Elf Sanofi and Sterling Winthrop, who forged their Sanofi-Winthrop alliance in 1991, announced a preliminary agreementto jointly develop and market two heart medicines withBristol-Myers Squibb Co.

The agreement applies to Elf Sanofi's SR 47436, a smallmolecule antagonist to the angiotensin II receptor underconsideration for arterial hypertension and perhaps other heartconditions; and clopidogrel, a small molecule with anti-thrombotic effects that may prevent heart attack, stroke andperipheral arterial disease, developed by the Sanofi-Winthropalliance.

SR 47436 is in Phase II trials in Europe and is entering PhaseII studies in the U.S. Bristol-Myers Squibb PharmaceuticalsResearch Institute (NYSE:BMY) will lead development effortsfor SR 47436, while Sterling Winthrop PharmaceuticalsResearch Division and Sanofi Research will continue to leaddevelopment for clopidogrel. Upon regulatory approval,marketing of each compound will be handled on a country-by-country basis and may include co-marketing, co-promotion andjoint venture equity marketing. Definitive agreements areexpected to be concluded in several months. -- Nancy Garcia


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