Published June 23 & 30 (EPO); June 24 (WO)

American Cyanamid Co. TetracyclineStamford, Conn. resistanceRegulated expression of tetracycline resistance determinant inE. coli; assays to identify tetracycline efflux pump inhibitors.

American Cyanamid Co. E. coli expressing EPO 548 557Stamford, Conn. alien genesDNA sequences, based on modifying repressor binding site oftetA gene of transposon Tn10, to direct protein expression.

Baylor Coll. of Med. Senescent-cell DNA WO 93/12251Houston inhibitorsA senescent-cell-derived expression vector cDNA libraryisolates clones that encode DNA-synthesis inhibitors G factors inaging.

Beckton Dickinson & Co. Rapid lysing of EPO 547 789Franklin Lakes, N.J. mycobacteriaProcess entails exposing bacteria to a lysis-effective amount ofheat. It liberates cellular components, notably DNA, foranalysis.

Berlex Labs. Antibodies to WO 93/12220Cedar Knolls, N. J. c-erbB-2Vectors, host cells, DNA sequences for producing recombinantand chimeric antibody peptides that recognize c-erbB-2oncogene.

Boehringer-Mannheim Immunoglobulin EPO 547 631Mannheim, Germany vectorVectors, without sequence variation in coding region, thatexpress immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies. [In German]

California, Univ. of Cystic fibrosis WO 93/12240Berkeley gene therapyLipid carrier-nucleic acid complexes deliver CF transmembraneconductance regulator activity to pulmonary cells via aerosol.

Chisso Corp. Flavin-reducing EPO 547 876Osaka, Japan enzymeGene encoding enzyme with flavin and nitroreductase activity,derived from luminous bacterium Vibrio fischeri, cloned in E.coli.

CIba-Geigy AG Dibasic endoprotease EPO 548 012Basel, SwitzerlandDNA encoding endoplasmic-reticulum-located dibasicendoprotease, for processing heterologous polypeptides intransformed hosts.

CIba-Geigy AG Anti-herbicide EPO 549 525Basel, Switzerland monoclonalsMonoclonal antibodies with high selectivity and affinity, fordetecting sulfonylurea-group herbicides; test kits. [In German]

CIS Bio International Double-stranded WO 93/12229Saclay, France RNASimultaneously transcribing two complementary DNA strands,and immediately hybridizing transcripts, yields two-strandedRNA.

Dana Farber Cancer Inst. Neutralizing HIV's WO 93/12232Boston gp120Recombinant human monoclonal antibody blocks binding ofgp120 to CD4 receptor; neutralizes broad range of HIV isolates.

Dow Chemical (Australia) Composite antibodies WO93/12231French's Forest, NSWComposite antibody with high affinities to a human tumor-associated glycoprotein antigen (TAG 72). For diagnosis and invivo treatment.

Du Pont Removing waste WO 93/12236Wilmington, Del. chemicalsFerredoxin gene expressed in Streptomyces host yieldsoxidative proteins, to remove organic chemical wastes from theenvironment.

Duphar Intl. Research Serpulina swine EPO 549 066Weesp, Netherlands infectionVaccine containing mutant Serpulina hyodysenteriae, defectivein hemolysin production, to prevent infections in swine.

Eli Lilly & Co. Translational EPO 547 873Indianapolis activationRecombinant DNA vectors containing novel 19-basetranslational activation oligonucleotide sequence, and its uses.

Genentech Inc. Improved t-PA WO 93/12238S. San Francisco, Cal. variantsRecombinant tissue plasminogen activator variants, withsubstituted amino acids, exhibit improved fibrin specificity.

GenPharm International Human antibodies WO93/12227Mt. View, Calif. in animalsTransgenic animals with immunoglobulin genes inactivated byantisense molecules, transformed by human antibody genes.

Gist-Brocades NV Eukaryotic expression EPO 549 062Delft, Netherlands systemA gene expression system, and protein secretion system, foreukaryotic, especially fungal, microorganisms.

Harvard University Retinal disease WO 93/12134Cambridge, Mass. diagnosisHereditary retinal degenerative diseases diagnosed by single-stranded gene segment encoding human photoreceptor protein.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Flower-enhancing WO 93/12239London genePrecocious flowering, increased numbers, obtained bytransforming plant with cdc25 gene, derived fromSchizosaccharomyces pombe.

New England Biolabs Archaebacterial EPO 547359&920Beverly, Mass. polymeraseThermostable DNA polymerase obtainable from Pyrococcus sp.,an archaebacterium isolated from a 2010-meter under-seathermal vent. DNA encoding this enzyme from Thermococcuslitoralis.

North Carolina, Univ. of Infectious virion WO 93/12233Chapel Hill, N.C. vectorLarge-insert, stable episome produces infectious lymphotrophicherpes virus virions in mammalian host cells.

Oklahoma State Univ. Para-nitrobenzyl EPO 549 264Stillwater, Okla. esterasePara-nitrobenzyl (PNB) esterase from Bacillus species catalyzesdeesterification of cephalosporin PNB-esters to free acid form.

Pasteur Institute Peptide sequence WO 93/12228Paris diversityTo generate structural and functional diversity in a peptidesequence, randomly delete and insert nucleotides in sequenceencoding it.

Saskatchewan, Univ. of Bovine herpesvirus WO 93/11792Saskatoon, Canada vaccinesRecombinant subunit vaccines against bovine herpesvirus type1, in which immunogen is preferably a truncated gIV viralantigen.

Scripps Research Inst. Bifunctional anti- WO 93/11778La Jolla, Calif. thrombotics WO 93/12127Molecule inhibits platelet activation, adhesion to diseasedvascular domain; binding of thrombin to platelet glycoproteinIb-alpha, etc.

SRI International Triple-helix WO 93/12230Menlo Park, Calif. formationOligonucleotide composed of tandem, alternating purine andpyramidine sequences forms triple-helix with target nucleicacid.

SRI International Halting RNA virus WO 93/12234Menlo Park, Calif. expressionSite-directed RNA cleaving agents, consisting of proteins orpolypeptides containing moiety that can cleave RNA backbones.

Stanford University Transcriptional WO 93/12133Stanford, Calif. enhancementNucleic acid and peptide sequences associated with cofactorsthat enhance transcriptional activity; for modulating geneexpression.

TNO-App. Sci. Research Detecting gene EPO 548 056Hague, Netherlands mutationsTo detect mutated, cloned marker genes, recover vector fromtransgenic mammal, test its expression in bacterium lacking thegene.

TNO-App. Sci. Research Testing antiviral WO 93/12252Hague, Netherlands agentsTo test anti-HIV agents, immune-deficient mice are injectedwith infected human cells. This can trigger fatal graft-vs.-hostreaction, unless animals are co-infected with immuno-suppressive HIV.

Unilever PLC Mould as WO 93/12237London host cellAspergillus niger var. awamori secretes endoxylanase.Invention diverts DNA sequences involved to produce other,desirable, proteins.

Wacker-Chemie GMBH Serine biosynthesis WO93/12235Munich, GermanyDNA encoding 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PGD) withreduced sensitivity to serine inhibition; activity useful forbiosynthesis.

Yeda R&D CO. Stem-cell factor EPO 548 867Rehovot, Israel receptorDNA sequences encode a soluble receptor, and its fragments,which bind a mammalian stem-cell factor; antibodies againstthem.

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