Published August 18 & 25 (EPO); August 18 (WO).

A. Einstein Coll. Med. TB diagnosis by WO 93/16172Bronx, N.Y. luciferaseMycobacterial species-specific reporter phages carryingluciferasegenes, to diagnose TB, assess drug susceptibilities ofmyobacteria.

A. Einstein Coll. Med. Measuring DNA WO 93/16198Bronx, N. Y. adductsMeasuring DNA adducts allows for assessing effects ofchemotherapy or other external agent in an individual, bydigesting radio-labelled DNA.

Ajinomoto Co. Fish-derived EPO 555 649Tokyo transglutaminaseDNA fragment carries fish-derived gene encoding polypeptidewith transglutaminase activity; plasmid; host organism; culturemethod.

Bayer AG Calcium-channel EPO 556 651Leverkusen, Germany modulationHuman neuronal beta-subunits of voltage-dependent calciumchannels; screening process for modulating their activity inmedical situations.[In German]

Baylor College of Med. Breast cancer WO 93/15743Houston inhibitionontacting a cell with vector containing gene for, or antisense to,a nucleolar antigen, preferably breast carcinoma p120.

Becton Dickinson & Co. All-purpose DNA EPO 555 797Franklin Lakes, N.J. restriction bufferAll-purpose DNA restriction buffer compositions provideefficient DNA restriction, applicable to wide variety ofendonucleases.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Celite to purify EPO 555 798Franklin Lakes, N.J. DNAProvides chemical formula for new composition for makinghydrated celite; its use to purify DNA.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Process for lysing EPO 556 521Franklin Lakes, N.J. a microorganismProcess for lysing a microorganism by exposing it to a lysis-effective amount of disinfectant claims simplicity, rapidity,safety.

Biotechnology Res. Inst. Bacterial toxin/ WO 93/16186Braunschweig, Germany hemolysin hybridDNA encoding a bacterial toxin subunit is fused with ahemolysin- coding sequence to produce hybrid DNA useful inpreparing vaccines.

Bristol-Myers Squibb TGF-b-induced EPO 555 989New York, N.Y. gene, proteinNovel gene encodes a 683-amino acid protein. Both are inducedin human cells by treatment with transforming growth-factor-b.

CEA (Atomic Energy Com.) Hybrid antibody- EPO 556 111Palaiseau, France based proteinsHybrid proteins comprising, light, heavy, variable, constantimmunoglobulin regions, plus another protein, for diagnosis,therapy, imaging.[In French]

Cell GeneSys Inc. Gene knockouts WO 93/16177Cambridge, Mass. sans amplificationGene knock-outs without two homologous recombination steps,by a construct comprising a marker gene, for selection sansamplification.

Children's Hospital Smooth muscle EPO 555 785Boston mitogenA recombinant, non-glycosylated mammalian growth factor(BTC-GF) acts as a mitogen, stimulates human smoothmuscle cell proliferation.

Chol, Gil, et al. Transmissible WO 93/16170Glen Ridge, N.J. hypovirulenceFungi and fungal spores modified to confer transmissible,hypovirulent phenotype; related polynucleotides; to controlfungal diseases.

Cornell Research Fnd. Recombinant plant WO 93/15599Ithaca, N.Y. polyphenol oxidaseCloning, sequencing plant polyphenol oxidase cDNA, for use ingenetically transformed plants to achieve variety of desiredphenotypes.

Creative Biomolecules Cancer marker WO 93/16185Hopkinton, Mass. binding proteinSingle-chain Fv polypeptide and construct define a binding sitewhich immunologically binds a c-erbb-2 tumor-related antigen

Degussa AG L-lysine from EPO 555 661Frankfurt, Germany corynebacteriaProduction of L-lysine in corynebacteria by mutagenesis ofhomoserine dehydrogenase gene in a defective mutant of thesebacteria.[In German]

Dev. Ctr. for Biotech. Detecting mucin EPO 556 496Taipeh, Taiwan glycoproteinMonoclonal antibody specific to tumor-associated mucinglycoprotein. Kit for detecting this antigen.

Gist-Brocades NV Cold-sensitive EPO 556 905Delft, Netherlands microorganismMicroorganism having a cold-sensitive step that blocks amicrobial activity in a metabolic pathway at a non-permissivetemperature.

Howard Florey Institute "Son of sevenless" WO 93/16179Parkville, Australia TK regulatorPolynucleotides encoding mammalian "son of sevenless" gene, atyrosine kinase regulator. Uses in diagnosis, therapy.

Katakara Industries Silkworms as EPO 556 434Tokyo host organismsSilkworms orally infected with a viral vector carrying gene of adesired foreign protein are raised, and target protein collected.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. 4-hydroxy-L-proline EPO 555 475Tokyo productionProducing 4-hydroxy-L-proline by converting 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutaric acid, using Escherichia enzyme, released by a geneencoding it.

Mass. General Hosp. Generating chimeric, WO 93/16096Boston, Mass. transgenic plantsCloning DNA corresponding to GAI locus of Arabidopsisthaliana, which encodes ent-kaurene synthetase; to generatetransgenic plants.

New York University "Immunoregulin" WO 93/16181New York City, and tumor antigenMax Planck Institute WO 93/16180Gttingen, GermanyNucleotide sequences encoding immunoregulin-95, a 90kDtumor-associated antigen from breast or ovarian cancer fluids.Vectors, hosts.

Merck & Co. Simvastatin WO 93/16188Rahway, N.J. synthesisSynthesis of simvastatin by direct methylation of lovastatin,and subsequent steps, "produces simvastatin of high yield andpurity."

Mitsubishi Gas Chem. Co. Aldose reductase EPO 556 106Tokyo immunoassayImmunoassay for human aldose reductase by monoclonal orpolyclonal antibodies capable of binding to that enzyme.

NIH (Nat Insts. Health) NIH gene-fragment WO 93/16178Bethesda, Md. patent application"Partial and complete human cDNA and genomic sequencescorresponding to particular expressed sequence tags (ESTs).The ESTs are cDNA sequences that are generally between 150and 500 base pairs in length, are derived from human braincDNA libraries, correspond to genes transcribed in humanbrain, and have base sequences identified herein as SEQ ID NOS: I-2421." [N.B. This is one of the original NIH/Craig Venterpatent applications.]

NIH (Nat Insts. Health) Cloning cholecysto- WO 93/16182Bethesda, Md. kinin receptor"Unconventional" purification of cholecystokinin receptorprotein to sequenceability enables oligonucleotides suitable forcloning.

Novopharm Ltd. Antibiotic fungal EPO 556 699Scarborough, Ont. transformantLovastatin antibiotic produced by transferring g its gene fromAspergillus terreus into superior fungal expression host, A.oryzae

Pharm. Ges. zur Biotech. Growth different- WO 93/16099Heidelberg, Germany iation factorsNovel growth differentiation factors from DNA encodingtransforming growth factor-b proteins. Expression;pharmaceutical compositions.

Sankyo Co. Anti-fat-cell EPO 556 395Tokyo cytokineMessenger RNA from human bone marrow expressed a protein,identified as a cytokine, that inhibits adipocyte (fat cell)formation.

Schering AG Thrombosis WO 93/15755Berlin, Germany therapeuticSingle-chain thrombomodulin analogs resist proteasedegradation, retain biological activity; for antithrombotictherapy.

Schering Corp. Humanized mono- WO 93/16184Kenilworth, N.J. clonal to IL-5A humanized monoclonal antibody to interleukin-5; itshybridoma, cDNAs encoding variable regions; a physiologicallyacceptable carrier.

Shimadzu Corp. Food-poisoning EPO 556 504Kyoto, Japan pathogensOligonucleotides selectively hybridizable with genes of food-poisoning pathogens, E. coli, Staph, Vibrio, as primers for PCRdetection.

Stanford University Cyclophilin C mem- WO 93/16183Stanford, Calif. brane proteinDNA encoding a membrane protein that binds with highaffinity to cyclophilin C in absence of cyclosporin A; methodsfor use.

Stratagene Mutagenesis WO 93/15769La Jolla, Calif. testing systemMutagenesis testing, using transgenic animals carrying testDNA sequences, to detect spontaneous or induced mutationsfollowing exposure.

Suntory Ltd. Anti-metastasis WO 93/16193Osaka, Japan monoclonalA monoclonal antibody against peptide sequences ofcarcinoembryonic antigen glycoprotein inhibits cell adhesionand cancer metastasis.

Verneuil Research Recombinant plant WO 93/16187Verneuil-l'Etang, France enzymesPlants carrying inserted genes encoding phytosterolbiosynthesis enzymes have enhanced development,productivity, regeneration.

Wales Coll. of Medicine Assessing myotonic WO 93/16197Cardiff, U.K. dystrophy riskMyotonic dystrophy patients have over 50 three-base DNAvariable repeats; controls less than 40. Finding is useful for riskdiagnosis.

Welfare, Pub. Hlth Mnstry Whooping cough EPO 555 894Rijswijk, Netherlands vaccineAcellular vaccines based on Bordatella pertussis fimbriae,which contain adhesin molecule, may immunize against all B.pertussis strains.

Wellcome Fdn. Humanized antibody WO 93/16192London against hepatitisHumanized antibody binding hepatitis antigen; variablecomplementary domains are mainly non-human; constantdomains, mostly human.

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