Carl Peck, former director of the Center for Drug Evaluation andResearch at the FDA, was elected to the board of directors ofGenPharm International Inc. of Mountain View, Calif.

RiboGene Inc. has named two new vice presidents: ArthurGoldberg and Leonard Lachman. Both joined the Hayward,Calif., company from Darby Pharmaceuticals Inc., whereGoldberg was executive vice president and senior director ofscientific affairs and Lachman was vice president and medicaldirector.

William Andrews has been named director of molecularbiology, Federico Gaeta director of chemistry and MichaelKozlowski director of screening at Geron Corp. of Menlo Park,Calif. Andrews was previously with Berlex Biosciences asdirector of molecular biology and senior scientist. Gaeta waswith Cytel Corp as director of chemistry, and Kozlowski came toGeron from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. where he was projectdirector of the cell-based screening group.

Human Genome Sciences of Rockville, Md., has appointedBradley Lorimer senior vice president for businessdevelopment. He was previously with Johnson & Johnson asvice president of commercial development for OrthoPharmaceutical Co.

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