Biomatrix Inc. has granted a license to Domilens Inc. ofMontreal to market Hylashield in Canada.

Biomatrix of Ridgefield, N.J., launched the product in June at themeetings of the Canadian Implant Association and the CanadianOphthalmological Society.

Hylashield, a preservative-free viscoelastic eye fluid, is usedfor treating ocular surface disorders. It physically protects,lubricates and moistens the surface of the cornea.

The product is composed of hylan, a substance derived fromthe natural polysaccharide hyaluronan, which is found in allconnective tissues. This is what gives the product itsviscoelastic properties, allowing it to work by alternatingbetween viscous and elastic states as the eyelid moves acrossthe cornea.

Biomatrix (NASDAQ:BIOX) is also developing Synvisc, a hylanproduct for treating osteoarthritis, which it launched in Canadain 1992.

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