A BioWorld story on March 17 incorrectly stated that CytRxCorp.'s RheothRx product reduced the rate of myocardialinfarction by 38 percent. The article should have stated thatRheothRx in combination with thrombolytic therapy reducedthe infarct size by 38 percent. It was also incorrectly statedthat a nuclear scan was used to measure the infarction rate; infact, the infarct size was measured.Also, a reference to a previous Phase II trial in whichRheothRx showed no advantage compared with angioplastyshould have explained that this might have been due toRheothRx accelerating the rate of thrombolysis and resultingreperfusion, which is of primary importance in stabilizing aheart-attack patient.In addition, the article should have clarified that the primaryendpoint of the study was safety, and the reference to the useof RheothRx to prevent heart attacks should have clarified thatthis was a long-range possibility whose feasibility has notbeen studied as yet. The company expects that a large PhaseIII trial of its product will soon begin.Also in the March 17 edition, David Rovee's name wasspelled incorrectly as part of the Appointments andAdvancements column.BioWorld regrets the errors and always strives to correct andclarify when necessary.

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