The Colorado Bio/Medical Venture Center (CBVC), a biomedicalbusiness incubator, announced that two new biotechnologycompanies have signed on to use the center's facilities andservices.

In addition, an existing client, Supragen Inc., is leasingadditional space to accommodate its growing research anddevelopment activities.

The two start-up companies, Angioplasty Systems Inc. andInnovative Therapeutics Inc., will have access to the center'slaboratory space, shared office space and medical library, aswell as administrative support.

Angioplasty Systems, whose research focuses on thedevelopment of medical devices for treating heart disease, willbe located on the CBVC campus, based at the AMC CancerResearch Center in Lakewood, Colo.

Innovative Therapeutics will access the administrative servicesfrom its current Denver location. The company, which wasfounded by University of Colorado immunologist and professorof medicine Charles Kirkpatrick, is developing naturaltherapeutic agents that confer disease resistance.

Supragen, CBVC's first client, was formed to capitalize ondiscoveries made by National Jewish Center of Immunologyand Respiratory Medicine researchers Philippa Marrack, JohnKappler and Brian Kotzin. The scientists have found that someillnesses are triggered by superantigens -- bacterial or viraltoxins that can overstimulate the immune system.Superantigens are believed to be a factor in rheumatoidarthritis, toxic shock syndrome and food poisoning.

CBVC is a public/private partnership formed with seed capitalfrom the Colorado Advanced Technology Institute. A number ofColorado venture capital funds have established the ColoradoIncubator Venture Fund, capitalized at $750,000, forinvestment in the center's tenant companies.

-- Jennifer Van Brunt Senior Editor

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