The results from a Phase I/II clinical trial of ImmunomedicsInc.'s imaging agent for detecting non-Hodgkin's lymphomawere presented last week at the European Association ofNuclear Medicine Congress 1993 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

David Goldenberg, chairman of Immunomedics of Morris Plains,N.J., who presented the results, said that the use of the imagingagent ImmuRAID-LL2, which is a monoclonal antibodyfragment labeled with the radioisotope technitium-99m,resulted in a clinical management change, a better definition ofthe extent of the disease or added physician confidence in 65percent of the patients enrolled in the combined European andU.S. trials.

"For example, ImmuRAID-LL2 identified tumor sites that werenot detected by other diagnostic procedures in over 20 percentof patients," Goldenberg said.

"Based on these favorable Phase I/II results, Immunomedics(NASDAQ:IMMU) is working with Adria Laboratories, our NorthAmerican partner, to finalize plans for a pivotal Phase III trialwith this imaging agent," Goldenberg added. -- Jennifer VanBrunt

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