Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. on Tuesday reported Phase Iclinical trial results on Normylin (AC137), the company'sexperimental diabetes drug designed to reduce hypoglycemia,during the annual meeting of the American DiabetesAssociation in Las Vegas.

Normylin is a modified form of the hormone amylin, which isdeficient in Type I diabetes. In the Phase I trial, the San Diegocompany (NASDAQ:AMLN) found that Normylin presented "nosignificant safety issues," according to Orville Kolterman, vicepresident of medical affairs. As well, "the preliminary patternof plasma drug levels was satisfactory. We also observed ametabolic effect of AC137 in man, which was a modest increasein blood glucose at the higher doses tested in non-diabeticsubjects," said Kolterman.

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