Cambridge NeuroScience Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., promotedRobert McBurney to chief scientific officer and senior vicepresident for research from vice president of research.

Pharmacopeia Inc. of Princeton, N.J., named Robert Curtis vicepresident of corporate development and business operationsand Nolan Sigal vice president of biology. Curtis was previouslyvice president of business development at CambridgeNeuroscience Inc. and Sigal was executive director of thedepartment of immunology research at Merck ResearchLaboratories.

Natalie Warner was named vice president of medical affairsand drug development at Khepri Pharmaceuticals Inc. of SouthSan Francisco, Calif. She was vice president and director ofworldwide safety surveillance and reporting at Syntex Corp.

David Mason has resigned as vice president of clinical sciencesat Somatogen Inc. of Boulder, Colo., and joined Elan Corp. plc ofAthlone, Ireland, as head of medical affairs and chief medicalofficer. Michael Gerber, executive director of clinical sciences atSomatogen, will continue to direct the company's clinical andpreclinical development program of recombinant humanhemoglobin, rHb1.

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