MicroCarb Inc. founder Howard Krivan, a chief scientific officerwho single-handedly bought the Swedish research subsidiarywith venture capital backing in 1991, has given notice of hisresignation and immediately stepped down as a director.

"I think the entire company was surprised," said Vic Esposito,chairman and chief executive officer.

Krivan had called in sick on Monday and could not be reachedfor comment, but the company said he "cited irreconcilabledifferences with current management based on personality andover matters of management style as it relates to thecompany's scientific work." He is resigning his current post asof Aug. 6.

Krivan spent two years at the company's predecessor, BioCarbInc., ending as vice president of research and development inmicrobiology. Prior to BioCarb, he spent two years as a stafffellow at the National Institutes of Health.

Esposito, who spent years in the pharmaceutical industry butalso worked at other start-ups, said there were differences inpersonality, but that the switch represents a transition from apurely entrepreneurial start-up to a product developmentstage of growth.

He envisions MicroCarb continuing its emphasis on the role ofcarbohydrate molecules in infection, a direction Krivan adoptedwhen converting BioCarb from a focus on cancer. The companyfocuses on interrupting adhesion of microbes to cells theyinfect and providing non-nutrient decoy lipids to block microbegrowth.

The 16-person company has five scientists with doctorates inthe areas of molecular biology, immunology and biochemistry,and two more who will join later this month. MicroCarb is alsorecruiting a vice president of business development and a vicepresident of product development.

Based in Gaithersburg, Md., MicroCarb (NASDAQ:CARB) wentpublic in January, raising $8.3 million. Krivan now ownsapproximately 8 percent.

-- Nancy Garcia Associate Editor

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