Published May 26 & June 2 (EPO); May 27 (WO)

American Cyanamid Co. Cardiac adenylyl EPO 543 137Stamford, Conn. cyclaseNucleic acid and amino acid sequences of novel effectorenzyme, cardiac adenylyl cyclase.

Astra AG Shigella detection GB 2 261 878S┬┐dertlje, SwedenDetection and diagnosis of virulent Shigella sp. andenteroinvasive E. coli, by hybridization of ATPdiphosphohydrolase (apyrase).

Becton, Dickinson & Co. Nucleic acid EPO 543 612Franklin Lakes, N.J. targetsGenerating nucleic acid (both DNA and RNA) sequence ends, byhybridizing primers for subsequent PCR amplification.

Boehringer-Mannheim GmbH Nerve growth EPO 544 292,93Mannheim, Germany factorDNA sequence encodes bioactive b-NGF, expressed in E. coli insoluble, active form, cleaved if required by a protease. [InGerman]

Calgene Inc. Jojoba wax WO 93/10241Davis, Calif synthaseNucleic acid and amino acid sequences from jojoba waxsynthases, to provide transgenic host cells for producing waxesters.

California, Univ. of Mouse/Man WO 93/10221Berkeley, Calif. anti-idiotypeA murine/human chimeric anti-idiotype monoclonal antibodyelicits anti-ganglioside response, causing cancer cell regression.

California, Univ. of New human WO 93/10222Berkeley, Calif. retrovirusSequences, vectors, hosts for expressing proteins ofintracisternal retrovirus associated with CD+ T celldeficiency/dysfunction.

California, Univ. of CNS gene WO 93/10234Berkeley, Calif. therapyGenetically modifying donor cells by gene transfer for graftinginto CNS, to treat defective, diseased or damaged cells.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Cell cycle WO 93/10242Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. regulationTwo previously undescribed human cdc25 genes, havingtyrosine phosphatase cell-cycle activity, can be activated by B-type cyclin.

Columbia University Helper function WO 93/9812New York to B cellsHuman CD4+ T cell leukemia cell line capable of constitutivelyproviding contact-dependent helper function to B cells.

Common Services Agency Hepatitis-C virus WO 93/10239Edinburgh, Scotland testingImmunoassays for antigenic regions of novel hepatitis-Cvariants permit more complete blood screening, andgenotyping for virus.

Dartmouth University Ligand-inducible WO 93/10230Hanover, N.H. genesProducing cDNA library enriched in ligand-inducible genes of acell by activating ligand receptor in presence of labeled RNAprecursors.

Du Pont Collagen-like WO 93/10231Wilmington, Del. peptidesPolypeptides have "structural features designed to enhanceprocessability into fibers or other shaped articles."

Du Pont Fatty-acid plant WO 93/10240Wilmington, Del. genesNucleic acid fragments encoding b-ketoacyl ACP synthetase II,to control levels of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids inplant.

Dwarakanath, P., et al. Hyperexpressing WO 93/10247Bangalore, India vector"Transformation of E. coli male-specific strains with thisplasmid [gives it] the capability to hyperexpress inserted gene."

Eli Lilly & Co. EK-BGH EPO 544 467Indianapolis vector"Plasmid pHKY334, an expression vector for Met-Phe-Pro-Leu-(Asp)4-Leu-BGH, and host cells...."

Farmitalia Carlo Erba Converting WO 93/10223Milan, Italy carminomycinTo convert carminomycin to daunorubicin, transform host withgene encoding carminomycin 4-O-methyltransferase.

Fidia S.p.A. Ciliary neurotrophic WO 93/10233Abano Terme, Italy factorNucleic acid and amino acid sequences of truncated and muteinciliary neurotrophic factor; pharmaceuticals containing them.

Freshworld L.P. Transformed WO 93/9665Cinnaminson, N.J. peppersPepper explants incubated with Agrobacterium cells carryingforeign DNA sequence, to be incorporated in regenerated plantchromosomes.

Georgiou, George Expression on WO 93/10214Austin, Texas bacteriaMethod for expressing polypeptides stably anchored to outermembrane surface of recombinant, gram-negative bacterialhosts.

Grace & Co., W.R.-Conn. Fungal plant EPO 544 039New York diseaseEnhancing effect of microbial biocontrol agents against fungalplant disease by contacting with deactivated target pathogen.

Immunex Corp. Hematopoietic WO 93/9792Seattle cellsChimeric mammal has stable bone-marrow graft of humanhematopoietic stem cells, comprising at least 30% of its ownsuch cells.

Immunex Corp. Leukemia WO 93/10151Seattle inhibitionA gp130 polypeptide linked to a single-chain leukemiainhibitory factor (LIF) receptor binds both oncostatin-M andLIF.

Immunex Corp. MGF/IL-3 fusion WO 93/10229Seattle proteinA fusion protein comprising mast cell growth factor (MGF) andinterleukin-3 has enhanced biological activity.

Japan Tobacco Co. Tetraploid EPO 544 536Tokyo potatoesTo optimize potato breeding, prepare protoplasts from selecteddiploid clones, fuse to tetraploidy, and grow hybrid plants.

Jouveinal Research Inst. Rabbit gastric WO 93/10243Fresnes, France lipaseRecombinant rabbit gastric lipase; pharmaceutical compoundsto treat insufficiency or absence of this enzyme in humans.

Lonza, AG Cloning betaine EPO 543 344Gampel/Wallis, Switz.A novel host organism contains a hybrid plasmid with amutated DNA fragment encoding betaine. [In German]

Melbourne, Univ. of Bermuda-grass WO 93/10236Parkville, Australia allergensNucleic acid sequences encoding pollen allergens of Cynodondactylon (Bermuda grass), for diagnosing, treating sensitivity.

Minnesota, Univ. of Lyme disease WO 93/10237Minneapolis vaccineAntigenic recombinant polypeptide binds to anti-Lymeantibodies, derived by transforming E coli with B. burgdorferiDNA fragment .

MIT (Mass. Inst. Tech.) Transcription WO 93/10250Cambridge, Mass. stimulatorGenes encoding transcriptional adaptor, a protein complex thatstimulates activated DNA transcription in eukaryotic cells.

Mochida Pharm. Co. Protease EPO 543 240Tokyo inhibitorDNA fragment encoding polypeptide with high protease-inhibiting activity; pharmaceutical composition containing thepolypeptide.

Mogen International AG Nematode-resisting WO 93/10251Leiden, Netherland plantsRecombinant DNA reduces plant's susceptibility to a parasiticnematode, by disrupting the pathogen's feeding structure.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Health) Lactoferrin WO 93/10135Bethesda, Md. geneMouse lactoferrin gene promoter cloned, sequenced; active inhuman endometrium carcinoma and rat glioma cells.

NIH Cell-killing WO 93/10218Bethesda, Md. vectorRetroviral vector carrying foreign gene and negative selectivemarker, can kill cells containing gene encoding marker.

NIH Pneumococcal WO 93/10238Bethesda, Md. vaccinesDNA segment encoding a pneumococcal fimbrial protein Apolypeptide; expression system; vaccines derived therefrom.

Novo Nordisk AS B. licheniformis WO 93/10248, 49Bagsvaerd, Denmark vectorBacillus licheniformis (source of bacytracin antibiotic),transformed by specific DNA sequence, expresses genes ofinterest.

Pasteur Institute Anti-tumor WO 93/10219Paris cellsAllogeneic or xenogeneic cells, of controlled indwellingduration, expressing genes in vivo, for oncological therapeutictreatment.

Primm, S.R.I. New reporter WO 93/10245Milan, Italy genesExpression system comprises, as reporter gene, sequenceencoding peptide stable under conditions inactivating otherproteins.

Princeton University Stem cell WO 93/10136Princeton, N.J. receptorsMammalian nucleic acid molecules encode receptor proteintyrosine kinases expressed in primitive hematopoietic cells.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Pre-neurotrophic WO 93/10150Tarrytown, N.J. factorsNeurotrophic factors with heterologous prepro regions; nucleicacid sequences producing such chimeric neurotrophins.

Research Dev. Corp. Amplifying template EPO 543 484Tokyo DNAMethod of amplifying trace quantities of DNA fragments ofunknown sequence by PCR, to develop (e.g.) physical mappingprobes.

Riedel de Haen Pseudomonas EPO 543 091Seelze, Germany antibodyMonoclonal antibody specific to one Pseudomonas aeruginosastrain, to exclusion of all other gramG and gram+ bacteria. [InGerman]

Sebald, Walter Mutant inter- WO 93/10235Wrzburg, Germany leukin-4Therapeutic agents containing antagonists of humaninterleukin-4, and mutant proteins thereof.

SmithKline Beecham Hybrid malaria WO 93/10152Rixensart, Belgium vaccineMalarial vaccine immunogen combines portion of Plasmodiumfalciparum circumsporozoite with hepatitis B virus surfaceantigen.

Stanford University 1000X over- WO 93/10139Stanford, Calif. expressionDNA polymerase catalytic enzyme functionally overexpressedby baculovirus in insect cells, at >1000-fold normal humancells.

Stein, Harald Hodgkin's WO 93/10232Berlin, Germany diagnosticsNucleotide encoding lymphoid surface antigen CD 30, andamino acid sequences; for diagnosing Hodgkin's disease,transforming animals.

Synaptic Pharm. Corp. Glycine WO 93/10228Paramus, N.J. transporterSequences encoding mammalian or human glycine transporter;complementary antisense oligonucleotides; expression systems.

Takeda Chemical Inds. Endothelin EPO 543 425Osaka, Japan DNADNA encoding human endothelin-3; expression system yields"large amounts" of protein, as hypotension and vasoconstrictionagents.

Tanabe Seiyaku Co. Recombinant EPO 544 250Osaka, Japan esteraseGene encoding esterase originated from mutant Serratiamicrobe; expression system for "high-purity, large-scale"production.

Tepnel Medical Ltd. Antimicrobial EPO 544 413Manchester, England resistanceTo test animal fluids, e.g., blood, milk, for antimicrobial agents,measure growth of resistant indicator organism added tosample.

Texas, University of Site-directed WO 93/10246Austin, Texas expressionVectors expressing genes of interest in specified areas of hostcell, e.g., outer or inner membrane. Useful for vaccine antigens.

Thomae, Dr. Karl Bacterial host EPO 543 195Biberach, GermanyBacterial host transformed by plasmid encoding polypeptideprecursor, comprising a dehydroamino acid and a lanthionebridge.

Weissmann, Ch., et al. Prion-free animals WO 93/10227Zurich, SwitzerlandTransgenic mammals and birds made insusceptible to priondiseases, (e.g., spongiform encephalopathies), by ablation ofprion gene.

Women's & Children's Hosp.Cloned a- WO 93/10244N. Adelaide, Australia L-iduronidaseGenes encoding recombinant, mammalian a-L-iduronidase,useful for diagnosing and treating deficiencies.of the humanenzyme.

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