Published April 28 & May 5 (EPO); April 29 (WO)

Merck & Co. Cephalosporin WO 93/8287Rahway, N.J. intermediates EPO 540 210A transformed Penicillium chrysogenum strain expresses genesencoding cephalosporin antibiotic ingredients, 7-ACA and 7-ADAC

MIT (Mass. Inst. of Tech.) Heparinase from WO 93/8289Cambridge, Mass. FlavobacteriumHeparinase gene from Flavobacterium heparinum cloned, usingPCR, and expressed in two E. coli expression systems.

Nalco Chemical Co. Polyacrylate assay EPO 540 314Naperville, Ill. antibodyMonoclonal antibody against polyacrylate, for assays ofpolymer concentration, particularly in commercial watersystems.

New England Biolabs Novel cleavage EPO 539 160Beverley, Mass. enzymeNovel type II restriction endonuclease, Apo I, obtainable fromArthrobacter protophormiae. Cleavage points shown.

New England Med. Ctr. Heparin-binding WO 93/7895Boston proteinRecombinant penetrin polypeptide, derived from Trypanosomacruzi (Chagas disease pathogen); DNA sequence, and antibodies.

New York University HIV synergistic WO 93/8216New York neutralizationA mixture of antibodies specific for two HIV gp120 epitopescan neutralize the virus, prevent infection, treat AIDS patients.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Cocaine-sensitive WO 93/8214 of Health) Bethesda, Md. transporterA cDNA encoding cocaine-sensitive bovine dopaminetransporter protein, for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Serotronin trans- WO 93/8281 of Health) Bethesda, Md. porter proteinCloned cDNA encoding serotonin transporter protein;application of immunogen to raise antibodies; uses in diagnosis,drug screening.

Oregon Health. Sci. Univ. Dopamine trans- WO 93/8262Portalnd, Ore. porter genecDNA encodes expressible, functional dopamine transportergene; 700bp segment usable as specific cell probe of dopaminetransport.

Pasteur Institute M. paratuberculosis WO 93/8284Paris promoterDNA hybrid nucleotide sequences from Mycobacteriumparatuberculosis, useful in immunogenic sequence expression.

Pennsylvania, U. of Post-mitotic WO 93/8266Philadelphia neuronsA retinoic-acid-treated human teratocarcinoma cell line yields95% pure post-mitotic neurons, for molecular biology studies.

Plant Genetic Systems RNase disruption, WO 93/8291Brussels, Belgium restorationNovel ribonuclease DNAs disrupt plant cell or tissuemetabolism, development. RNase inhibitor DNAs restore normalfunctioning.

Pub. Health. Lab. E. coli mdh gene WO 93/8277Serv. Bd., London promoterE. coli mdh gene promoter regulates expression of polypeptides,notably those encoded by genes native to Thermus bacteria.

Salk Institute Retinoic acid EPO 540 065La Jolla, Calif. receptorChimeric retinoic acid receptor proteins constructed byexchanging functional domains with other (e.g., glucucorticoid,)receptors.

San Diego Reg. Gene therapy WO 93/7906Cancer Ctr., San Diego of cancerGenetic modification of cells resulting in cytokine gene productsecretion stimulates immune response to tumor antigens.

Saskatchewan, U. of Pig pneumonia WO 93/8283Saskatoon, Canada vaccineVaccines against porcine Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae.DNA encoding immunogenic bacterial proteins; expressionsystems.

Saskatchewan, U. of Immunogenicity WO 93/8290Saskatoon, Canada enhancementDNA encoding immunological carrier-system chimeric proteins,comprising leukotoxin chimeras fused to a selected antigen.

Snow Brand Milk Products Plasmid carrying EPO 539 590Sapporo, Japan TCF-II genecDNA from fetal lung fibroblast library encodes TCF-II.Expressed in quantity, TCF-II acts as hepatocyte GF or tumorcell killer.

Symbicom AB Lyme disease diag- EPO 540 457Umea, Sweden nosis, vaccines WO 93/8306PCR-DNA analysis detects presence of Borrelia burgdorferistrainsin human or animal biological specimens, for diagnosis,prophylaxis.

Teijin Ltd. Lipoprotein coagu- EPO 539 975Osaka, Japan lation inhibitorTwo antibodies, recognizing different amino-acid sequences, inkit to assay free lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitors.

Texas, University of Lyme disease WO 93/8286Austin antigensDNA segment encodes antigenic polypeptide from virulentBorrelia burgdorferi strain, for diagnosis, prophylaxis,epidemiology.

Texas, University of Crude oil WO 93/8260Austin degradationEnzymes, expressed in engineered yeast cells metabolizecytochrome P450 substrates, specifically in crude oilconstituents.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. Human collagen WO 93/7889Philadelphia synthesisTransfected cells containing human collagen gene expressfibrillar collagen molecules, for treating human connective-tissue disorders.

Whitehead Inst. Dimorphism genes WO 93/8285Cambridge, Mass. in fungiGene from dimorphic fungus encodes products involved indimorphic switching aspect of fungal virulence. Therapeutics toinhibit switch.

Yeda R&D Co. IL-6 anti-tumor EPO 538 952Rehovot, Israel vaccineCells transfected by gene encoding human IL-6 gene expressanti-tumor vaccine that prevents or inhibits metastases.

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