ImClone Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:IMCL) has signed a collaborationand license agreement with Cancer Research Campaign TechnologyLtd., the technology transfer arm of the Cancer Research Campaign(CRC). CRC is a not-for-profit cancer foundation based in the UnitedKingdom.The agreement gives ImClone exclusive world-wide rights to developand market a cancer vaccine for colorectal cancer that has beendeveloped at the University of Nottingham by CRC-funded scientists.The vaccine, 105AD7, is a monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibody thattargets gp72, an antigen found on the surface of tumor cells. Thevaccine mimics the antigen, and stimulates an immune response thatattacks the tumor cells. The vaccine has been tested in a Phase I/II trialin the U.K.According to Samuel Waksal, president and chief executive officer ofImClone, ImClone will support the research efforts of CRC, and CRCwill assist the company in conducting clinical trials in the United Statesand elsewhere. He said ImClone would use the data from the Englishtrials to support its application to move to Phase II/III trials in the U.S.Waksal said the vaccine activates the immune system to fight cancercells in people who already have the disease. He noted that the vaccinefits in with ImClone's own program of using monoclonal anti-idiotypicantibodies to prevent or delay the onset of recurrent primary tumors bytargeting gangliosides.Results of the English trial will be presented at the annual meeting ofthe American Association for Cancer Research in San Francisco nextweek. _ Philippa Maister

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