Applied Microbiology Inc. (NASDAQ:AMBI) and SmithKlineBeecham (NYSE:SBH) are considering expanding the scope of anagreement they signed last year regarding Ambicin N, AppliedMicrobiology's anti-microbial agent. The announcement followsclinical evaluations of Ambicin N that Applied Microbiology saidconfirmed the drug's broad potential for eliminating bacteriaresponsible for mouth odor, plaque and gingivitis.The expanded agreement would cover other oral care productcategories and considerations. The companies expect that they wouldbe a "significant improvement" over toothpaste and mouth rinse brandscurrently on the market.Applied Microbiology, a biopharmaceutical company based in NewYork, holds patents for the use of Ambicin N to treat conditions of theoral cavity and for the use of bactericidal compositions made ofAmbicin N and a chelating agent. Ambicin N is a form of nisin, anaturally occurring peptide whose spectrum of activity the companysaid it has extended to be effective against both Gram-negative andGram-positive bacteria. Philippa Maister

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