ImmunoPharmaceutics Inc. has received a small businessinnovation research (SBIR) grant to map the structure ofpotential environmentally safe insecticides.

The compounds will target developmental hormones of insects.The privately held San Diego company uses supercomputationaland biological technology to create candidates for a range ofapplications.

Its researchers are working in heart and inflammatory diseasemarkets, and also collaborate with a European and U.S. companyaddressing cardiovascular and neoplastic conditions, saidEdward Maggio, president and chief executive officer.

The company is also seeking grants and alliances addressingcentral nervous system targets.

The company has presented the first X-ray structures of acomplete antibody and of endothelin, he said, and hassubmitted for publication the X-ray structure of an anti-viralneutralizing antibody idiotypic-anti-idiotypic Fab complex,and the computer-docked structure of a renin-anti-reninantibody complex.

The endothelin work is expected to lead to an investigationalnew drug candidate for a non-peptide endothelin antagonist. --Nancy Garcia


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