Melbourne, Univ. of Ryegrass pollen WO 94/04564Melbourne, Australia allergenRecombinant peptides of Lol p V, a ryegrass pollen allergen, fordiagnosis, treatment of allergic sensitivity, with reduced side effects.

Miles, Inc. Macromolecules WO 94/04696West Haven, Conn. into nucleusInternalizing proteins or nucleotides into cell nucleus by receptor-mediated delivery, including binding and translocation domains.

Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. Synaptic neuro- WO 94/04698Tokyo transmissionSite-specific mutagenesis of NMDA-type glutamate receptor cDNA;for clarifying mechanism of neurotransmission across synapses.

Mitsui Toatsu Chem. Human growth EPO 587 427Tokyo hormoneHuman growth hormone (hGH) secreted in E. coli by vector carryinghGH DNA, and expression elements from B. amyloliquefaciens.

Molecular Immunology Anti-tumor EPO 586 002Ctr. Havana, Cuba monoclonalA cytotoxic monoclonal antibody to human epidermal growth factorreceptor can inhibit growth of EGF-dependent tumor cells.

Monsanto Co. Transforming mono EPO 586 355St. Louis, Mo. cotyledonsElectroporating or bombarding foreign genetic material, transformedby tissue culture, into embryos of graminaceous plants MRC (Medical Res. Cn.) Human gene EPO 587 279London productsHuman nucleic acid fragments isolated from brain, adrenal tissue,placenta or bone marrow, and their gene products.

MRC (Medical Res. Cn.) CF mouse model WO 94/04669LondonA mouse having a defect in at least one copy of transmembraneconductance regulator gene; as model for cystic fibrosis research.

Mt. Sinai Hospital Endothelial genes WO 94/04694Toronto, Ont.Endothelial lineage-specific transcriptional regulatory element fromprotein tyrosine kinase; to target gene expression in endothelial cells.

Mycogen Corp. B.t. aphid control WO 94/04684San Diego, Calif.Genes encoding Bacillus thuringiensis isolates, toxic to aphids,transfected into other host microbes or plants, to control aphid pests.

Natl. Inst. of Health Hepatitis C EPO 585 549Tokyo ectoproteinA host organism transformed with an expression vector carrying aDNA fragment encoding hepatitis C virus ectoprotein; to preparevaccines.

New England Biolabs Sph I restriction EPO 586 116Beverly, Mass. enzymeProducing recombinant Sph I restriction endonuclease encoded by genefrom Streptomyces phaeochromogenes, expressed in host organism.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) Tumor-cell WO 94/04659Bethesda, Md. detection An IL-6-dependent lymphoma cell line, reactive with a monoclonal antibody;corresponding antigen. For detecting a neoplastic cell.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) AIDS therapeutic WO 94/04677Bethesda, Md.Protein-associated lipid vesicles from CD4-containing nucleated cellplasma membranes; to target a medicament to HIV-1 infected cells.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) High-potency toxin WO 94/04689Bethesda, Md.Single-chain chimeric toxin with increased half-life, hence, enhancedpotency; with CD4 ligand-binding, Pseudomonas exotoxincytotoxicity.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) In vitro DNA WO 94/04699Bethesda, Md. ligationViral vectors from genomes > 50 kbp, with nucleic acid inserted bydirect in vitro ligation; to express foreign protein in eukaryotic cells.

Nissin Shokuhin KK AIDS immuno- WO 94/04574Osaka, Japan therapyMonoclonal antibodies to HIV-1 gp120 or gp160 can neutralize in vitroinfection of H9 cells by live HIV-1 strains; for passive immunotherapy.

Norwegian Dairies Recombinant WO 94/04682Assn. Oslo, Norway bacteriocinA recombinant polypeptide, or derivatives or fragments thereof, withbacteriocin and/or bacteriocin immunity activity.

Oregon Health Sci. GABA transporter WO 94/04573Univ. Portland, Ore.DNA expressed mainly in neurons, encode GAT-B, a distinctiveGABA transporter activity; for transforming non-neural cells to expressit.

Otsuka Pharm. Co. Anti-inflammatory EPO 585 963Tokyo monoclonalMonoclonal antibodies that bind specifically to CMP-170 antigen onendothelial cells; for diagnosing, treating inflammatory responses.

PharmaGen SA PCR detection EPO 586 112Tres Cantos, Spain controlVector exerting positive control in PCR-mediated detection of nucleicacids of microorganisms in a clinical sample; to avoid false negatives.

Proteus House Fish vaccine WO 94/04565Macclesfield, U.K.Synthetic polypeptide, antigenic to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus;for treatment of this viral infection in fish.

'Q.B.I. Enterprises Ltd. In vitro expression EPO 585 983Omer, Israel systemVector comprising a translation inhibition factor gene, internalribosome entry site region, and desired gene; for in vitro expression.

Research Corp. Techs. Recombinant EPO 586 892Tucson, Ariz. insecticidesInsecticidal Bacillus toxins expressed in transformed methylotrophicPichia pastoris yeast cells; to kill susceptible insect larvae.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Fungal host cells WO 94/04687Antony, FranceHigh-yield host fungal cells carrying DNA sequence modifications forO-glycosylating homologous or heterologous proteins of high quality.

Rockefeller Univ. Herpes expression WO 94/04695New York City vectorDefective herpes simplex virus expression vector includes a promoterfrom rat preproenkephalin gene; for direct gene therapy, drugdiscovery.

R¿hm GmbH Bread-improving EPO 585 617Darmstadt, Germany xylanaseXylanase from a Bacillus subtilis strain confers enhanced productivityon manufacture of bread and bakery products. [In German]

Schering Corp. Human inter- WO 94/04680Kenilworth, N. J. leukin-13Nucleic acids encoding human IL-13 proteins, and mono- andpolyclonal antibodies thereto; for diagnostic and therapeuticapplications.

Squibb, E.R. & Sons, Pseudomonas EPO 585 767Inc. Princeton, N.J. lipaseA Pseudomonas sp. lipase having amino acid sequence encoded by thenucleotide sequence of plasmid pSG312 SacI/HindIII insert.

Takeda Chemical Inds. Angiotensin EPO 585 520Osaka, Japan receptorHuman angiotensin II type-1 receptor protein, gene encoding, andtransformant expressing it; for use in screening.

Tecnogen SCPA Big-endothelin EPO 587 541Caserta, Italy purificationFive-step process to produce recombinant Big-Endothelin protein,involving cloning, expression, host-cell extraction and elution.

Terumo KK Non-isotopic DNA EPO 587 408Tokyo sensorA DNA sensor comprising quartz oscillation electrodes and animmobilizing chemical species avoids "inevitable use of isotopes."

Texas, University of Farnesyl inhibition WO 94/04561Austin, TexasInhibition of mammalian farnesyl protein transferases, enzymesinvolved in farnesylation of ras oncogenes; to screen anticancer agents.

Tonen Corp. Hepatitis C groups EPO 586 065Tokyo I and IIAntigenic peptides discriminating hepatitis C groups I and II infectionsin patients, permits timely interferon treatment in Group II cases.

Transgene SA Neisseria subunit EPO 586 266Strasbourg, France receptorDNA encoding a protein recognized by antiserum to a subunit receptorof Neisseria meningitidis [Co-applicant: Pasteur Merieux. In French]

Tsumura & Co. Elastase-inhibiting WO 94/04697Tokyo elafinAn elafin derivative has an oxidative stability superior to natural elafin,so can be used therapeutically, e.g., for elastase inhibition.

Unilever PLC Peptide product- EPO 587 312London ion by PCRPolypeptide produced by cloning a nucleic acid sequence using PCR,transforming host, purifying product with antibody binding PCRprimer.

Vainberg, Jury, et al. Sodium salt WO 94/04551Moscow, Russia of DNAObtaining a sodium salt of native DNA from animal tissue involveshomogenization, chemical and ultrasound treatment.

Victoria University Stress protein WO 94/04676Manchester, U.K. epitopesA functional epitope purified from human HSP 90, or synthesized,which cross-reacts with a stress protein.

Wikberg, Jarl, et al. Melanocyte hor- WO 94/04674Uppsala, Sweden mone receptorDNA encoding melanocyte stimulating hormone receptors, to producemonoclonal antibodies; for treating melanoma, other disease states.

Wisconsin Alumni Res. LDL receptor gene EPO 586 094Madison, Wis.A truncated human low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor gene,expressed in insect cells, produces a water-soluble, LDL-bindingprotein

Yeda R & D Co., Ltd. TNF/NGF ligands EPO 585 939Rehovot, IsraelLigands to a member of the TNF/NGF family bind to its C-terminalcysteine loop. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the ligands.

Zeneca Ltd. Plant starch WO 94/04693London primingPlants with altered starch synthesizing ability are produced byincorporating into their genome an enzyme such as amylogenin.

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