mass. formationInserting a heterologous gene in an animal via the epithelial-cell-linedlumen of an organ or gland; to make a transgenic product..Tufts University Antibiotic WO 94/5810 Medford, Mass. resistanceBacterial chromosome region containing a multiple antibioticresistance operon; diagnostic, therapeutic, constructs.

USDA "Portable intron" WO 94/5784 W. Beltsville, Md. vectorDNA "portable intron" contains splice donor, acceptor, multi-cloning,and pyrimidine-rich sequences; as gene-insertion vector.

Yeda R & D Co. INF a/b binding EPO 588 177 Rehovot, IsraelAn interferon alpha-beta binding protein; pharmaceutical compositionscomprising it.

Zymogenetics, Inc. Glucagon WO 94/5789 Seattle, Wash. receptorsDNA segments encoding and directing expression of a glucagonreceptor; methods for detecting glucagon antagonists.

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